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2014-01-21    来源:fortunechina    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Many budding entrepreneurs struggle mightily with that first step – out of their comfort zone and into the unknown. They keep asking people like me whether the time is right, and the truth is that there's never an ideal time to start your own business. It's like starting a personal relationship, if you wait for exactly the right time, you'll never do it.


I've talked to many experts, and everyone has his own view of the right personal attributes, and the right business conditions to jump in. In my own view, the recovering economy is ripe for new startups, but successful startups are more about the right person, than the right idea or the right climate. So the real challenge is looking inward to check your alignment with these clues:


1. Running a business is a passion you crave.This is a necessary, but not sufficient reason to start a business now. It's not the same as "I want to change the world (volunteer for a good cause)" or "I'm tired of the corporate grind (take a vacation)." It does mean you have a compelling new business idea, and a willingness to face risk.

1. 经营公司是你一直以来梦寐以求的事。这一点对于现在创业来说很必要,但只有这一点还不够。这一点与“我想改变世界(自愿投身某项事业)”或者“我已经受够了公司的折磨(去休假)”很不一样。创业意味着必须拥有一个很有吸引力的生意点子,并且欣然准备直面风险。

2. You know what needs to be done, and not afraid to make the decisions.This is the right context for being your own boss. You get great satisfaction from overcoming all obstacles, and you have no problem with living or dying by your own decisions. You have never had a problem putting together a plan and making it happen.

2. 你知道该采取什么行动而且不惧做出决定。能做到这一点的人就很适合给自己当老板。这样的人能从克服困难的过程中获得极大满足感,而且完全能够对自己决策的后果负责,无论是对是错。制定并执行计划对你来说从来都不是什么难事。

3. The opportunity to make real money excites you.You have read all the stories of Google and Apple hitting on a great idea, beating the odds, and being worth millions in just a couple of years. You like the idea that most of the money you make will be yours, not just merged into corporate profits.

3. 你对赚大钱的机会感到无比兴奋。你肯定读过谷歌(Google)和苹果公司(Apple)的故事,他们的创始人当初灵光乍现,想出了很棒的点子,并且打破常规,在短短数年之内就获利不菲。你很喜欢这一点,那就是赚到的钱大部分都归你自己,而不是被并入公司利润。

4. You believe the economy has tilted the odds in your favor.The recent recession has definitely opened up opportunities for new products, and skilled people at lower costs are abundant. Many of the great entrepreneurs of the past started their companies near business recessions and depressions.

4. 你相信当前的经济形势对你有利。最近经济不景气已经为新产品打开了机会之门,同时用工成本低廉的熟练技工也大有人在。曾经有很多伟大的企业家都是在经济不景气和衰退刚刚结束的阶段开创企业的。

5. You get to set the deadlines, and manage your own priorities.You have always felt that you can do more than expected by current bosses, if allowed to do it on your own schedule with your own milestones. Your self-motivation is more effective for you than any arbitrary rewards and even salary increases.

5. 你擅长设定最后期限,自行安排事情的优先秩序。你总觉得如果能按照自己的规划一步步做事,最终的成果将超出老板的预期。自我激励对你来说比额外奖励甚至涨薪还要有效。

6. You get to do the interesting things, for a change.First of all, the business you intend to set up is your dream, not someone else's. Within that context, you can delegate or find partners for things that bore you, like marketing, rather than feel that you have been assigned to do the least interesting work.

6. 你希望换换口味,从事更有趣的事情。首先,创业是你自己的梦想,而不是别人的。在这个前提下,你可以委派或者寻找合伙人去负责那些你认为无趣的事,比如行销,你不必亲自上阵做自己不感兴趣的事。

7. A variety of challenges stretches your abilities to the maximum.If you love to learn new things, and are stimulated by change, you will love the new business environment. Every day is different, from dealing with creative elements, to financial challenges, marketing and sales, and customers of every type.

7. 各种各样的挑战能充分让你施展能力。如果你热爱学习新事物,能够受到变革的鼓舞,你将会非常喜欢一个全新的商业环境。每一天都是不同的,包括处理创新性的事务、达成财务目标、市场营销和销售,以及面对形形色色的客户。

8. Your office is where you want it.Many entrepreneurs enjoy working from their home, where they are more comfortable, and can interact better with their family. Some like an old eclectic loft downtown, or a local coffee shop to minimize the commute. In these days of global links, you can actually run the business from halfway around the world.

8. 拥有称心如意的办公地点。很多企业家喜欢在家工作,他们觉得更自在,同时还能跟家人有更好的互动。还有些人喜欢位于市中心自由隔断的阁楼空间或者当地的咖啡馆,这样能让通勤路程最短。当今时代全球化程度如此之高,即使你在地球另一端开办企业也不成问题。

9. What you envision doesn't seem all that hard to you.In fact, the cost of entry into most businesses has come down greatly in the last twenty years. You can now start an e-commerce site for $100, or develop software applications for smart phones for a few thousand. The right reason to start a business is because you have done your homework, and are convinced that you have the skills and knowledge to do it easily.

9. 你的创业构想实现起来并不难。实际上,在最近二十年,进入大多数行业的门槛成本已经大幅下降。现在用100美元就能成立一家电子商务网站,或者以数千美元来进行智能手机应用软件的开发。如果你已经做好了充分的调查,相信自己的技能和知识可以轻松胜任,那你就适合创业。

10. You are really ready for a second career.This is especially applicable to Boomers and anyone who has had a successful career, but now ready for a new challenge, with a little time on their hands. The good part of having your own business is that you don't even have to give up your first job to start the second.

10. 你确实已经为第二职业做好准备。这尤其适用于婴儿潮一代,以及那些事业有成、现已做好准备迎接新挑战、同时又拥有闲暇时间的人士。对于这群人来说,创立自己的公司还有一个好处:你甚至不用放弃现有的工作。

If a few of these reasons are calling your name, now is the time to start building your business. There's no better time, especially if people around you are hesitating due to an apparent fit to my other list. It means you'll be facing a lot less competition. What are you waiting for?


Martin Zwilling is CEO & Founder of Startup Professionals Inc.

马丁•兹威灵,初创企业专业咨询公司(Startup Professionals Inc.)首席执行官、创始人。

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