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2015-05-06    来源:forbes    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


It's Becoming Clear 'Game of Thrones' Will End At Season Seven

Viewers of HBO’s Game of Thrones may assume that it’s the kind of show that can last forever. The show has gone through three kings of the seven kingdoms already, and it seems like the cycle could pretty much continue on indefinitely. Many characters have died, but new ones rise up and take their place, and there never seems to be any shortage of storylines to go around.
观众们或许会认为,HBO频道的《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)是那种永远不会完结的剧集。这部讲述七大王国故事的电视剧,剧情已历经三代国王,而这种轮回看上去还会永无止境地延续下去。已有许多角色死去,但也有新的角色登场取而代之,整部剧集似乎更是绝无任何剧情匮乏之虞。

But readers of the original book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, know that there is a timeline in place. A beginning, and an end, even if that end is still years away from being written. As such, what’s been happening in season five so far is a fascinating insight into the schedule that HBO’s showrunners have in their own heads, and it’s moving at a much more brisk pace than anyone could have possibility anticipated. What does that mean? We may see Game of Thrones end at seven seasons, even if to this point that’s seemed extremely unlikely.
但是原著小说《冰与火之歌》(A Song of Ice and Fire)的读者们却十分清楚,剧情中确实存在一条时间线。尽管得好几年之后才能写到结局,但一个故事总会有始也有终。由此看来,目前正在第五季中上演的剧情正好为我们提供了一个绝佳的机会,能够一窥HBO制作方心中所计划的进度安排,而当前的剧情发展节奏远比任何人之前所预想到的都快得多。这说明了什么呢?说明我们很可能在第七季时便会看到《权力的游戏》的终结,即便在眼下看来这种可能性依然小到极点。

Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have previously hinted that seven seasons is their dream length for the series. Though they certainly love working on the show, they don’t want it to last forever and go on so long so that people are begging it to stop. This is in contrast to HBO itself, which has thrived having Thrones as its flagship prestige program the past half-decade so far, and they’ve said they would love to see at least 10 years out of the show. My idea was somewhere in the middle, ending the show at a supersized eighth season of about 13-15 episodes.
该剧编剧大卫·贝尼奥夫(David Benioff)和丹尼尔·威斯(D.B. Weiss)之前就暗示过,在他们看来,七季完结是这部剧集的理想长度。虽然他们对创作这部剧集的热情毋庸置疑,但他们并不希望它无止境地连载下去,乃至于冗长到观众反过来求着剧集赶紧结束。这与HBO本身的态度截然相反,该频道近五年来一直在努力将《权力的游戏》打造成旗舰剧集,他们曾表示将很乐于看到这部剧至少再延续个十年。而我之前估计的结果则差不多取中:由共含13到15集的加长第八季来为该剧画下句号。

Given the events of season five so far, it’s becoming clear that seven seasons is the most realistic option, as the show is now flying through two books simultaneously.

To this point, it has taken Game of Thrones four seasons to get through three books, splitting A Storm of Swords in half across seasons three and four. After that, getting through four books (two unwritten) in three years seemed impossible and overly ambitious.
截至目前,《权力的游戏》已经用了四季的剧情来讲述三本原著里的故事,其中第三部《冰雪的风暴》(A Storm of Swords)被拆分成了三、四两个季度。在这之后,要在三年的时间里讲完四本原著(其中两本尚未成书),看上去似乎可能性不大,几乎是异想天开。

Now I’m not so sure, as Benioff and Weiss are tearing through the plot with a hacksaw, and I don’t think they’ll stop until the series fits their schedule. What’s happening is that even though A Storm of Swords was a 1200 page book that was split into two seasons, they’re taking A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, 1100 pages each, and turning them into essentially one season-long collection of storylines.
但是现在我倒不那么确定了,因为贝尼奥夫和威斯正在把剧情大卸八块,我想在剧情发展没有完全符合他们的进度计划之前,他们是不会罢手的。现在的情况是,尽管《冰雪的风暴》一书长达1,200页并被分拆成了两季来讲述,他们却要把各有1,100页的第四部《群鸦的盛宴》(A Feast for Crows)和第五部《魔龙的狂舞》(A Dance with Dragons)拼凑压缩成一季的剧情。

Impossible? No, not when you’re master editors like the pair of them. Though I said they’re taking a “hacksaw” to the plot, that’s probably an aggressive choice of words, and rather they’ve been performing rather extensive, but clean, surgery on the plot. (light spoilers only ahead).

