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Amway surpassed Avon Products AVP 3.47% in 2012 to become the world’s largest direct-selling company, thanks to a steady, drama-free international expansion over the years into key markets like China, a bigger focus on nutrition products, which are less prone to sales fluctuations than beauty products, and the ability to attract and keep sales representatives (whom Amway calls ABOs, for ‘Amway Business Owners,’ and who now number 3 million.)

In 2013, its sales rose 4.4% to $11.8 billion, helped by growth in China, its biggest market, and one where Avon’s business has collapsed since a big bribery scandal hit that company a few years ago. (Avon’s business is struggling in almost every key market.)

As a privately owned company, Amway has been spared the drama that has slammed some of its other direct-selling peers that faced regulatory and investor scrutiny: personal care products maker Nu Skin EnterprisesNUS -3.63% was fined earlier this year by Chinese authorities over its product claims, while nutrition company Herbalife HLF -0.10% is in the throes of a battle with activist billionaire investor Bill Ackman, who claims it is operating an illegal pyramid scheme.
作为一家私有企业,安利得以避免了其他一些直销公司因监管和投资者监督带来的麻烦。例如,今年年初,个人护理产品制造商美国如新集团(Nu Skin Enterprises)因夸大产品功效遭到中国监管当局罚款。营养品公司康宝莱(Herbalife)则深陷与亿万富翁维权投资者比尔•阿克曼的苦战之中;阿克曼声称康宝莱从事非法传销。

Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel, the son of one of the company co-founders, recently spoke with Fortune about criticisms of the direct-selling business model, its China success, and the next step in Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Amway’s international expansion. Van Andel, who recently served as the Chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, also addressed the value of “Made in the U.S.A.” and the prospects of more manufacturing coming back to the U.S.
安利公司董事长史提夫•温安洛的父亲是安利联合创始人之一。在最近接受《财富》采访时,温安洛谈到了直销商业模式遭受的种种抨击、安利在中国的成功以及安利未来的国际扩张计划。安利总部位于密歇根州大急流城(Grand Rapids)。前不久曾担任过美国商会(U.S. Chamber of Commerce)主席的温安洛先生还就“美国制造”的价值及更多的制造业回归美国的前景发表了看法。

What is Amway’s take on some of the attacks on the direct-selling model?

“Every industry has its critics, but a lot of the talk that happens today is more of a financial thing. Somebody’s looking more at how to drive a stock price up or down, than it really has to do with the business itself.”

“We continue to have thousands and thousands more (sales representatives) come on every day, so there are a lot people who really like the business and the business model for the industry.”

You have begun to do clinical trials on some of your nutrition products (which make up 45% of sales compared to 25% for beauty and 24% for home goods)—in the absence of medical claims, you are not required to, so why do it?

“We’re even starting to do clinicals on a lot of our nutrition products in much the same way that the healthcare industry does clinical trials—to show efficacy, and it’s something that no one’s ever really done before.”

China is your biggest market. Some other direct sellers, notably Avon, have stumbled badly—what did Amway do right?

“Not only are the employees Chinese, but the face of the business is Chinese too. We always took the approach from the beginning that we need to make to(此处原文可能有笔误)sure that when people look at our business, even though they know it’s a U.S. business, they know it’s been adapted to China.”

You get 90% of your sales abroad—what are some of the still untapped markets for Amway?

“There are a couple of areas where we could do better—particularly in Latin America. We’re not doing as well as I think we should do. Our focus in the last decade has really been Asia—there continues to be a lot of opportunity in Asia, but at least we are now well grounded there, whereas we may be not as well grounded in Latin America.” (Brazil is now Avon’s largest market and a fast growing one for beauty products in general.)

How about Russia, a notably promising beauty market but a turbulent place for Western companies?

“Anybody that’s in Russia or Ukraine right now, it’s always a little bit tenuous—and it’s a little bumpy—that’s part of doing business there, You have to accept that.”

Amway is opening four new U.S. manufacturing facilities- why is ‘Made in the USA’ important?

“We listen to our customers, and when it comes to nutrition products, they like nutrition products that are made in the U.S.”

“For us, Michigan is just a natural place to go. Sure we can look at different places in the U.S., but nutrition is not an easy thing to manufacture—and we’ve already got some based there.”

Put on your U.S. Chamber of Commerce hat for a minute—can U.S. manufacturing come back in a big way?

“They’ve lost more manufacturing jobs by becoming more productive. Everybody’s way more productive now in the facilities they have. I’m not sure that that will ever come back- I think people are going to try to be as efficient as they can.”

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