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2014-11-05    来源:英语点津    【      美国外教 在线口语培训



1. 《无比美妙的痛苦》(影片《星运里的错》原著小说) 作者:约翰·格林
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Christopher Li: It’s a book that was recently made into a movie, and it’s about a couple of cancer patients who fall in love. I’m reading toward the end of the book now and a lot of sad things are happening. I like it a lot. During college I read more challenging literature and philosophy, but now I tend to read books that are a little more straightforward and easy to follow emotionally. I think [The Fault in Our Stars is] pretty well written and has a good amount of depth to it without being too challenging for me.
推荐人克里斯多弗·李(Christopher Li):这本书最近被拍成了电影,讲的是一对癌症患者坠入爱河的故事。现在我已经快读完了,许多悲伤的事情也随之而出。我很喜欢这本书。读大学时,我经常读文学和哲学方面的书,觉得更具挑战性。但现在,我更喜欢读通俗易懂、容易带动自己情绪的书。我觉得(这本书)写得非常不错,有一定的深度,但对我来说又不是特别难懂。

2. 《只是孩子》 作者:帕蒂·史密斯
Just Kids by Patti Smith

Djenne Grant: My best friend said she loved the book and I’m now reading it for school. I just started and have to finish it in two weeks. I really like it so far. No one bothers you [when you’re reading on the subway], you can go inside a different world. [On the subway, I’ve noticed] we’re moving away from vampire stories and now we’re reading more novels based in real life.
推荐人杰内·格兰特(Djenne Grant):我的闺蜜说她爱死了这本书。现在我刚开始读,学校要求必须在两周内读完。到目前为止,我真的很喜欢这本书。(当你在地铁上阅读时)没人会打扰你,你可以进入一个完全不同的世界。(我注意到地铁上)读吸血鬼故事的人没那么多了,现在大家读的更多的是描写现实生活的小说。

3. 《快闪小子》 作者:迈克尔·刘易斯
Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

Everdeen Mason: The book is about the stock market – I think the author has done a couple books about that – and it’s particularly about a young guy who works for a Canadian trading firm, and he discovers the world of high frequency trading and how that allows traders to prey on innocents. Right now he’s trying to rally and get people to start their own stock market to stop this from happening. I like how it’s written. Lewis takes something that could be a dry subject and makes it really punchy, and he describes the characters in really fun ways.
推荐人埃弗丁·梅森(Everdeen Mason):这本书是关于股票市场的,我想作者已经写了不少关于这个主题的书。这本书的主角是一个在加拿大贸易公司工作的年轻人。他发现了高频交易现象背后存在的问题,也看到了高频交易者如何从公众手中快速赚取暴利。于是,他开始尽自己的努力帮助大家成立自己的股票市场,与高频交易者抗衡。我喜欢这样的写法。刘易斯把一个枯燥无味的话题变得强而有力,而且他笔下的人物都刻画得非常有趣。

4. 《同恶棍在一起》 作者:比尔·比福德
Among the Thugs by Bill Buford

J Mikal Davis: It’s about football hooligans, mostly Man United, in the 1980s. It’s an American immersing himself in this subculture and just trying to figure out what these guys are thinking –kind of like Hunter S Thompson going into the Hells Angels. It could get hairy very quickly, but he’s made himself part of these guys and their world. I sometimes miss my stop because I get so into my books. I’ll sometimes get off at my stop and then sit on a bench to finish a chapter before moving on.
推荐人J·米卡尔·戴维斯(J Mikal Davis):这本书写的是20世纪80年代的一群足球流氓,大部分来自曼联。一个美国人走进了这个亚文化群,尝试去弄明白这群家伙的所思所想——有点像亨特·S·汤普森(Hunter S Thompson)融入摩托车飞车党“地狱天使”(Hells Angels)。这些人很难对付,但是他成功融入到他们的世界,成为其中的一员。我有时候会坐过站,因为看得太投入了。有时候到站下地铁后,我会坐在旁边的长凳上读完一整章内容再走。

5. 《双倍的自由劳动》 作者:亚历克斯·利希滕斯坦
Twice the Work of Free Labor by Alex Lichtenstein

Jim Zarroli: It’s a very academic book about the convict-labour system in the south after the Civil War. Rather than being sent to prison, convicts were leased out to businesses, to mines, even to factories for very low amounts of money and they had to do forced labour for years, often as punishment for very mild crimes. And that’s something that continued in the South for years until it was replaced by the chain-gang system in 1908. People would be incarcerated for 10 years for crimes like stealing a pair of globes. Many of the prisoners were African-Americans, freed slaves, and this was almost like a way of re-enslaving them.
推荐人吉姆·扎罗利(Jim Zarroli):这是一本关于内战后美国南方劳改制度(convict-labour system)的学术著作。囚犯们没有送进监狱,而是被租给店铺、矿井、甚至是工厂。他们的酬劳少得可怜,却要被迫当好多年的劳力,就如同罪行轻微的犯人接受的惩罚。这一制度在南方持续了数十年,直到1908年才被带镣制度(chain-gang system)所取代。偷一副手套,就会被监禁10年之久。许多犯人是非裔美国人和被释放的奴隶,这就好比变相的再次奴役。

