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2014-03-25    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

A weeklong standoff between Taiwan's government and protesters over a trade pact with China show no signs of easing, after antiriot police used water cannons to evict protesters who took over the cabinet compound Sunday night, and student groups called the public to stage an island-wide strike.

While most protesters were unarmed and resisted peacefully, a small group entered the Executive Yuan building by breaking windows, and ransacked several offices, destroying office equipment and furniture. Though the protesters cleared, the impasse between the government and protesters persists.

Hours after the eviction of the protesters, Premier Jiang Yi-hua held a news conference urging the public not to heed their suggestion to strike, as it could 'seriously impair the economy.' He also asked the students to end their occupation of the Executive Yuan--or the governing cabinet's building--and the legislature. Many supporters of the protest, some of whom are peacefully occupying the legislature, criticized the raid of the Executive Yuan building for smearing the nonviolent movement.

'If we don't pass the service trade agreement [with China], Taiwan's economic outlook will be grim. What bargaining power would we have to resist China's intention to take over Taiwan? The completion of [the trade pact is] also pertains to Taiwan's sovereignty,' Mr. Jiang said, offering the protesters a sit-down meeting to voice their concerns. However, he stopped short saying whether the government would consider the protesters' demand to retract the pact, restart negotiations with Beijing and install a mechanism to monitor cross-Strait deals.

Riot police cleared around 2,000 protesters from the Executive Yuan around 6 a.m. local time Monday, Mr. Jiang said. Eighty-seven of them were arrested, mostly for trespassing, and around 110 people, including more than 50 policemen, were injured during the overnight scuffle.

Local TV footage showed antiriot police, geared with helmets and metal shields, beating some protesters with batons. After several attempts to remove the protesters by grabbing their arms and shoulders, the police fired water cannons to disperse the unyielding crowd. The police had rammed through a human wall of protesters linked arm-in-arm to block the entrances of the Executive Yuan. Many of them also held their hands up to show they meant no harm, though police nevertheless hauled outside the Executive Yuan building.
当地电视台的画面显示,配备头盔和金属盾牌的防暴警察用警棍击打示威者。防暴警察曾数次尝试通过扭住示威者臂膀的方式来驱散示威人群,之后又发射高压水炮来驱散不屈的人群。警方冲破了示威者挽起胳膊形成的封锁行政院入口的人 。行政院大楼外很多抗议者高举双手以示意他们并无恶意,但还是被警方带走。

'I am deeply pained to see this is what the protest has come to. However, an invasion of the cabinet building is a matter of national security,' Mr. Jiang said.

The raid of the Executive Yuan started on Sunday evening after President Ma Ying-jeou rejected protesters' demands to retract the trade agreement made with Beijing last year. The deal would encourage economic cooperation between businesses in China and Taiwan and encourage cross-Strait trade flow.

Opponents of the accord criticize the lack of transparency in the pact negotiations. They claim the deal would force small- and medium-size businesses to compete with their bigger counterparts in China, which could hurt job prospects for people in Taiwan, especially for younger workers. Opponents also fear the deal would push Taiwan's businesses and investments to China, enabling China to exert more influence over Taiwan's economy and politics.

Despite the warming link between China and Taiwan, Beijing still considers Taiwan as a renegade province and vows to reclaim the island by force if necessary.

Speaking from the legislature building, which protesters have occupied since Monday, student movement leader Lin Fei-fan asked protesters at both sites to remain calm and rational. He stressed that the group that stormed the cabinet was self-mobilized, and that the group's actions don't represent the movement. So far, police haven't tried to remove the crowd at the legislative building, which is only a block away from the Executive Yuan. Mr. Jiang said he respects the expression of a nonviolent sit-ins.

Separately, in a legislative-committee meeting held Monday morning, where only members of the opposition party were present, the attending lawmakers agreed to table a proposal to restart negotiations with Beijing for review in a plenary session. It wasn't known why the ruling party members didn't attend the meeting.

Dubbed the 'Sunflower Movement,' the protest followed the unilateral passage of the trade pact by the ruling Chinese Nationalist Party, or the Kuomintang, during a first reading without bipartisan deliberation on March 17. Protesters interpret the KMT's move as retreating from its earlier commitment to the opposition Democratic Progressive Party to review the pact one clause at a time.
由于国民党于3月17日在初审中单方面通过了服务贸易协议,未经过两党共同商议,台湾学生发动了此次“太阳花学运”(Sunflower Movement),抢占了台湾立法院大楼。抗议者认为,国民党此举违背了其早些时候对反对党民主进步党(Democratic Progressive Party, 简称:民进党)所做的逐条审查协议的承诺。

This protest, which late last week numbered more than 10,000 participants, is the biggest student-led protest in Taiwan's history. It is also one of the most divisive demonstrations since Mr. Ma came to power six years ago, promising to build closer economic ties between China and Taiwan.

Many professors have publicly stated their support for the students, agreeing to cancel classes for the duration of the protest.

At least one major cross-border acquisition will depend on the fate of the trade agreement. Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd.'s planned NT$20 billion (US$675 million) acquisition of a 20% stake in Taiwan's midsize Bank SinoPac, announced in April, is pending ratification.
至少有一宗两岸大规模收购交易将取决于这次服务贸易协议的命运。中国工商银行股份有限公司(Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd., 1398.HK, 简称:工商银行)去年4月份宣布,计划斥资新台币200亿元(约合6.75亿美元)收购台湾中型银行永丰银行(Bank Sinopac) 20%的股权,该交易仍有待批准。

Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research, a government think tank, said earlier the agreement could add 12,000 jobs to Taiwan's services sector, with the retail and storage sectors among the biggest benefactors. It could also add around 0.025 percentage point to 0.034 percentage point to Taiwan's gross domestic product, it said.
台湾政府智库中华经济研究院(Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research)早些时候表示,两岸服务贸易协议估计将在台湾服务业创造1.2万个就业就会,其中以批发和零售业受益最大。该研究院还称,该协议还将带动台湾本地生产总值(GDP)增加约0.025-0.034个百分点。

These service sectors account for nearly 70% of Taiwan's GDP and employ more than 60% of the island's workforce, according to Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade.
据台湾国际贸易局(Bureau of Foreign Trade)的数据显示,服务业产值相当于台湾GDP的近70%,就业人数占总就业人数的60%以上。

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