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2014-01-10    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

'This the season for completely losing it. The holidays are a worry-filled time for a lot of people, but it turns out that you might be partially to blame for your own anxiety. But we know (or we hope) you're not purposely trying to sabotage yourself, so here's a quick rundown of things you might be doing without realizing they're actually making you feel worse.


Take a deep breath and try to relax. You might be stressed because...


1. You haven't laughed today


If you can't remember the last time you laughed so hard you were blinded by tears, you should reconsider your life choices. Laughter has been shown to relieve stress, stimulate blood flow, relax muscles, promote a healthy immune system and relieve pain.


2. You're listening to the wrong playlist


Multiple studies have shown the relaxing benefits of listening to music. But everyone has their own musical preferences. Your piano teacher might chill out to Debussy, but maybe The Cranberries take you back to a relaxing, mid-90s kind of place. Know yourselves, guys.


3. You left that sink of dirty dishes for "tomorrow."


Consider your cleaning habits. Were you "that" roommate in college? Would it be not uncommon to find a partially decomposed banana lying under a pile of fliers and junk mail on top of your refrigerator? Is the bottom of your bag a sad collection of broken pens? Keeping your spaces tidy may not be an anxiety cure-all, but there's evidence to suggest it can help relieve stress.

反思自己的清洁习惯。读大学时你是“那种类型的人” 吗?在一堆广告传单下有一只烂香蕉或是电冰箱上有垃圾信件,是不是经常做?你背包里面是一堆烂笔头吗?保持空间整洁虽不是治愈焦虑的万灵药,但有证据表明它有助缓解压力。

4. You're trying to face your stressors


Valiant effort, but the truth is, within reason, you can try to avoid things that stress you out. Don't like crowds? Then stop grocery shopping on Saturday afternoons. The Mayo Clinic says you can totally avoid specific people, too -- which you're probably already doing if you don't like them, but now you don't have to feel guilty about dodging whatever mouth-breathing co-worker you can't stand.


5. You haven't said anything nice about yourself


Repetitive self-assurance ("Everything will be okay") has been found to be helpful in reducing anxiety. The brain is a powerful tool, so use it.


6. You're sleeping badly


If it's 4:32 a.m. and you know you'll have to peel yourself off your mattress to go to work in a few hours' time, close out of Netflix. It's not time for one more episode. Sticking to a regular, healthy sleep schedule doesn't just protect you against heart disease, some cancers and a host of other chronic health problems, it can also help you feel better about yourself and your life.


7. You see time management as more of a goal than a reality


If the sheer number of things you have to get done on any single day is overwhelming, consider how much time you devote to each task. Planning your day and prioritizing your to-dos can help you make better time-management decisions to feel more in control of your life. If internet procrastination is your weakness, this Chrome extension will track how long you spend on each site.


8. You're saying "yes" too much


Once in a while, it's okay to say "no" to lighten the load of your personal responsibilities. No, sorry, you can't drop your cousin off at the airport, because you've had a dinner scheduled for weeks. No, sorry, you can't make a fruitcake for the company holiday party, because it would take too long to bake.


9. You're surgically attached to your phone


Stop that. Stop checking. You'll be okay. Research has shown that the pressure to be constantly available to respond to emails, texts, phone calls and to know what's going on can be too much. You may want to make a conscious effort to turn your phone and computer off for a certain amount of time each day.


10. You've just achieved some major goal


…but for some reason you're still freaking out! Yikes. (We can only hope you're knocking out life goals on a daily basis, anyway.) Research has shown that "compassionate" goals -- things that benefit others along with yourself -- reduce anxiety post-achievement more so than "self-image" goals in college students. In other words, be a better person and you might just feel better, too.

但是不知为何你仍有一阵余悸。呀!(无论怎么样,我们都希望你每天能达成生活目标。)研究表明,在大学生群体中,比起只图“一己私利” 的目标而言,完成那些利己又利他人的富有“仁义” 的目标能更好地降低焦虑感。换句话说,要做心地善良的人,而你也会感觉良好。



If you need some extra stress relief, chew some gum, find a puppy to spend some time with, or channel your inner Brit with a hot cup of tea.


Now isn't that better?


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