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2014-08-28    来源:21世纪    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

导读:有人说《爸爸去哪儿》第二季不及第一季有趣,有人却觉得第二季更加精彩,因为在这一季中,每对父子和父女都有着自己鲜明的性格,一样的父子、父女情深,却有着不同的表达方式。多多,费曼,杨阳洋,Joe,贝儿,姐姐,你最喜欢哪个萌娃呢?除了萌娃,爸爸们也很萌喔[哈哈][哈哈]。小编最喜欢天使贝儿和勇敢的羊羊羊!你呢?另附美国习惯用语duke it out详解。一起去看看《爸爸去哪儿2》中,爸爸和孩子们都有哪些“萌点”戳中了观众的心!

Dads duke it out with kids

Season two of Where Are We Going, Dad? , a reality show on Hunan TV, is even more fun and colorful than the first — not just because of new cast members (Gary Chaw brings in his two children). But thanks to a cast with more distinct and diverse personalities, we’ve been able to watch different kinds of father-son/daughter relationships unfold. This time around we see the families at their most adorable and awkward moments.

Which pair is your favorite? Even if you don’t watch the show, read our descriptions of their personalities and chemistry to get familiar and maybe build up some vocabulary.

Dad: Huang Lei, 43

Daughter: Huang Yici (Duo Duo), 8

Huang Lei, among his many occupations — actor, director, singer and lecturer — is also a devoted farther. He couldn’t be more patient when it comes to taking care of his daughter Duo Duo and chastising her for trivial slipups. Huang surely makes parenting seem easy, but he has his daughter to thank for that. As the oldest kid in the show, Duo Duo is smart, thoughtful and wise beyond her years. Together, they’re the pair with the most positive energy on the show.

Dad: Lu Yi, 38

Daughter: Lu Yuxuan (Bei’r), 5

As one of the most stylish fathers in the show, actor Lu Yi certainly knows how to look sharp. We often see him wearing chic clothes, snazzy accessories and matching outfits with his daughter Bei’r. But as for being a dad, we can sense how insecure and overwhelmed he can feel sometimes on the show. Fortunately, Bei’r is an obedient and cheerful child who behaves well. This pair has more of a besties relationship — and they always show up in style.

Dad: Francis Ng, 53

Son: Feynman Ng, 5

These two have the traditional father-son relationship, where the father is serious and commanding and the son is tamed by merely a glance. But “a tough man with a tender heart” is the best way to describe this actor from Hong Kong, especially when we see him giving Feynman encouragement and support. Feynman doesn’t disappoint either. He’s a strong and independent boy who always tries to be manly by holding back his tears in front of the camera.

Dad: Yang Wei, 34

Son: Yang Wenchang (Yang Yangyang), 4

As a father, the former world champion gymnast isn’t as fierce and powerful as he was in competition. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing — at least Yang has showed us his soft, patient and quiet side. Yang’s good life skills make it quite easy for him to look after his son on his own. Yang Yangyang, on the other hand, is a perfect example of the saying “like father, like son”. The introverted boy wins our hearts with his purity and innocence.

Dad: Gary Chaw, 34

Son: Joe Chaw, 5

Daughter: Grace Chaw, 3

Finally, this is the most dramatic troupe on the show. Malaysian singer Gary Chaw may not be that great at parenting, but he certainly knows how to identify with his children. Joe and Grace, meanwhile, are a godsend. The angelic brother and sister are sweet, bright and adorable. We watch the three cycle through their emotions, with even Gary Chaw tearing up a few times. But this is what family is for: Family laughs together, cries together and shares with each other their most memorable moments.
最后这组爸爸、儿子和女儿的“三人行”,绝对是节目里最戏剧化的存在。曹格这位来自马来西亚的歌手也许并不是最擅长带孩子的爸爸,但一定是最会和孩子们互动的爸爸。而Joe and Grace这对兄妹也如同天赐,哥哥天真,妹妹可爱。节目中我们能看到三人情绪起起落落,甚至曹格都掉了几次眼泪。但这不正是家庭的意义?一家人一起笑,一起哭,一起分享最珍贵的时刻。(21世纪)


duke it out  :打架;一决雌雄;用拳头猛击。本篇文章Dads duke it out with kids,意思就是爸爸和萌娃们一决高下,一起“卖萌”。

