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These days, landing a good job after graduation starts earlier than ever. "Your job hunt has to begin in your freshman year, with that first summer internship," says Jason Levin, head of Washington, D.C., executive coaching firm Ready Set Launch. "Success as an intern is the No. 1 thing hiring managers look for."
当下,要想在毕业之后找到一份好工作,必须提早开始准备。华盛顿特区猎头公司Ready Set Launch的负责人贾恩·莱文认为:“求职应该从大学一年级的暑期实习开始。成功的实习经历是招聘经理最为关注的一点。”

One way to find a place to shine next summer: Check out career site Vault.com's latest list of top internships, which profiles the best places for students to gain real-world experience, ranked by factors like networking opportunities, training, and past interns' satisfaction. The rankings also take into account great perks like free travel, housing, and gym memberships.

Among those offering the highest-rated programs are Bain & Company, Nickelodeon Animation Studios (VIA), Southwest Airlines (LUV), Goldman Sachs (GS), Northwestern Mutual, and the Smithsonian Institute. "The great thing about internships is that they aren't limited to any particular industry or role," notes Tara McCaffrey, a Vault.com vice president, "There are opportunities at finance heavy hitters, prestigious professional services firms, technology companies, theatres, museums, zoos, publishing companies, nonprofits, and everywhere in between."
其中,评价最高的实习计划包括贝恩公司(Bain & Company)、尼克罗迪恩动画工作室(Nickelodeon Animation Studios)、西南航空(Southwest Airlines)、高盛(Goldman Sachs)、西北互助人寿公司(Northwestern Mutual)和史密森尼学会(The Smithsonian Institute)。Vault.com副总裁塔拉·麦克弗雷称:“实习机会最好的地方就在于,它不限于任何特定行业或职业。不论是重量级的金融公司、颇有名望的职业服务公司、技术公司、剧院、博物馆、动物园、出版公司、非营利机构等等,机会无处不在。”

The top-rated programs accept only a very limited number of candidates, so it's smart to cast a wide net and apply for as many internships as possible. Here's where else to start looking:

Your school's career services office. This might seem like a no-brainer, but a surprising number of students overlook it. "This should be your first stop," says Deborah Federico, an undergraduate career counselor at Boston University's School of Management. "Find out if they have either an online or print database of internships. Not only will the pool of applicants be relatively small, compared to internship search sites, but the companies posting openings are there because they want to find someone from your school."
学校的就业服务办公室。听起来似乎是理所当然的事情,但意外的是,许多学生却忽略了这个资源。波士顿大学管理学院(Boston University's School of Management)本科生职业顾问黛博拉·费德里科说:“这里应该是你最先寻求帮助的地方。搞清楚他们有没有在线或打印形式的实习数据库。不仅是因为从这里求职的学生比实习工作求职网站相对要少得多,同时还因为在这里发布招聘的公司确实是打算在你的学校寻找合适的实习生。”

Online internship databases. One of Federico's favorites is Simply Hired, because it lets aspiring interns search by geographical location. "You can also set up multiple searches, get daily email alerts with any internship that matches your search criteria, or sort your search by company name to zero in on internships at your favorite companies," she says.
在线实习数据库。费德里科最喜欢的网站是Simply Hired,因为这家网站支持实习生们按照地理位置进行搜索。她说:“实习生们可以进行多重搜索,还可以订阅每日邮件提醒,包括与搜索标准匹配的实习机会。或者,求职者可以按公司名称,有针对性地搜索自己最中意的公司提供的实习机会。”

Craigslist. "Yes, Craiglist!," says Federico. "Despite the many sketchy posts on the site, lots of my students have found very good internships there, particularly at smaller companies."

Your network of friends and relatives. "Many of my students have found great internships through neighbors, aunts, uncles, cousins, and best friends' parents," Federico says. Start by talking with them, and then branch out into contacting alumni of your college.

Target companies. If there's a particular company where you'd like to work, take a look at its career page, where internships might be listed. "If nothing seems to be available right now, send a resume and a cover letter expressing interest in potential future openings," Federico suggests. "Then follow up with human resources. You could even consider designing your own internship. Employers will love your initiative, and most companies would welcome an extra pair of hands during the summer."

What if you try all that and strike out -- or if you just can't afford to spend the summer on an unpaid gig (as most internships are)? All is not lost. "Eight out of ten employers who review resumes of new college grads are looking for evidence of leadership skills," notes Andrea Koncz, employment information manager at the National Association of Colleges and Employers. "In addition, 75% of hiring managers are looking for problem-solving skills."
如果你尝试过上述所有途径,却依然未能成功,或者你不想(像多数实习岗位一样)将整个暑假都花在没有报酬的临时工作上,又该怎么办?事实上,就算如此,也并非无路可走。美国大学与雇主协会( National Association of Colleges and Employers)招聘信息经理安德里亚·孔茨说:“80%的雇主在审核应届毕业生的简历时,会寻找能证明领导能力的履历。此外,75%的招聘经理们则会注重求职者解决问题的能力。”

So, in the absence of an internship, try to find ways to get experience with either or both. "Spending the summer as a lifeguard is fine," says Jason Levin. "Managing a team of lifeguards is even better. The point is to show that you can take responsibility for something beyond the classroom."

Levin also recommends seeking out ways to contribute to a faculty-supervised research or consulting project during the school year. "At most universities, there are plenty of joint efforts between professors and businesses that you can get involved in, as well as student-run organizations on campuses that do assignments for companies," he says. "Ask your campus career center or student activities office for information on these.

"Or you can find opportunities through national fraternities focused on business, like Delta Sigma Pi," Levin adds. Founded at New York University in 1907, Delta Sigma Pi (open to both men and women) now has 300 chapters with about 226,000 members. One of them may well be able to hook you up with part-time work that will catch a future employer's eye.
莱文补充说:“或者,你也可以通过商业性的全国性兄弟会寻找机会,比如Delta Sigma Pi。”Delta Sigma Pi(对男性和女性均开放)于1907年成立于纽约大学(New York University),目前拥有300个地方分支机构,大约226,000名会员。其中肯定有一个分支机构能帮你找到一份兼职,让你在未来求职时吸引到潜在雇主的眼球。(向Anne提问)

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