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2014-06-20    来源:向Anne提问    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Dear Annie: Can you settle a bet? A friend of mine who has been out of work for quite a while is planning to take the month of December off from job hunting because he says hiring managers are taking time off, or are distracted by their own holiday preparations, and are not hiring until after January 1. Based on my own experience as a manager, I think he's mistaken and will miss out on some great opportunities if he stops looking during the holidays. I suspect that part of his reluctance to go to big holiday parties -- which are terrific for networking -- is that he's embarrassed about being unemployed. He has agreed to keep looking if you say he should, so what do you think? —Concerned Friend
亲爱的安妮:我跟朋友打了个赌,您能帮帮我们吗?我的一位朋友失业已经有很长一段时间,现在,他计划在十二月份暂停求职。因为他认为在这个月,招聘经理们肯定也要休息,或者会因为安排节日而分心。因此,在1月1日之前,公司肯定不会招聘。但根据我自己担任经理的经验,我认为他的想法不太对,如果在假日期间停止求职,肯定会错过许多不错的机会。他不愿意参加大型假日聚会,这不利于人际交往。而我怀疑他之所以如此,应该是失业让他感到尴尬。如果您也认同我的观点,他就会继续求职。您有什么看法?—— 一位忧虑的朋友

Dear C.F.: Your friend is mistaken, but he's certainly not the only one. "This 'bad time of year' myth has become conventional wisdom among job seekers," notes Harry Urschel, head of Minneapolis recruiting firm e-Executives, who adds that it isn't at all unusual for people to find new jobs even in that quiet week between Christmas and New Year's.

Other headhunters agree: A new survey of recruiters by online executive career network ExecuNet says that 69% report place as many, or even more, candidates in December as in any other month.

Calling off a job search during the next few weeks is counterproductive for several reasons. First, Urschel says, "there is a great deal of pressure on managers to be prepared" for the New Year, which means having people in place before it starts. Moreover, many employers have "use it or lose it" budgets that bosses have to spend before December 31, or they need to staff up before the year ends for tax purposes, so January may be too late.

"December is the easiest job market of the whole year -- followed by January, which is the toughest and most competitive," says Susan Joyce, who runs career site Job-Hunt.org. To help out during the holidays, Joyce and branding expert Meg Giuseppi compiled an e-book of tips from 25 recruiters and career coaches, called New Year, New Job! 101 Top Tips from the Job-Hunt Experts for Your Holiday Job Search. It will be available for free on all Amazon Kindle apps from midnight on Thanksgiving Day until midnight next Monday (99 cents thereafter).
求职网站Job-Hunt.org的负责人苏珊·乔伊斯说:“十二月份是全年求职最容易的月份,而接下来的一月份则是求职最困难、竞争最激烈的月份。”为了给假期求职提供帮助,乔伊斯与品牌化专家梅格·朱塞佩编辑了一本名为《新年新工作!假期求职的101条专家建议》(New Year, New Job! 101 Top Tips from the Job-Hunt Experts for Your Holiday Job Search)的电子书,总结了25位招聘人员和职业导师给出的建议。从感恩节午夜至下周午夜,通过所有亚马逊Kindle应用均可免费获得这本书(之后售价为99美分)。

A few of those tips your friend might useful:

1. Build your online network over the holidays. Reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances is natural at this time of year, so reach out to them on LinkedIn (LNKD) and Facebook (FB), and get caught up with what they're doing these days. Touch base with any recruiters you may know, as well.
1. 在节日假期期间,构建自己的在线网络。在这个时节,与老朋友和熟人叙旧是很自然的事情,所以,应该在商务社交网站LinkedIn和Facebook上主动联系他们,了解他们这些年的动向。当然,还要跟任何可能认识的招聘人员保持联络。

