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2014-07-21    来源:向Anne提问    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Dear Annie:I just graduated from college and have not yet received a job offer, but my fiancée got a great job, which she's starting in a couple of weeks. The only thing is, it's on the other side of the country and, while I'm excited about making the move, I'm a little nervous about looking for a job in a place where I don't know anyone. I do have a summer job here, which I committed to taking before she got the news about her offer, so I won't be moving until September. What should I be doing in the meantime to make sure I'm not just riding her coattails when I get there? — Farewell to Beantown

Dear Beantown:You're smart to realize that you need to start looking now, rather than waiting until after you move. "What doesn't work, when you're moving to a new place, is rushing in," says Blake Cahill, president of Seattle-based online marketing and branding firm Banyan Branch. "You need to build connections gradually. First, find the right people. Then ask the right questions. This way, by the time you actually move, you'll have laid the groundwork for face-to-face meetings that can lead you to job opportunities."
亲爱的豆豆先生:有一点你做的很好——你意识到现在就需要开始寻找目标,而不是等搬家之后。西雅图在线营销与品牌推广公司榕树枝(Banyan Branch)总裁布雷克•卡希尔称:“搬到一个新地方,不做准备,匆匆忙忙找工作是最不可取的。求职者需要逐步建立与当地的联系。首先,要找到正确的人。其次,要提出正确的问题。这样就能为搬家之后的面对面交流打下基础,也就有可能得到工作机会。”

Sounds great, but exactly how do you do it? Try these six tips:

1. Tap into social media. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date, and your Facebook page is ready for viewing by potential employers and colleagues. Then use the search fields on these social networks to find people in the field where you're hoping to find work.
1. 充分挖掘社交媒体的潜力。保证自己在商务社交网站LindeIn上的个人资料是完整的,并及时更新;你的Facebook页面也已准备就绪,可以接受潜在雇主和同事的检阅。然后,利用社交网络上的搜索功能,找到你所中意领域中的职场达人。

"LinkedIn groups are a terrific way to find important information," notes Cahill. "They let you ask questions like how the job market is, in your field in a particular city, and which local trade associations and professional groups are most active there. People are usually very helpful.

"Twitter is also a powerful tool," Cahill adds. "Search, for example, 'accounting Seattle' and see who's tweeting about it. Then follow those people." Cahill also recommends checking outListorious, a directory of Twitter lists you can use to match areas of interest to lists of people, topics, and professions; and WeFollow which lets you locate people whose business interests match yours.

2. Be selective."One of the biggest mistakes people make is over-networking," Cahill observes. "Don't randomly connect with everyone out there. Sometimes a person with a relatively small Twitter following is more influential in real life than someone else who has a gazillion followers. You want to be in touch with people who can actually help you and for whom you might be able to add value."
2. 有的放矢。卡希尔发现:“人们经常犯的最大的错误就是广泛撒网。不要漫无目的地关注所有人。有时候,有的人虽然Twitter粉丝相对较少,但在实际生活中,他的影响力却要强于那些微博红人。求职者应该与那些能真正提供帮助、而你也能给他们增加价值的人保持联系。”

3. Ask for information now, and a job later.Especially since you have time before you'll be moving, Cahill says, "don't just throw out there, 'Hey, I need a job.' You'll hear crickets."
3. 先搜集信息,再着手找工作。卡希尔表示,既然在搬家之前还有一段时间,“别一上来就说:‘我需要一份工作。’这样是不会得到回应的。”

A better approach is to participate in discussions and see who contacts you. Bear in mind that, according to a new study from PayScale, 44% of big companies, 65% of small businesses, and 51% of medium-sized companies use social media for recruiting, as do many headhunters. (There is even a new job board called JobsMiner that aggregates about 1 million job openings a month directly from social media sites.)

So just being visible and active online is likely to get you noticed by prospective employers, without your having to push -- at least until you get there and can do that, subtly of course, in person.

4. Search job boards by zip code or city.Many job sites, including CareerBuilder, Dice.com (for IT jobs), and SimplyHired, allow you to enter your target zip code and get a list of openings in the area. Even if nothing pops up right away that seems like a good fit, this will give you a general idea of who's hiring locally. Since these listings change constantly, check often.
4. 按邮编或城市搜索求职平台。许多求职网站,包括凯业必达(CareerBuilder)、Dice.com(IT工作岗位)和SimplyHired等,都支持通过邮编搜索当地的职位空缺。即便不能立刻找到心仪的职位,这种方式也可以让求职者对当地的招聘市场有大体了解。这些信息会不断更新,因此要经常查看一下。

5. Read all about it.Subscribe to a couple of regional business journals and community newspapers and keep your eyes peeled for news about companies that seem to be thriving (read: hiring). And contact the local chamber of commerce. These groups offer a wealth of information about employers, often including contact details for key executives. Pinpoint a few that might interest you and think up a two-minute "elevator pitch" about what you could offer them.
5. 让纸媒来帮忙。订阅一两份当地的商业期刊和社区报纸,时刻关注拥有良好发展前景的公司(从中找到招聘的机会)。与当地商会联系。这些机构可以提供大量与雇主相关的信息,其中包括主要高管的联系方式。锁定几个让你感兴趣的公司,然后设想一次两分钟的“电梯游说”,告诉他们你能为他们带来什么。

A third old-fashioned, low-tech source of job leads that many people overlook: College alumni associations. Your school probably has a directory of alums that includes at least a few successful people in the city where you're moving, and they may be predisposed to help you out.

6. Right before you move, fill up your appointment calendar.Two months from now, while you're making your travel plans and cleaning out your closets, contact some of the people you've connected with, online or otherwise, and make dates to meet them for lunch, coffee, or just a quick chat in their offices. If you've found out about local networking events that will be happening soon after you arrive, sign up for those, too. "You may not already have a job the minute you get there," says Cahill. "But you'll have an excellent head start."
6. 出发之前,把约会日程排满。从现在起,两个月内,除了要制定出行计划,整理行李外,联系一下通过在线或其他方式沟通过的人,约定一起吃午餐,喝咖啡,或到办公室拜访他们,闲聊几句。如果抵达之后,当地恰好将举办社交活动,一定要提前报名。卡希尔称:“或许你不能一到当地就找到工作,但起码你会有一个良好的开始。”

Good luck!

Talkback:Have you ever found a job in a city where you knew no one? How did you do it? Leave a comment below.

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