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2016-12-06    来源:沪江英语    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

Making a satisfying collection of three films is something very few series achieve, because it requires exceptional story control, character you’ll care about over many hours and many years, plus a writer/director’s ability to tie everything together without necessarily knowing the end of Part Three when they’re making the beginning of Part One. These, in my view, are the 10 trilogies that have done it best.


1. Toy Story


Every episode of the Toy Story series stands as a classic on its own. They enrich each other but each does not need the other parts to make it a full story. It is also perhaps unique inthe world of trilogies. It’s the best trilogy and it’s not even particularly close.


2. Three Colours Trilogy

Three Colours Trilogy

Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colours Trilogy is made up of three completely independent movies, which only barely overlap, but investigating one theme, the three political ideals of France: liberty, egality and fraternity.


3. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien’s enormous book series had for years been considered unfilmable, partly due to scale. And Peter Jackson had never taken on anything so huge. What he produced was a  series that had an enormous sense of scale, really making Middle Earth feel like an entire planet, but never losing focus on character even when it spread its large cast over hundreds of miles. The only thing that keeps it from the top of the list is that the second film, while impeccably made, is very much a middle part, without its own satisfying conclusion. But that’s real nitpicking.

J.R.R. Tolkien的很多书多年来都一直被认为是很难拍摄成电影的,一部分原因是由于规模太恢宏。彼得·杰克逊从来没有拍摄过如此宏伟的场面。他所要导演的是有巨大的场面感,使中土觉得像是整个星球的电影,但他也从未忽视演员的安排,即使巨大的演员阵容有几百米长。唯一使它从列表排名第一掉落的是它的第二部电影,这是一个非常重要的中间部分,但没有完美地呈现出来,也没有得到自己满意的结果。但实话说,那其实是“鸡蛋里挑骨头”。

4.The Dollars Trilogy

The Dollars Trilogy

Does it count as a trilogy when the three lead characters have different names, even if they’re all played by the same man, Clint Eastwood? Some would argue not, but they can make their own list.Leone’s camerawork and Ennio Morricone’s music are still copied routinely today.

当三位主角有不同的名字,但他们都是同一人所扮演。这样的电影能算是三部曲吗,克林特·伊斯特伍德?有人会说不算,但他们完全可以去看自己喜欢的。Leone的摄影和Ennio Morricone的音乐仍然流传至今。

5. Star Wars (original trilogy)

Star Wars-The Original Trilogy

Good, great, fine is how the Star Wars trilogy runs. The first, mind-blowingly new in its day, doesn’t hold up all that well when measured against today’s best sci-fi pictures -- the plot is almost entirely driven by luck -- but it will always be the father of the modern blockbuster and for that it deserves respect. The second is a much deeper film, playing with bigger themes. The third is OK if you like violent teddy bears and are really big on running through forests.


6. Bourne


Despite the existence of The Bourne Legacy we can consider the three Matt Damon Bourne movies to be their own trilogy as they tell a complete story. Legacy is a spin-off. A terrible one.

尽管还有《伯恩的遗产》,但我们仍可以把Matt Damon Bourne的三部电影看做是三部曲,因为他们讲的是一个完整的故事。《伯恩的遗产》只能算是一部糟糕的衍生电影了。

7. The Apu Trilogy


The filmmakers’ favourite trilogy, Satyajit Ray’s films are lauded by Akira Kurosawa and Martin Scorsese, among others, and you don’t argue with giants like that. It’s not as grand as some of the other series on this list, following a man from youth in an Indian village to life as a man in the city, facing great fortune and even greater tragedy, but it’s not a story that needs scale because it’s huge on humanity.


8. The Dark Knight Trilogy


There are those who really hate the final part of Christopher Nolan’s run in the Batman universe. That’s fine, I just happen not to agree with them. Nolan’s approach to Batman is the only superhero trilogy that has fully documented the career arc of a costumed crime-fighter,and feels like a contained story without the possibility of a fourth, which is what a trilogy should be.


9. The Godfather

The Godfather

It’s a mark of how great the first two movies are that even with the flabby, graceless third part this is still one of the best trilogies. One fully lays out the Corleone family tree, while two goes down to its rotten roots while also stretching its branches further. Part three doesn’t feel of a piece with the others. It seems on the hunt for an ending to Michael Corleone’s story, rather than driven by a need to finish a story.


10. Back To The Future


The first in the time travel series is unimprovable. A director enjoying himself so much with a perfect cast that the complicated plotting seems like the simplest thing in the world. Part two is fun as a take on what the future could be. Part three is a fun western that feels only very loosely connected to the previous two.


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