2. Volunteer. Many nonprofits need extra help during the holidays, and lending a hand can lead to new relationships that will help your job search. Just as important, notes career coach Nan S. Russell, "It feels great to make a difference. It ignites your self-esteem and reminds you of what's going right in your life."
2. 参加志愿者活动。节日期间,许多非盈利机构都需要额外协助,适时伸出援手可以建立新的人际关系,而这可能给求职带来意想不到的好处。职业导师南·S·拉塞尔表示,参与志愿者活动还有一点同样重要,“做一件有意义的事,感觉很棒。它能增强一个人的自信,同时会提醒人们,什么才是正常的生活状态。”

3. Send cards to companies where you've interviewed. To remind hiring managers that you're still interested in working with them, executive coach Camille Roberts suggests sending a holiday card, and maybe even a small gift like a little box of chocolates, along with a note. "Ask if there are any openings where you might be a better fit" than the job you previously applied for, she says.
3. 向面试过的公司邮寄贺卡。为了提醒招聘经理,你仍然有兴趣去他们公司工作,高管培训师卡米尔·罗伯茨建议,寄一张贺卡或者一份小礼物,比如一小盒巧克力等,并附上一张便条。她说:“问一下,除了你之前申请的工作之外,是否有更适合你的任何职位空缺。”

4. Thank everyone who has helped you in your job search so far. Holiday cards are a great way to express appreciation to networking contacts, recruiters, and anyone else you've been in touch with about your job hunt -- and to stay on their radar screens for opportunities they may know about right now.
4. 感谢曾经帮助过你找工作的所有人。要向联系人、招聘人员和你在求职过程中接触过的其他人表达感激,节日贺卡就是一种不错的方式;这样一来,如果他们手头有任何机会,马上就会想到你。

5. Go to holiday parties. Professional-association get-togethers are particularly helpful. "I know hiring managers who go to holiday parties looking for people to hire," says e-Executives' Urschel. Once you get there, adds Jeff Lipschultz, president of Southlake, Texas, recruiting firm A-List Solutions, "make it your goal to meet all the people there. Any one of them could be a hiring manager or a recruiter."
5. 参加节日聚会。与职业相关的聚会尤其有益。E-Executives公司的尤索尔说:“我知道,许多招聘经理会到节日聚会上寻找人才。”德克萨斯州南湖市招聘公司A-List Solutions的总裁杰夫·利普舒尔茨补充道,一旦你去参加聚会,你的目标就应该是去见各种各样的人。其中可能就会有一位是招聘经理或招聘专员。

6. Throw your own party. "Invite friends for dinner, cookies, coffee, or a glass of holiday cheer at your home or in a restaurant, bakery, or bar," suggests Barbara Safani, Job-Hunt.org's finance industry job search expert. "This is a great, low-key way to practice your pitch and reconnect with people who may be able to help you with your search."
6. 自己举办聚会。Job-Hunt.org金融行业求职专家芭芭拉·萨法尼建议:“节日期间邀请朋友们来家里,或者去一家餐厅、面包房或酒吧,一起用餐,吃点心,喝咖啡,或开怀畅饮。这是一种很有效又非常低调的方式,既可以锻炼自己的演讲能力,还能与老朋友重新联络感情。他们有可能为你的求职提供帮助。”

Speaking of parties, New Year, New Job! includes a chapter about handling the party chitchat that tends to make unemployed people uncomfortable. "Prepare what I call 'Teflon' answers to questions you dread," says Phyllis Mufson, a career coach at Job-Hunt.org who specializes in helping Baby Boomers find new jobs. An example of a Teflon answer: If someone says, "It's so awful that you got laid off. How are you?" you can reply, "My old job was great, but I'm excited to find new ways to use my skills. Thanks for your concern." Then steer the conversation to less awkward ground.

"Don't hide, and don't apologize," adds Job-Hunt.org's Joyce. "You've done nothing wrong, and anyway, unemployment is a temporary state. It's not who you are."

Talkback: Have you ever found a job during the holiday season, or hired someone at year-end? Leave a comment below.

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