美国习惯用语 duke it out 讲解

在大选年里新闻界时常爱用一些习惯用语来报道选举形势的发展。今天再谈两个常会用到的习惯用语。例如,在最近一份华盛顿的报纸上有这样一个大标题:Candidates Duke it out over Fuel。

这里的fuel指汽车燃料:汽油,而candidates是指总统侯选人。这个标题包括这样一个习惯用语:duke it out。Duke这个词通常作名词用,意思是公爵或者大公。它在俚语中的意思是拳头。Duke it out这个习惯用语里duke显然当动词用了,表示搏斗、打架,是说拳打脚踢、大打出手的肉搏

那么duke it out用在这个标题中究竟是什么意思呢?我们从标题下的文章报道了什么可以得到启发。这篇文章说的是2000年大选的两名主要总统侯选人 - 克林顿政府的付总统戈尔和得克萨斯州州长布什,在有关汽油的问题上发生争论;彼此都责怪对方该为近期内汽油价格飞涨负责。

汽油价格直线上升在2000年夏天成了引发激烈争辩的政治问题,因为油价暴涨影响到千家万户的生活。这样一说,你也许对duke it out这个习惯用语的含义有点眉目了,是不是激烈争辩呢?


例句-1:The two really duked it out. Mr. Gore charged Mr. Bush with being too close to the oil companies, and Mr. Bush hit back by claiming that Mr. Gore wanted to give 'big oil' a huge tax break.


可见他俩在各不相让地争辩究竟是谁跟石油公司有特殊关系,是谁在纵容石油公司抬高油价。所以duke it out这个习惯用语在这儿的意思是进行唇枪舌剑的争辩。

习惯用语duke it out虽然原先在俚语中的意思是拳打脚踢地搏斗,但是久而久之它不再指拳脚相对地打架了,而是说言词激烈的相互攻击和争辩

只要汽油价格不下跌,戈尔和小布什有关汽油问题的相互攻击就会没完没了地继续下去。我们再来学个表示同样意思的习惯用语:come out swinging。Swing这个词在这里是挥动的意思。Come out swinging和duke it out一样起初也用来指挥臂抡拳地搏斗。Come out swinging最初起源于拳击比赛,有一种拳击选手很厉害,一出场就挥动双拳如同猛虎般地直扑对方,发动猛烈的进攻。人们把这种猛攻对方的拳击方式称为come out swinging。

然而习惯用语come out swinging逐渐地也像duke it out一样,不再指挥动双拳相斗,而用来说口头攻击了。

在大选年里,当春天各州挑选民主党和共和党侯选人的初选结束以后,往往两党有一个政治斗争的相对平静阶段。这时候,两党的侯选人都乘机缓一口气,与此同时还要为自己筹集更多的竞选基金。然而这个相对平静阶段长得了吗?我们听听唐本森先生怎么说,注意他话里用了charge这个词的名词形式。名词 charge意思是攻击,而反击的英文是:counter-charge。

例句-2:After the party conventions things heat up again. In September and October the candidates come out swinging with charges and counter-charges just about every day of the week.


唐本森说的come out swinging显然是指进行猛烈的口头攻击。实际上九十月间不仅是注目白宫的侯选人在不遗余力地进行政治斗争。我们听听还有哪些人也发动猛烈的攻势:

例句-3:The last two months before General Election Day the air waves will be heavy with politics. Politicians come out swinging contending for the seats in the House of Representatives and one-third of those in the Senate of the US Congress, plus positions in many state houses and state legislatures and mayors' offices all over the country.



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