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2014-02-19    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

For years, Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour has been known for its vaulting skyscrapers, fireworks displays and stunning mountain vistas. Now, if all goes as planned, a site for the Chinese military may soon join that list.

On Friday, urban planners in the former British colony voted to pave the way for the construction of a dock for the People's Liberation Army. The approximately 0.3 hectares site will sit in front of the walled garrison the army maintains in Central, the city's main financial district, adjacent to Hong Kong's current government offices.

The plan faces significant local opposition: during a public consultation exercise last year, some 19,000 parties registered objections to the rezoning with the Town Planning Board, a government body. Some residents called the plans 'visually obstructive,' while others declared such a military presence would create a 'pressing feeling.'
在维多利亚港兴建军用码头的计划在香港本地遭到强烈反对。在去年公开征求意见时,香港城市规划委员会(Town Planning Board)收到了约1.9万份对该项目的反对意见。一些居民称该建设项目会“阻挡视线”,另一些人表示军事设施的出现会带来“压抑感”。

Though Hong Kong returned to Chinese control in 1997, tensions with the mainland are running high. Concerns have grown among many in Hong Kong in recent years that the territory's politics and free press are threatened by Beijing's authoritarian ways and that its streets are being overrun by mainland Chinese tourists. Over the weekend, scores of demonstrator marched through a luxury shopping district to protest the presence of the latter, who some locals dub ' locusts.'

'It seems we've gone from being one colony to becoming another,' said Katty Law, convener of the Central Harbourfront Concern Group, which lobbies against the military dock construction. Ms. Law is among the residents who registered an objection to the Victoria Harbour plan.
中环海滨关注组(Central Harbourfront Concern Group)的召集人罗雅宁(Katty Law)说,香港就好像是从一个殖民地变为另一个殖民地。罗雅宁也反对在中环海滨建军用码头。中环海滨关注组的目标是游说相关部门,以阻止在维多利亚港修建军用码头。

Under the terms for its return to China, Hong Kong maintains its own independent political, economic and judicial systems, but defense and foreign relations are handled by Beijing. The People's Liberation Army currently maintains several garrisons scattered across the small territory.

Plans for the site can be traced back to a 1994 agreement, prior to the handover. Hong Kong's government agreed to leave free 150 meters of permanent waterfront for the construction of a military dock in Central, the planning board says. The board says that the military zone would be only a small fraction of the surrounding overall waterfront open space, which totals 9.87 hectares of contiguous space. It also says that the development would be restricted to 5.8 meters, or 19 feet, in height and that the land would be open to the public when not in military use.

However, Paul Zimmerman, founder of nonprofit Designing Hong Kong, said he is concerned about public access to the land. 'Are you allowed to sit there and protest? Can you congregate? Do you have the right of recreation?' he said.
然而,非营利组织创建香港(Designing Hong Kong)的创始人司马文(Paul Zimmerman)表示,他对公众能否使用这一军用码头感到担忧。他说,会允许人们在那儿静坐抗议吗?人们能在那儿集会吗?人们有在这里休闲娱乐的权利吗?

Following the city planning board's decision, the plan will next be voted on by the city's executive council. In the meantime, those concerned about the plan may file for judicial review of the planning board's decision to try and prevent it from proceeding, said Mr. Zimmerman.
在获得香港城市规划委员会的批准后,修建军用码头的计划接下来将被提交给香港行政会议(Executive Council)进行投票表决。司马文称,在此期间,对该项目感到担忧的人士可能会申请对城市规划委员会决定的司法复核,以阻止该方案被继续推进。

For her part, Ms. Law said she believed the PLA was interested in a new foothold in Victoria Harbour solely for the location's symbolic and political weight. 'They want to establish their sovereignty and show that this site belongs to them. That's all,' said Ms. Law. 'Hong Kong people feel very bad about this.'

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