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2014-03-25    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

China's largest Internet firms have had startling success elbowing their way onto the turf of the state-run banks, but now the country's banks and regulators are pushing back.

The central bank said Monday it would set limits on the amount Chinese can spend using smartphone payment services. In an interview with the official Xinhua News Agency posted to its website, the People's Bank of China said the proposed caps were designed to limit business risks, but it didn't specify what the risks are.

The central bank said it hadn't yet determined the size of the limits on mobile spending. It said it had drafted new rules but would weigh input from consumers and Internet firms before finalizing them.

A move to curtail the amounts transferred over mobile-payment services potentially cuts off a multibillion-dollar business for companies such as Alibaba Group Holding, an e-commerce titan, and rival Tencent Holdings Ltd., which have been rushing to release products helping smartphone users shop with their phones. The regulatory blowback comes at a tough time for Alibaba, which is preparing for a listing in the U.S. that could raise as much as $15 billion.
限制移动支付服务转账金额的举措可能会切断电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding)及其对手腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)等企业规模达数十亿美元的业务。这些企业近来纷纷发布产品,帮助智能手机用户通过手机购物消费。中国监管部门出台此举时,阿里巴巴正面临准备赴美上市的严峻时刻,其上市筹资额最多可能达到150亿美元。

Last week, responding to Chinese media reports that the central bank had proposed a cap on mobile payments of 10,000 yuan (roughly $1,600) a month, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma said at a Beijing conference: 'Sometimes you're not defeated by technology; sometimes it's a document.'
中文媒体报道称,中国央行提出了每月人民币1万元的移动支付限额,上周回应相关报道时,阿里巴巴董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)在北京的一场会议上说,有时候,打败你的不是技术,可能只是一份文件。

The big state banks already have moved to cap the amounts depositors can transfer into online products, actions that drew an exasperated response Sunday from Alibaba's Mr. Ma.
'What determines success in the market shouldn't be the monopolies and those with power, but the consumers,' Mr. Ma wrote in a post shared on Alibaba's mobile-messaging application.

Although China's central bank has said repeatedly it supports financial innovation, how it tries to regulate the Internet firms is being watched as an indicator of Beijing's commitment to overhauling state-run enterprises. Economists say subjecting protected state-controlled sectors to more direct competition will be key to spurring consumption and putting China's economy on a healthier footing.

Over the past year, Alibaba and Tencent have attracted tens of billions of dollars by marketing online investment products that feature higher returns than those on savings accounts offered by state banks.

The success has sent ripples through China's state-dominated and heavily regulated financial industry, as many younger Chinese have transferred their savings from the banks into the online products.

On Saturday, China Construction Bank Corp. became the latest of the major banks to impose limits on transfers to mobile products. It issued a cap of 5,000 yuan, or about $800, per transaction -- and a total of 50,000 yuan a month -- for deposits to Alibaba's Yu'E Bao fund, meaning 'Leftover Treasure,' according to the bank's customer-service department.
上周六,中国建设银行(China Construction Bank Corp.)也对向互联网理财产品转账设定了额度,成为最近一家采取此类措施的大型银行。据该行客服部门称,该行设定了储户向阿里巴巴“余额宝”进行快捷支付的额度,单笔最高为人民币5,000元(约为800美元),每月不超过5万元。

For Tencent's online product, the limit is 10,000 yuan per transfer and 50,000 yuan a month, the department said.

'No one knows who gave the banks the power to hurt depositors' rights to distribute their capital,' Alibaba's Mr. Ma said in his Sunday post, which was viewed by The Wall Street Journal before it was taken down. 'No one knows who will regulate the legitimacy of the big state banks to join hands and force out' Yu'E Bao.
阿里巴巴的马云在周日发布的文章中称:“也不知道谁给银行们权力,可以伤害储户支配自己资金的权力。更不知道谁来监管四大‘国手’联合封杀的合法性?”这篇文章随后被删除,在它被删除前《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)看到了这篇文章。

In the past two weeks, the central bank has also temporarily suspended online payments using QR codes -- which enable fast recognition of transactions -- and virtual credit cards.

The bank also has suggested that online investment products could be forced to hold reserves on the funds that they attract -- much like banks must do on their deposits.

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