Five of the most significant plotlines which were spread out through both books seem on track to reach the end of their book content by the end of the year based on how fast they’re moving. That includes Cersei sparring with the Sparrows, Arya training to be a Faceless Man, Jon assuming command of the Night’s Watch, Tyrion traveling to Mereen, and Daenerys having trouble keeping hold of the city. It remains to be seen just how much will be cut from each storyline in order to fit them all into a single season, but so far, all are moving at a brisk pace and will likely leave out details from the books. Fans may protest that, but the showrunners have made that work before.
按照目前的势头,与第四、第五部原著里五条剧情主线有关的电视剧内容,似乎都将在本季结束时推进到今年底之前小说的最新情节。其中包括瑟曦(Cersei)与“麻雀”(指教会及其信徒们)间的争斗;艾莉亚(Arya)受训成为无面者(Faceless Man);琼恩(Jon)成为守夜人(Night’s Watch)的首领;提利昂(Tyrion)出发前往弥林城(Mereen);丹妮莉丝(Daenerys)在维持对弥林城统治的过程中遇到困难。为了将所有这些剧情压缩到一季里,每条剧情线还有多少细节会遭到删减,仍然有待观望,不过截至目前,所有剧情的发展节奏都很快,很可能会省略掉书中的许多细节。粉丝们可能会对此有所抗议,但是类似的事情制片方以前就干过了。

I have been most impressed with the plotlines Benioff and Weiss are outright combining. Jaime Lannister has been moved from messing about in the Riverlands doing nothing of note in the books to taking over Aerys Oakheart’s Dorne plotline which will be assuredly made more interesting by his presence (and he’s bringing Bronn along for good measure). But the crowning editing “jewel” comes in the form of Sansa/Littlefinger/Roose/Ramsay/Theon/Brienne/Pod all coming together in single storyline that combines three disparate sets of the characters who never met up in the books. Brienne and Pod will try to save Sansa from the Boltons after she’s promised to Ramsay, while Littlefinger uses the union to acquire more allies and power. Sansa will have to fend off Ramsay when he inevitably turns hostile, and may have to rely on old frienemy Theon for help with that. It’s a fascinating dance that takes seven characters and stiches them all together in a way that makes a surprising amount of sense. This is a prime example of how this “four books in three seasons” idea is even possible. The showrunners have done a great job editing the books to date, but now they’re taking things to a new level.
本人非常钦佩贝尼奥夫和威斯对剧情线的整合。电视剧砍掉了小说里詹姆·兰尼斯特(Jaime Lannister)在河间地(Riverlands)无所事事的那些剧情,用他代替亚历斯·奥克赫特(Aerys Oakheart)前往多恩王国(Dorne),有了他的参与,这条剧情相比会比原著更加出彩(他还为波隆[Bronn]这个角色带来了足够的戏份)。不过真正画龙点睛的一笔,则是将珊莎(Sansa)、小指头(Littlefinger)、卢斯(Roose)、拉姆斯(Ramsay)、席恩(Theon)、布蕾妮(Brienne)、波德(Pod)汇聚到同一条剧情主线中,将三组毫无关联、在原著书中一直没有过交集的角色结合到了一起。在小指头利用结盟获取更多盟友与权力的同时,布蕾妮和波德将在珊莎与拉姆斯订婚后,尝试把她救出波顿家族(Boltons)的魔掌。珊莎将不得不在拉姆斯不可避免地展现出敌意后摆脱他,届时也许只能求助于亦敌亦友的旧识席恩。将七个本不相干的角色整合在一起,并且据此创造出了极为合情合理的剧情,这实在是一段精彩的演绎。这正是“用三季剧情讲完四本书故事”的计划可能实现的绝佳例证。制片方在迄今为止的原著剧情改编上本就表现得十分出色,而今他们又要再上升到一个新的高度。

