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Many believe that entrepreneurs are born, not made. While I agree that successful company builders usually have a natural inclination to be entrepreneurs, a good education helps polish that apple. There are people who are natural musicians, but that doesn't mean we don't try to teach them music.


There's no law saying you have to go to college to start a business. We can all point to examples of successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college, but still went on to make a big impact. Current young adults have grown up hearing about Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) as the paragon of success. But the entrepreneurial wunderkinds who find success without higher education "are exceptions to the rule," says Robert Litan, Vice President of Research and Policy at the Kauffman Foundation. The most successful entrepreneurs are those with multiple real-life experiences, who have personal exposure to markets where opportunities are being left on the table.

法律并没有规定,只有上了大学才能创业。我们可以举出很多例子,很多人从大学辍学,成为成功的企业家,仍然对世界产生着重大影响。现在的年轻人听着马克•扎克伯格的故事长大,他被视为成功的典范。但是,罗伯特•利坦称,这些没有接受高等教育却成功创业的神童是“特例”;利坦是考夫曼基金会(Kauffman Foundation)研究和政策副总裁。最成功的企业家拥有丰富的现实生活经历,他们亲历了机遇开放市场的洗礼。

Academic research supports that this experience pays off. It also shows that survival prospects are higher if the owner has at least four years of college, like Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google (GOOG), and Andrew Mason of Groupon (GRPN). The bigger question, then, for an entrepreneur, is not whether or not to go to college, but rather what to do once there.


• Study entrepreneurship, but major in something else. Many colleges offer courses on entrepreneurship, to help you think like one. But a depth of knowledge in a specific discipline, like computer science or engineering, allows you to understand that business as well as run it.

• 学习创业精神,但同时要做到术业有专攻。许多高校开设了创业课程,帮助学生像企业家一样思考。但是,对某一学科——如计算机科学或工程学——的深入学习,能够让人理解某个特定行业,同时具备这个行业实际的经营能力。

• An MBA is helpful, but not required. More important are standard business, finance, and economics courses. If offered at your college, don't forget the practical business skills like "Critical Thinking", "Business Writing" and even "Dress for Success."

• MBA学位有用,但并不是必需品。更重要的是优秀的商业、金融和经济学课程。如果就读的高校同时也提供商业实践技巧课程,如“批判性思维”、“商务写作”,甚至“成功着装”,别忘了同样要去修习这些课程。

• Supplement course work with practical experience. Look for that summer internship job in the field of your interest, or even just part-time work during the school year. Too many startups fail simply by missing the practical elements of money management, time management, and setting priorities.

• 课余进行实践活动。在感兴趣的领域寻求暑期实习机会,也可以选择整个学年都做兼职工作。因为缺乏资金管理、时间管理和确定优先次序的实践经验从而导致失败的创业企业太多了。
• Take advantage of inside and outside advisers at school. Some college faculty members have great practical experience. Find the ones with experience, and the ones who are willing to share, and tap into it for free. Most universities also bring in outside advisors to mentor budding entrepreneurs. It's a huge opportunity to learn early.

• 充分利用校内外的顾问资源。一些高校的教职员工有重要的实践经验。找到那些有经验并愿意分享的人,获得免费指导。大多数高校也会引入校外顾问,指导年轻的创业者。提前学习这些只是,是一个巨大的机遇。

• Build a business plan early on. Pick an idea, any idea. There is nothing like writing and pitching a business plan that makes you realize what you don't know. Most schools have business plan competitions, and even give out seed money to winners. Once you graduate, you can't take that course you need, and even the advisors are gone.

• 尽早制定商业计划。挑出一个想法,任何想法都行。撰写、推销商业计划能让人意识到自己的不足。大多数院校都会举办商业计划竞赛,甚至会向优胜者发放种子资金。等到毕业了就再也没有机会补课了,甚至连顾问也找不到了。

• Business networking is key. These days, every student has his social network of peers. But these won't help you much finding investors, key executive hires, and pitfalls to avoid in the real world. Plug yourself into a new network of business people. You'll be amazed at what you can learn by listening to experienced entrepreneurs.

• 商业人脉是关键。现在,每个学生都有自己的同龄人交际圈。但是,在寻找投资者、聘请重要管理人员,以及回避现实世界陷阱方面,这个圈子起不了多大作用。融入新的商务人士圈子,接触经验丰富的企业家,聆听他们的教诲,通过这种方式能够学到的东西会让你自己都觉得吃惊。

• Just do it. You will learn more by struggling through the process of setting up a company and making it work, than all the other items above put together. If possible, team up with someone who has been there before and is willing to provide some mentoring. Don't try to "bet the farm" on your first company. It's the learning that counts.

• 大胆放手去做。亲自创办公司,勉力经营,这个过程能让人学到很多东西,比以上各条加起来都多。可能的话,与拥有创业经验并愿意提供一些指导的人组建团队。别把“所有的家底”都押在自己创办的第一家企业上。关键是在创业的过程中学习。

Once you are out into the real world of running a startup, your academic credentials mean very little to anyone, and practical experience in invaluable. And don't forget that the hardest part of dropping out of Harvard to start a business, for most aspiring entrepreneurs, is that first you have to have the credentials to get in.


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