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Just as they were in 2013, companies now are "nervously sitting on over $1 trillion in cash," says a new report from global executive search firm CTPartners. One big difference: This year, they'll spend more of that pile to hire executive talent in some key strategic jobs. "Technology's impact is being felt more than ever," notes CTPartners CEO Brian Sullivan -- and in more kinds of jobs than ever, too, including human resources and health care.


"Big data will only grow bigger, as organizations race to collect and monetize information to gain competitive advantage," according to his firm's 18th annual survey on which executives companies are trying to hire. The fast growth of cloud computing and online education in the past couple of years will accelerate this year, the report says, as will demand for cybersecurity experts who can oversee stronger defenses against hackers. Just ask Target (TGT), whose security debacle at the peak of the holiday shopping season gave plenty of other companies -- and not just retailers -- cause for concern.


Expertise in other areas, especially compliance with stiffer federal regulations in the U.S., is on employers' wish list this year, too. Here are 10 of the hottest executive jobs now, in four fast-growing fields:




1. Chief information officer. "It may sound old hat, but the role's evolution makes it more critical to companies than it's ever been," notes Sullivan. The importance of data, mobile, digital, and analytics has moved CIOs "from the back room to the boardroom," he adds -- a shift reflected in the fact that many companies now add senior vice president or another executive title to the job.

1. 首席信息官。萨利文说:“虽然听起来有些老套,但首席技术官这个职位的演变使它对公司具有前所未有的重要性。”他补充道,数据、移动、数字和分析的重要性将CIO从“幕后推到了台前”。许多公司针对这个职务专门增设了高级副总裁或其他高管头衔,也反映了这种趋势。

2. Chief marketing officer. "The CMO job is rapidly evolving," the CTPartners report notes, as head marketing mavens "increasingly need the ability to show that marketing is actually driving revenue and growth." In big demand right now are "digitally savvy marketing leaders who can show they're capable of developing new business models."

2. 首席营销官。CTPartners的报告称:“首席营销官职务正在迅速进化。”因为营销专家们“越来越有必要证明营销正在推动公司的收益与发展。”其中目前需求最大的是“精通数字领域的营销领导者,他们需要证明自己能够开发新的业务模式。”

3. Chief risk officer/cybersecurity officer. Protecting any company's digital assets "has never been more important -- or more difficult," the report notes, adding that the ability to assure customers their data is secure will be "a top-three corporate priority" in 2014 and beyond.

3. 首席风险官/网络安全官。报告称,保护公司的数字资产“从来没有像现在这样重要,也从来没有向今天这么困难。”报告补充道,保证客户数据安全的能力将是2014年及未来“各大公司的三大首要任务之一。”

4. Head of M-commerce. In retail and elsewhere, mobile commerce "has become the new e-commerce," the report says, as consumers get ever more reliant on smartphones and tablets. With new and more sophisticated apps coming online all the time, "executives who understand mobile user behavior and needs will be in demand." 

4. 移动商务总监。报告称,随着消费者对智能手机和平板设备的日益依赖,移动商务在零售业和其他领域 “已经成为新的电子商务形式”。随着日益成熟的新应用不断上线,“了解移动用户行为与需求的高管将拥有巨大的市场。” 

Financial services:


5. Head of compliance. As banks and other big financial companies grapple with increased government oversight, the industry can't find enough executives well versed in handling regulation. "Total compensation for this role is up about 25% in the past two years," Sullivan says, adding that the average size of teams in this area "haven't just grown, they have doubled or tripled in size."

5. 合规总监。银行和其他大型金融公司正在努力应对日益严格的政府监管,因此在金融服务行业,擅长应对监管的高管有很大缺口。萨利文说:“过去两年,这个职位的薪酬上涨了约25%。”他同时表示,合规团队的平均规模“并不是在缓慢增长,而是扩大了一倍、甚至两倍。”

6. CFO/finance director, China. The combination of rising costs and vast potential have made China a particularly tricky market, boosting demand for executives who understand how to manage fast growth while keeping profits up, "particularly in the health care and consumer goods sectors," the report says.

6. 首席财务官/财务总监,中国。这份报告表示,成本的增加和巨大的潜力让中国市场变得愈加难以捉摸,使得各大公司迫切需要既能管理快速发展又能保证利润增长的高管,“尤其是在医疗与日用消费品行业” 。

7. Chief digital officer, insurance. "The insurance industry is emerging from the dark ages, with insurers' relationships with consumers increasingly beginning online," the report notes. In order to keep up with the almost unlimited information available online, Sullivan adds, "insurers need to embrace holistic analytics, not just risk or pricing or insight analytics" as they did in simpler times.

7. 首席数字官,保险行业。报告称:“保险行业正在走出黑暗时代,保险公司开始越来越多地利用互联网拓展客户关系。萨利文补充道,为了适应互联网上几乎是无限量的可用信息,“保险公司需要进行更全面的分析,而不是像过去那样,只要进行风险、定价或洞察分析就够了。”

Health care:


8. Chief strategy officer. Health care reform could turn out to be a revenue gold mine for insurance companies, Sullivan observes, but "compliance with the seemingly daily changes in the rules has proven to be a major challenge." Small wonder, then, that health care companies are looking for executives who can handle that while also figuring out how U.S. companies can expand in markets overseas.

8. 首席策略官。萨利文称,医疗改革可能成为保险公司获取收益的“金矿”,但“事实证明,要遵守不断变化的规定也是一个重要的挑战。”因此,难怪许多医疗保健公司正在寻找既能负责合规事宜,又能带领美国公司实现海外扩张的高管。

9. Vice president of market access. Reaching new customers "remains a hot topic in bio, pharma, device, and diagnostic companies, as they are behind the curve in addressing the ever-changing routes to market," the report says, adding that new technology-driven complexities in distribution call for "a complete rethink by market professionals who understand the new complexities."

9. 市场准入副总裁。报告称:“在生物、医药、设备和诊断公司,吸引新客户始终是一个热门话题。因为在应对变化莫测的市场路径方面,这类公司始终落后于人。”而且,新技术给销售带来的复杂性,需要“对这种复杂性有深入认识的市场专业人士进行全面反思。”

Human resources:


10. Chief human resources officer. "This post has been gaining traction over the past few years but is hotter than ever" in 2014, according to the report, since "CEOs increasingly recognize that they need more from their people to gain a competitive advantage."

10. 首席人力资源官。报告表示,“过去几年,这个职位的吸引力在不断增加,在2014年更是达到前所未有的热度,”因为“CEO们逐渐意识到,为了获得竞争优势,必须在人事方面多做文章。”

It's worth noting that big data is gaining ground in HR, too. One more up-and-coming job title for 2014: Head of HR analytics, who reports to the HR chief and, the report says, "helps HR become more scientific in using data to drive smart business decisions" -- including whom to hire for which job.


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