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1.Indiana Jones; Subject: Archaeology

If archaeology is your chosen subject, don't be surprised if none of your lecturers are called away to solve ancient mysteries; not all archaeologists can be as exciting as Dr Henry Walton Jones Jnr, aka Indiana Jones. However, you might be on to a winner if you spot them wearing a leather jacket, fedora and carrying a whip – just think of the stories.

2. Sean Maguire and Professor Gerald Lambeau – Good Will Hunting; Subject: Psychology and Mathematics

Professor Gerald Lambeau, portrayed by Stellan Skarsgård, is an award winning professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and features in Good Will Hunting. Bouncing off Sean Maguire's (Robin Williams) expertise in Psychology, the two help to turn Will's life around. However, even if they weren't fictional, you would have to be an undiscovered genius for Lambeau to take notice.

3. Dr Frank Bryant – Educating Rita; Subject: English Literature

An Open University course tutor, Dr Frank Bryant becomes Susan's (aka Rita's) lecturer as she looks to escape her routine as a hairdresser. He might be an alcoholic, but the relationship of reciprocal learning is surely one that would be inspiring in real life.
当美发师苏珊(又名瑞塔)想要从让自己厌倦的日常生活中逃脱时, 一所远程教育大学教授弗兰克-布莱恩特博士成了她的讲师。你可以说他是个酒鬼,但这种彼此从对方身上寻求真谛的学习方式在现实生活中却着实鼓舞人心。

4. Dr Ross Geller – Friends; Subject: Palaeontology

Having ‘given up a career in basketball to become a Palaeontologist’, Ross takes a job at New York University. He is described by one of his students as ‘the hottie of the Palaeontology department’ – a student he subsequently ends up dating. He is so nervous on his first day teaching that he adopts a fake British accent, which he then has to phase out – for comic value Ross would surely be a great real life professor.

5. Professor Robert Langdon – Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and others; Subject: Symbology and Religious Iconology

Yet another professor who finds himself dashing across the globe, but in Langdon's case, in an attempt to solve a series of complex symbols. However, when he isn't running around beautiful cities, he lectures at Harvard University and can be seen wearing Harris Tweed, loafers and a Mickey Mouse watch.

6. Professor Julius Kelp/ Professor Sherman Klump – The Nutty Professor; Subject: Science

The lovable fictional face of science, Professor Julius Kelp (aka The Nutty Professor) was originally portrayed in 1963 by Jerry Lewis; however the film was remade in 1996 with Eddie Murphy playing Professor Sherman Klump. In an attempt to win over the girl he likes, the Nutty Professor invents a serum that turns him into a better looking, yet arrogant individual – luckily, he eventually learns to be happy with who he is.

7. Professor Frink – The Simpsons; Subject: Science

Socially inept and known for spluttering nonsensical words, Professor Frink lectures at Springfield Heights Institute of Technology. Despite often attempting to help the town in times of calamity, Frink very often succeeds in doing the opposite. In the 2007 The Simpsons Movie, he invents a drill that can drill through anything, only to discover it is on the wrong side of the glass dome imprisoning the town.

8. Lecturer in Recent Runes – Terry Pratchett's Discworld series; Subject: Recent Runes

The Lecturer in Recent Runes is one of many wizards working at Terry Pratchett's Unseen University. The University's official motto is "Now you see it, now you don't" while its unofficial motto is "η β π", or "Eta Beta Pi” (Eat a bit of Pie/ Eat a better pie). Forget fictional professors, this is one fictional university we would love to attend.
近代符文讲师是特里-普拉切特创作的“看不见的巫师学院”的众多巫师之一。这所大学的官方宣言就是“现在你看得到,现在你又看不到”,而非官方宣言却是“η β π”或者“Eta Beta Pi” 。忘掉虚构的教授们吧,这所虚构的大学才是我们想去的。
"Well, I for one have never believed all that business about dead animals turning into stone," said the Lecturer in Recent Runes. "It's against all reason. What's in it for them?"
“我个人从来不相信什么死了的动物会变成石头的说法,” 近代符文讲师说,“这怎么都讲不通。人们为什么会这么认为?”
"So how do you explain fossils, then?" said Ponder.
"Ah, you see, I don't," said the Lecturer in Recent Runes, with a triumphant smile. "It saves so much trouble in the long run."
“我不解释啊,” 近代符文讲师说,面露胜利者的微笑。“这从长远来讲给我省了好多麻烦呢。”
(Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent)

9. John Keating – Dead Poets Society; Subject: English

OK, so not strictly speaking a university professor, John Keating had to be on the list as one of the most inspiring fictional teachers ever (who, in any case, we would love to see teach at university). His alternative methods may not have won favour from the headmaster, but he won over his students; "carpe diem".

10. Professor McGonagall – Harry Potter series; Subject: Transfiguration

Another professor we had to include, despite teaching in a school. The steady, motherly, teacher figure in Harry Potter – Professor Minerva McGonagall won't take any nonsense, but is one of the teachers at Hogwarts that students can rely on. Also included in this list should be Professor Albus Dumbledore – because who in their right mind would want to trade everything for him to be their teacher.

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