All of this is to say that yes, it does seem likely that by the end of season five, we will see 2200 pages of two books on screen, in some form or another. This will come with causalities, of course. I predict we will never see Stoneheart or Penny the Dwarf, and I have a hunch the Iron Islands plotline will be cut, and so might Old and Young Griff’s appearance. Though some of these are major items, they seem like the kinds of things Benioff and Weiss will edit out or integrate into the show in a reduced capacity at best.
以上说的这一切都是为了告诉大家:是的,看上去的确很有可能到第五季结束时,我们就会在电视屏幕上看到两本共2,200页的原著故事情节以某种改编后的形式呈现。这当然也会带来一些角色的陨落。我预测,我们将永远看不到石心夫人(Stoneheart)或女矮人彭尼(Penny the Dwarf)的出场,我还有种预感,铁群岛(Iron Islands)那条剧情线将会被砍掉,格里夫(Griff)“父子”恐怕也不会有机会出场。虽然这当中也有一些属于主要角色或剧情,但是看上去很像是会被贝尼奥夫和威斯砍掉的那类角色和剧情,或者至少被整合在缩减之后的有限篇幅里。

After that, the show has more freedom. George RR Martin will almost assuredly not release The Winds of Winter by the time season six has been written, and his seventh book will not be out for years after that. That means the showrunners don’t even have to cut fat anymore. They just consult with Martin for the broad strokes, and do their own “books” as seasons six and seven, and then end the show while it’s assuredly still soaring in the ratings.
在那之后,这部剧集将会拥有更大的自由空间。我们几乎可以肯定,待到第六季开始编写剧本时,原作者乔治·马丁(George RR Martin)还不会发售小说系列的第六部《凛冬的寒风》(The Winds of Winter),至于第七部更是在未来几年内都不会问世。这就意味着,制片方甚至不需要再砍掉什么路人剧情。他们只管直接向马丁咨询整体的故事框架,在第六季和第七季的剧本中创作自己的版本,然后在它依然雄踞于评分榜前列时果断收尾。

As sad as that makes me (and HBO), I understand what they mean about not wanting Game of Thrones to be some eternal experience. I think it could go on forever, as lord knows the universe is rich enough to spawn stories from it forever, but I also get that it doesn’t necessarily want to be The Walking Dead either. It is working toward very specific goals, and dragging its feet is only going to hurt the story. The Walking Dead can shamble on for ten years probably and no one will bat an eyelash, but I don’t know if Game of Thrones has that luxury given that it’s an elaborate puzzle that’s been constructed from the start that does have a solid ending in mind.
尽管这部剧的完结也会令我(还有HBO)十分悲伤,但我完全理解他们不想让《权力的游戏》变成一部长寿剧的用意所在。我想这部剧集是可以永久地上演下去的,因为我们的宇宙如此浩瀚,永远有的是故事可以挖掘。但是我也明白,这部剧集完全没必要变成另一部《行尸走肉》(The Walking Dead)。这部剧集的创作有着十分明确的目标,硬要拖住它的步伐只会破坏掉整部作品。《行尸走肉》或许可以继续拖上个10年,也照样不会有人为此皱一下眉头,但考虑到《权力的游戏》是一部精心铺陈的迷局,早在架构之初就已为最后的封闭式结局定下了基调,我可不确定它是否也能享受到这种特权待遇。

I still hold out hope that HBO will throw money at Benioff, Weiss and the cast to get them to stick around until at least season eight, but right now, judging by what we’ve seen in season five, they’re absolutely on track for their “ideal” seven season run.


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