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As a senior recruiter at Waltham, Mass.-based search firm WinterWyman, the most common complaint Cesar Ulloa hears from irritated job seekers is that headhunters seem to be ignoring their phone calls. Frustrating, of course, to hear nothing -- but the reason, according to Ulloa, is almost always one of these five:

1. An unpolished resume. "In addition to showcasing your background, experience, and education, your resume can demonstrate your attention to detail and even your intelligence," Ulloa says. He's seen plenty of CVs with spelling mistakes, typos, missing information, or hard-to-follow formats.
1. 简历毫无亮点。乌略亚表示:“简历除了展示求职者的背景、经历和教育外,还可以展示求职者对细节的关注,甚至一个人的智商。”他见过许多简历中有拼写错误、打印错误、信息不全,或者简历的格式令人难以理解。

"Be sure to have someone proofread your resume and critique it for format and content," he suggests. Simple as it sounds, skipping this one step can cost you a meeting with a client company where you'd like to work -- and most headhunters won't be in a hurry to tell you so.

2. Gaps in your work history. Even if you have terrific experience and skills, "a long period of unemployment can make it difficult for a recruiter to place you, since hiring managers typically prefer candidates who are employed," notes Ulloa. "But sometimes being between jobs is unavoidable."
2. 工作经历中的空白。乌略亚认为,即便你有出色的经历和能力,“很长一段时间未就业,你可能很难获得猎头的青睐,因为招聘经理们更青睐在职的求职者。但有时候,在两份工作之间出现空白期不可避免。”

If that's your situation, he recommends lining up some contract work, including short-term projects: "It's an effective way to keep yourself in the game, polish your skills, and meet new contacts." It will also make the recruiter's job easier.

3. Missing skills. "Many employers have specific requirements for the degrees, skills, and certifications they want in new hires," usually spelled out in the formal job description, Ulloa notes. Yet, in some resumes, the relevant information is buried or not mentioned at all.
3. 遗漏关键技能。乌略亚表示:“许多雇主对于求职者的学位、能力和证书,都有具体的要求”,在正式的职位说明中通常说得很清楚。但在有些简历中,相关信息却被掩盖,甚至根本没有提及。

He urges job seekers to "be sure that all your talents are clearly listed on your resume. Repeat and highlight, in your cover letter, the ones that relate particularly to this role." If a recruiter has to explain to clients how exactly you would fit into their job opening, he is probably not seeing the kind of enthusiasm that he can't wait to tell you about.

4. Inconsistencies in your background. Now that hiring managers can look you up on different social media sites, and perhaps find your resume on job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder too, "consistency is critical," Ulloa says. "If your LinkedIn profile shows different titles or dates than your resume, for example, it will create misgivings in the recruiter's mind, and it could be a reason you aren't called back." Make sure that, everywhere in cyberspace where your name may show up, each detail attached to it matches up with your current resume.
4. 背景信息不一致。如今,招聘经理可以在不同的社交媒体网站找到你,甚至可能在Monster和CareerBuilder等求职网站找到你的简历。乌略亚表示:“信息一致非常关键。例如,如果LinkedIn资料中的职务或日期,与简历中的信息不一致,这会给猎头带来疑虑,而这可能是导致你没有收到猎头电话的原因之一。”凡是网络上有自己名字出现的地方,其中的信息与你投递的简历中的信息要完全一致,这一点一定要做到。

5. There's nothing to report. "If a recruiter called you and then hasn't reached out again after an initial conversation, it's okay to follow up," says Ulloa. "But at most, call every few weeks." Finding the right fit between client company and candidate can take months, and Ulloa avers that recruiters rarely, if ever, overlook qualified applicants or forget to call with important news.
5. 没有最新进展。乌略亚说道:“如果猎头给你打过电话,但在第一次谈话之后便没有了音信,在这种情况下,求职者可以继续跟进。但最多隔几周打一次电话。”要在客户公司和求职者之间找到合适的搭配,可能需要数月时间,而且,乌略亚断言,猎头很少会漏掉符合条件的求职者,或者忘记打电话告诉求职者重要的进展,即使有也只是个别情况。

"If there's a fit, a next step, or a question, you will get a call," he says. It may take longer than you'd like, but Ulloa counsels patience. Constantly calling or emailing the recruiter often gets an otherwise promising candidate written off as "overly aggressive," he says -- which may mean the recruiter will never call back at all.

irritated adj. 恼怒的,生气的

proofread vt. 校对,校勘

unavoidable adj. 不可避免的;不能废除的

polish vt. 磨光,使发亮;使完美; 改进

cyberspace n. 网络空间

aggressive adj. 侵略性的;好斗的;有进取心的;有闯劲的

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