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For companies, the holiday season offers an irresistible opportunity to soften the Scrooge-like aura that has enveloped them year-round.


Whether it's providing basics like food and clothing, helping veterans or active soldiers, or efforts like building homes for the disabled, company campaigns centered over the end-of-the-year holidays are ubiquitous. So much so that, for the first time, there is a Pinterest page that provides a panoramic glance at such charitable efforts, which include a growing number of social media and online campaigns to channel money and goods to the needy.

例如,家得宝(Home Depot)基金会的做法是,在1月1日之前,每一名家得宝顾客只要发布一条带有#teamdepot主题标签的Twitter内容,基金会便会向非营利组织Operation Homefront捐款1美元,用于为受伤的士兵修缮房屋。基金会的目标是在年底之前捐款金额能够达到100,000美元。

Home Depot's foundation, for example, is donating $1 to Operation Homefront -- which, among other things, retrofits homes for injured soldiers -- for each Home Depot (HD) customer who tweets with a #teamdepot hashtag before Jan. 1. The foundation is aiming to give $100,000 by the end of the year.

而恒适公司(Hanes)则连续第四年与救世军组织(Salvation Army)合作,开展年度网上捐袜活动。这家公司Facebook主页上的“马上捐赠”按键只要获得一次点击,它就会捐赠一双袜子。它计划捐赠250,000双袜子,最终这些袜子将被分发到无家可归的人手中。卡夫食品(Kraft Foods)和其他公司则有向食物银行捐赠饭菜的活动。

Hanes is partnering with the Salvation Army for its fourth annual virtual sock drive, which donates socks for each click on its Facebook page's "donate now" button. It plans to donate 250,000 pairs of socks, which are distributed to the homeless. Kraft Foods (KRFT) and other companies have programs to donate meals to food banks.

其他公司的做法则更加传统。例如,只要顾客购买或租赁一辆公司的新车,斯巴鲁(Subaru)就会向慈善机构捐款250美元。这个品牌的活动已经持续了六个年头,公司计划的最高捐款金额为3,500万美元,而这些钱将被用于流动福利餐车( Meals on Wheels)、为美国而教(Teach for America)和国家公园基金会(National Park Foundation)等组织。而在美国运通( American Express),只要用户使用已注册的信用卡外出就餐,公司便会向拒绝儿童饥饿组织(No Kid Hungry)捐款1美元——最高捐款100万美元。敦豪快递(DHL Express)连续第十年为现役军人运送圣诞树。

Other companies have more traditional formulas. Subaru, for example, donates $250 to charity when a buyer purchases or leases a new car. It is the brand's sixth annual campaign, and it expects to wind up donating $35 million to groups such as Meals on Wheels, Teach for America, and the National Park Foundation. American Express (AXP) donates $1 to No Kid Hungry -- up to $1 million -- each time a registered card is used for dining out. DHL Express, for the tenth year, is shipping Christmas trees to soldiers on active duty.


Good causes aside, most companies do not donate out of sentiment. Increasingly, corporations hire professional consultants to help them make sure any charitable efforts line up with the company's business objectives. Food banks, for example, further Kraft's core food identity in a way that giving to other causes might not.

印第安纳大学(Indiana University)礼来家族慈善学院(Lilly Family School of Philanthropy)十月份公布的一项“捐赠无界”(Giving Beyond Borders)研究显示,大多数公司表示,支持公司的使命与价值才是他们捐赠的首要目标。之后依次是:回馈社区、打造、强化公司的信誉、帮助解决社会问题,以及招募、留住和激励员工。

Most companies, according to a "Giving Beyond Borders" study released in October by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, said supporting their mission and values is the No. 1 goal for their giving. Following that, in order, are: giving back to their community, building and enhancing the company's reputation, helping to address social problems, and recruiting, retaining, and motivating employees.

波士顿咨询公司The Philanthropic Initiative的主理合伙人杰米•贾非说:“我们看到越来越多的公司希望将商业目标与哲学目标挂钩,希望以一种有意义的方式调动员工的积极性。”这家公司与波士顿科学公司(Boston Scientific)、利宝相互保险公司(Liberty Mutual)和J. Jill服装公司等合作,为其他公司提供战略建议。

"We see a real uptick in companies that want to align their business and philosophical goals, and to engage their employees in meaningful ways," says Jamie Jaffee, managing partner for the Boston-based consulting firm The Philanthropic Initiative, which has worked with corporations like Boston Scientific, Liberty Mutual, and J. Jill apparel on company giving strategies.


"The holidays are a great time for companies to harness their giving spirit and then build on that momentum for the rest of the year."

然而,有时候,即使精心策划的活动也会遇到障碍,比如可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola)的遭遇。2012年,可口可乐公司与极地家园( Arctic Home)合作开展保护北极熊的活动。公司将它标志性的红色饮料罐改成了白色,承诺只要用户用手机扫描一件产品,公司便会向极地家园捐款。然而几周之后,改变饮料罐颜色的做法被迫叫停,因为消费者投诉这样的包装让人摸不着头脑。

Sometimes, even carefully planned giving can run into speed bumps, something Coca-Cola (KO) encountered during its 2012 campaign to support its Arctic Home commitment to preserve polar bears. The company changed the color of its iconic red cans to white and pledged to donate when customers used their cell phones to scan a product. But the change in can color was jettisoned after a few weeks when customers complained that the packaging was confusing.


The drinks giant committed to support the polar bear campaign with $2 million over five years, and this season rolled out a campaign on its two-liter soda bottles and certain drink packs, according to Lauren Thompson, a company spokesperson. So far, the company has raised $3 million in donations for polar bears, and it plans to continue the effort until Feb. 15, she says.

虽然向慈善基金捐款是出于公司战略考虑,但美国许多《财富》500强公司(Fortune 500)在这方面的投入却越来越少,而且这种趋势已经持续了多年。据《慈善纪事报》(Chronicle of Philanthropy)一年一度的“捐赠美国”(Giving USA)调查发现,大多数公司今年仅计划小幅增加向慈善机构捐款的金额。

Despite efforts to strategically target charitable funds, many of the country's Fortune 500 companies are actually giving less to such causes, a trend that has continued for several years. An annual survey called Giving USA, by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, found that most companies planned only modest increases in cash gifts to charities this year.


In 2012, donations were up, to $5.3 billion, for the 106 companies that responded to the Giving USA survey, which was released last summer, but only 16% said they would give more in 2013 even though the stock market is soaring and the economy is recovering. The bulk of companies, more than 70%, planned to give about the same, and 6% said they would donate lesser sums.


Instead of cash, companies are increasingly donating products. Last year, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (PFE) was the top company for the fourth year in a row in giving, which reached $3.1 billion when cash and goods were combined.

用来宣传公司慈善事业的产品可以作为对消费者最显而易见的提醒。据营销调查显示,大多数消费者会忠实于支持慈善事业的品牌。据2008年Edelman Good Purpose 研究显示,约80%的消费者会选择支持与慈善事业有关的产品。

Products that tout a company's charitable efforts serve as a visible reminder to consumers, the majority of which remain loyal to a brand that supports a cause, according to marketing studies. Almost 80% of consumers are likely to switch to a product associated with a good cause, according to a 2008 Edelman Good Purpose study.


When cash, goods, and services are combined, overall company giving grew somewhat in 2013 with many companies favoring branded products in front of consumers based on the belief that it translates into broader customer awareness. But more companies are also taking into consideration how they can enable their employees to donate more of their time to charities of their choice.


"This helps companies to engaging their employees in meaningful ways and ways they choose," says Jaffee.(财富中文网)

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