6. 《丧女》 作者:尼可·谷川
WataMote by Nico Tanigawa

Jacqueline Libato: It’s a Japanese Manga series that translates as No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular. I identify a lot with the character’s struggles in high school – so many people think that high school will be the pinnacle of their social life, but she’s disappointed because she doesn’t really fit in at all – she loves to spend her time playing anime video games – and she’s desperately trying to make friends. It’s too bad this series takes so long to be translated into English!
推荐人杰奎琳·利巴托(Jacqueline Libato):这是一部日本连环漫画,翻译成英语是《我不受欢迎,怎么想都是你们的错》(No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular)。对于女主角在高中生活里遇到的困难,我深有感触。许多人认为高中将是他们社交生活的小高峰,但是她很失望,因为她发现自己根本无法适应。她喜欢把时间花在动漫游戏上,她竭尽所能尝试着交朋友。可惜这部漫画的英文版的总要等很久才能译完!

7. 《欢迎来到猴子屋》 作者:库尔特·冯内古特
Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut

Jessica O’Keeffe: It’s a short story collection. I just started it, but I’m a big Vonnegut fan. I prefer novels to short stories, but I’ve read all of Vonnegut’s novels so now I’m starting in on his short stories.
推荐人杰西卡·奥基弗(Jessica O’Keeffe):这是一本短篇小说集。我刚开始读,但我是冯内古特的忠实粉丝。相较短篇小说,我更喜欢长篇小说,但我已经读完了所有的冯内古特的长篇小说,所以现在开始读他的短篇小说了。

8. 《厨师之旅》 作者:安东尼·伯尔顿
A Cook’s Tour by Anthony Bourdain

Nicole Stutz: Anthony Bourdain travels to all kinds of countries looking for the perfect meal, usually Third World countries, where he tries home-cooked meals, family meals. I love traveling and I really enjoy food, and he does dig deep and find what is the perfect meal – it could be a small cafe you like or a Michelin three-star-rated restaurant. And some of the best times he had was just with whiskey, a pack of cigarettes and a home-cooked meal with a bunch of friends in Cambodia. He has a great outlook on life and I have a crush on him now.
推荐人尼古拉·施图茨(Nicole Stutz):安东尼·伯尔顿去了很多国家旅行,寻找当地美食。他经常去一些第三世界国家,品尝那里的家常菜。我是个喜欢旅行的吃货。安东尼确实善于挖掘各地的美味——可能只是一家很不起眼的咖啡馆,也可能是米其林三星餐厅。他经常和一帮朋友在柬埔寨喝些威士忌,抽一包烟,吃一些家常饭菜,度过一段美好的时光。他的生活态度很好,我已经迷了上他。

9. 《亚伯》 作者:亚历克西斯·德沃
Yabo by Alexis De Veaux

Ray Leone Allen: I actually went to a talk about it yesterday at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. It’s about an intersex child name Jules, a black intersex child, and it’s an experimental look at gender, race, spirit, consciousness. I didn’t know a lot about it, but the talk was amazing. I’m only on page 22 now, but I’m enjoying it.
推荐人雷·莱昂内·艾伦(Ray Leone Allen):事实上,我昨天在尚博格黑人文化研究中心(Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture)参加了这本书的座谈会。它讲述的是一名叫朱尔斯(Jules)的双性黑人小孩。这本书在性别、种族、精神和意识层面都具有实验性。这方面我以前知道的不多,但昨天的座谈会真的很棒。目前我才读到第22页,但是觉得很享受。

10. 《到灯塔去》 作者:弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫
To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

Ria Samartzi: It’s a book about a family holidaying on the Isle of Wight and several people who have come to stay with him. I like the way it moves through the different characters’ minds as if there were a camera present. It’s very cinematic. You don’t have to deal with the ugliness of the subway when you’re reading.
推荐人里亚·萨马茨(Ria Samartzi):这本书讲述了拉姆齐一家人和几位客人在维特岛 (Isle of Wight)度假的故事 。我喜欢这种意识流小说,就像面前有一台摄像机,在不同的人物前推进,很有电影的味道。读这本书的时候,你不用再去管脏兮兮的地铁。

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