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What happens when money stresses you out? Headaches? Stomach issues? Sleepless nights?

What happens when money stresses you out at work? Maybe you take a day off, as more than one in five employees said they had done in the prior year, according to a 2012 study from MetLife. Or maybe you’re just plain distracted, as nearly one-third of Gen Xers are, according to research by PriceWaterhouse Coopers. (And if you are, you likely spend a good three hours a week either thinking about it or dealing with it.)
经济压力又会给你的工作带来什么影响?你或许会请一天假——美国大都会人寿保险公司(MetLife)2012年的研究显示,超过五分之一的员工表示,他们在此前一年曾经因为经济压力请假。或许你会心烦意乱——据普华永道会计师事务所(PriceWaterhouse Coopers)调查,有约三分之一的X一代会有这样的表现。(如果你也属于这种情况,你可能每周要花3个小时来考虑或解决这个问题。)

None of these things are good news for you, of course. But they’re not good news for your employer either. A workforce stressed out by money (which is, by the way, the biggest cause of Americans’ stress) is less productive, less engaged, and less well; Americans who have stress brought on by being in debt have back pain, depression, anxiety.

You get the idea. This is why three-quarters of the 400 large companies surveyed by benefits consulting firm Aon Hewitt said they’re planning to focus more on financial wellness this year.
你应该明白我的意思。正因为如此,福利咨询公司怡安翰威特(Aon Hewitt)调查的400家大公司中,有四分之三表示,他们今年将更多地关注员工的财务健康。

“After 2008, employees were really, really struggling and employers were recognizing this, but feeling like they had to concentrate on their core business,” says Rob Austin, director of retirement research at Aon Hewitt. The situation now is different. The market has not only come all the way back, it has kept on going. But employees are still hurting.

“They’re still taking 401(k) loans, they’re not saving appropriately. We’re seeing somewhat flat savings rates [in retirement plans] from where we were in 2008,” Austin says. “It’s a bit of a new normal. So employers are starting to ask: How do we help?”

It’s also why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is paying attention. Last week, the CFPB released acomprehensive report on Financial Wellness at Work. It lays out the case for helping employees manage their money as a way to improve employee engagement. What is that, exactly? It’s an HR euphemism for people who are satisfied with their jobs, committed to their companies and willing to go the extra mile to help their employers succeed. In other words, exactly what employers want. It also provides a potentially bigger bang for the buck. Notes Gail Hillebrand, CFPB associate director for consumer education and engagement: “Financial wellness is a lot cheaper than health wellness.”
这也是消费者金融保护局(Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,CFPB)关注该问题的原因。上周,CFPB发布了一份综合性的《职场财务健康》(Financial Wellness at Work)报告。这份报告列举了帮助员工理财以提高员工敬业度的理由。何谓员工敬业度?按照人力资源领域的说法,它是指员工对工作满意,全身心投入公司发展,愿意付出额外努力帮助雇主取得成功。换言之,员工敬业度正是雇主最需要的东西。此外,帮助员工理财可能还有一个更大的好处。CFPB负责消费者教育及参与的副主任盖尔•希勒布兰德表示:“财务健康比身体健康的投入要少得多。”

For example? Hillebrand cites the U.S. Army, which offers employees an 8-hour “Personal Financial Management Course.” Employees doubled the amount they socked away in retirement savings at a cost to the Army of $22 per employee. (The cost is estimated to translate to about $240 per private sector employee, about the same salary for an 8-hour day.) The report also documented the experience of Pacific Research, a Seattle-based employer of 350 people, which worked with a local company that provided individual and classroom instruction in budgeting basics and dealing with debt. Employees also banded together in support groups of two-to-four to hold each other accountable. Nearly eight out of 10 employees said they made positive changes in their spending habits.
例如,希勒布兰德引用了美国陆军的做法。美国陆军为士兵提供8小时“个人财务管理课程”。军方为每位士兵付出的成本是22美元,但得到的回报是,士兵存入退休储蓄的钱却多了一倍。(对于每天工作8小时并领取同等水平工资的私营行业员工,上述成本预计为人均240美元。)这份报告中也记录了位于西雅图的太平洋研究公司(Pacific Research)的经验。这家拥有350名员工的公司与一家当地公司合作,为这些员工提供预算基础和处理债务方面的个人指导与课堂培训。此外,员工还组成了两到四个人的互助小组,进行相互监督。约80%的员工表示,他们在消费习惯方面有了积极的改变。

And then there’s Staples SPLS -1.51% with a presence in 25 countries and 1,800 North American stores. It turned to a Vampire-themed computer game called, yes, Bite Club, to show employees that they were giving up free money by either not participating in the 401(k) or passing on matching dollars. (Another game, Refund Rush, was aimed at getting employees to save some if not all of their tax refunds.)
另外一个例子是史泰博公司(Staples),该公司的业务遍及25个国家,在北美有1,800家店铺。这家公司借助吸血鬼题材电脑游戏《齿痕俱乐部》(Bite Club)来告诉员工,他们不参加401(k)或把类似额度的资金传给下一代,等于放弃了一笔意外之财。【借助另外一部游戏《职业理财师》(Refund Rush)是为了说服员工储蓄部分,甚至全部退税。】

These early successes notwithstanding, financial wellness in the workplace is not a no-brainer. When you look at changes that have stuck in the employee benefits world – like movement from pensions to defined contribution retirement plans (like 401(k)s), and the increasingly rapid adoption of high deductible health insurance plans – they share two commonalities, Austin says. Employers can not only predict the cost, they can predict the savings. Financial wellness programs are a little squishier in terms of ROI.

Still, if you’re an employer exploring these waters, a few pieces of advice:

First, figure out what will make this a win for you. Is it having higher participation in your retirement plan or fewer loans taken from it? Is it having your workforce miss fewer days? Second, figure out how to meet employees where they are. Do you have a workforce full of millennials who are eager for online education? Or one full of Xers and Boomers who would prefer handholding from their peers or in-person coaching? And finally, offer your employees the opportunity to split their paycheck, depositing part of it in savings or an investment account in addition to checking. This is an easy, very low cost maneuver, Hillebrand says.

And if you’re an employee about to venture into yet another open enrollment period? Understand that the financial wellness solutions you’re about to see from your employer represent a toe dipped into the waters. Take advantage. Reap the benefits. And you may see more.

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