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The Winter Olympics are as important as the Summer Olympics. They can be forgiven for this one. After all, it was the International Olympic Committee who in 1925 decided to grace what started as an 'International Winter Sports Week' with the name Winter Olympics. But let's face it, while the Summer Olympics are a test of man's strength that goes back to ancient Greece, the winter variety is just 48 types of skiing.

It will be sunny on the weekend. Compared to their gloomier Swedish and Finnish neighbors, Norwegians are a chirpier lot. And nowhere is their optimism more obvious than when they're making plans for the weekend.

Vinmonopolet saves them from themselves. When it comes to alcohol control, Norwegians are prisoners who love their prison. For them, it's a good thing that it's impossible to buy a bottle of wine on a Sunday, or that they can only buy wines and spirits at extortionate prices selected by a state agency.

That they have special skills at solving intractable conflicts. Ever since their mediation led to the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestinian territories in 1993, Norway has led the field in conflict resolution. Partly as a result of their can-do optimism, Norway has mediated peace deals in Guatemala, Sudan, and Nepal, among others. However, look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today, and you realize it doesn't always work out.

Cheese is named by color.

Norwegian junk food is somehow better for you than foreign junk food. There are some very, very nasty pølse out there, and brunost apparently has the same nutritional value as milk chocolate. But Norwegians still largely view any sort of American junk food import with unalloyed horror, while turning a blind eye to the health credentials of their own national fare.

That the Progress Party does not use far-right rhetoric. It's a peculiar Norwegian blind spot this one. In most European countries, the sort of rhetoric used by the likes of Per Sandberg could only come from a far-right party. Granted, Progress is a strange coalition, bringing such figures together with libertarian and free market figures. But you can't warn of a war for cultural survival between Islam and the West and claim to be a moderate.

That alone among major oil exporting countries, they have not been corrupted by their wealth. Despite their carefulness with the oil fund, Norwegians are affected by oil. They take longer, more frequent holidays, long sick leave, and invent less than their neighbors. When Swedish TV discovered young Swedish workers peeling bananas in a factory in Norway, there was much hilarity at the expense of the country’s big brother. But critics sniffed out complacency amid the laughter.

Blowing your nose is more impolite than swearing. Norwegians swear often. Indeed, outside of a few ultra-bourgeois districts of Oslo and Bergen, swearing in Norway is practically regarded as a human right.

It is only acceptable to eat sweets on Saturday. The tradition of 'lørdagsgodt' or Saturday sweets is how Norway teaches its children Lutheran restraint from an early age. But surely the odd toffee on a Thursday wouldn't do any harm.

That drinking 20 liters of beer and 20 shots of Jaeger for a weekend is ok, but a glass of wine per day is an alcoholism problem.

That Norway is 'Verdens Beste Land', the world's best place to live. Norway celebrates its National Day with a fervor rarely seen outside North Korea. Only in Norway the crowds marching in national dress are somehow heartening. Plus with their stunning landscapes, enlightened liberal democracy, and wealth, they might actually be right.

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