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2015-05-06    来源:forbes    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

What Do China And 'Furious 7' Have In Common? Machine Porn.

- 15 days of play.

- Showing on 70% of China’s movie screens, with more than 90,000 show times per day.

- $324 million box office.

Those stats represent a milestone in U.S. box office history: the first time a Hollywood blockbuster has earned more money out of the gate in another country than at home ($320 million domestic box office). China, long the box office territory of the future, has surged into the now.

Projections are Furious 7 could hit $400 million for the territory over the May Day holiday weekend, leaving the previous 2014 record holder – Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” ($319 million) — a distant second. And that was the fourth in the Paramount Pictures’ “Transformers” franchise.
普遍预计《速度与激情7》(Fast and Furious 7)在中国的票房可能在五一小长假期间突破4亿美元大关,将2014年的纪录保持者——迈克尔·贝(Michael Bay)的《变形金刚4:绝迹重生》(Transformers: Age of Extinction;3.19亿美元)——远远甩到身后。而那还只是派拉蒙影业(Paramount Pictures)《变形金刚》系列中的第四部。

Also remarkable: the Universal Pictures film is the seventh installment in the Furious franchise, not the first, making its success an astounding phenomenon.
同样值得一提的是,这部环球影业(Universal Pictures)影片是《速度与激情》系列的第七而非第一部,因此它的成功更加令人惊叹。

Even better, Comcast CMCSA -1.33%-owned Universal can gloat that its poster child of impossible odds is more than just a unique moment in history – a curiosity-driven segment in the marketplace fueled by the last ride of the franchise’s beloved co-star Paul Walker, tragically killed in a car accident in November 2013. Make no mistake – it was and remains a critical draw because of him. Fans want to see their white knight ride off into the sunset for the last time.
这还不止。令康卡斯特(Comcast)旗下的环球影业沾沾自喜的是,这部出乎所有人意料之外的代表影片并不仅仅标志着一个独一无二的历史时刻——2013年11月,备受喜爱的联合主演保罗•沃克(Paul Walker)死于一场悲剧性的车祸,使该片成为他的最后一次银幕之旅,由此带动了一个由好奇心驱使的细分市场。毫无疑问,正是他成就了该片当初以及日后的吸引力。影迷们都想看看这位白衣骑士最后一次在夕阳中绝尘而去。

But it is not the only factor.

Everyone and their brother have written about this. But perhaps Rob Cain of China Film Biz website sums it up best:
大多数人都撰文讨论过这个问题,但其中当属“中国电影业务”(China Film Biz)网站罗伯·凯恩(Rob Cain)归纳得最为精辟:

Machine Porn.

It is number 6 on Cain’s list of factors that made Furious 7 a PRC (People’s Republic of China) record holder. In Cain’s summation:

“The right movie at the right time. ‘Furious 7’ is precisely the sort of big budget, effects-driven, Hollywood action spectacular that Chinese audiences love best. Sure, superhero movies are nice, but as the ‘Transformers’ franchise has amply demonstrated, what the PRC really wants is machine porn: movies featuring monster machines that race and fly and do gravity defying stunts to save the world. It had been nearly a year since the last such film in this genre, ‘Transformers 4’, had graced China’s screens, so there was a lot of pent-up demand for a film like ‘F7’ when it arrived.”

Makes sense for a communist country that’s enjoying the capitalist spoils of its industrial age. After all it gave us all those films with flying martial arts superstars, a wink to the latest obsession!

Yes, Cain’s list of factors also included: “The Paul Walker factor. Strong word of mouth. First-class promotion (with the significant support of investor China Film Group). Massive release pattern (as noted above.) And, an Advantageous release date (no Hollywood pictures competing for the PRC opening date)” – all of those genius marketing maneuvers.

What this all means is that any thought of Universal packing away this franchise because of Paul Walker or any notion that the rest of the beloved cast want to call it a day, is nuts. “There is absolutely no way that Universal is going to put this golden goose down,” insists Cain. “If the cast doesn’t want to come back, re-boot it with a new cast. Or, do a China spin-off with an all-Chinese cast.” That cattle call turnout would probably be something spectacular in itself! Cain also offers: “Do it with talking cars if necessary for goodness’ sake! Or call me” – he will have a treatment for you Universal.
这一切意味着,所谓环球影业因保罗·沃克之死终结该系列,抑或是其余备受喜爱的原班人马想要退出云云,这些都是胡扯。“环球影业绝不可能放了这只下金蛋的母鸡,”凯恩说,“假如原班人马不愿回归剧组,启用新演员翻拍就行。” 说不定海选本身也能成就一番风景。凯恩还提议:“再不济用会说话的汽车也行啊!不然就给我打电话。”他一定会把环球影业给说服了。

You gotta love a fan’s passion.

Now, for a box office analyst perspective: Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for the box office tracking firm Rentrak, says Furious 7’s strength in China and elsewhere around the world proves that film “is truly the international language.”
再从票房分析的角度看:票房追踪公司Rentrak高级媒体分析师保罗·德加拉伯迪安(Paul Dergarabedian)表示,《速7》在中国和世界其他地方的强劲表现证明,电影“确确实实是一种国际化的语言”。

“Whether you live Beijing, London or Boise Boise,” Dergarabedian notes, this “high-octane cinematic experience that the film delivers and the values of family, loyalty and integrity resonate with all audiences” irrespective of geography.”
“无论你住在北京、伦敦还是博伊西(Boise),” 德加拉伯迪安指出,“电影所带来的这种震撼观影体验,及其体现出来的家庭观、忠贞观及正义感能在所有观众中产生共鸣,它是不分地域的。”

Pull back and consider the international imprimatur overall.

Despite all the viewing options, “the continued growth and ongoing success of the international theatrical marketplace continues to stagger the imagination and inspire long-term success,” he adds.  “In 2014 box office revenues in China rose $1.2 billion to $4.8 billion, an increase of 33 percent over 2013. This makes China the first international market to cross the $4 billion dollar mark ever.”

And this ride – will not be headed for a sunset memory any time soon.


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