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2015-05-29    来源:中国网    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


The China-Ireland relationship features time-honored mutual understanding and support, and the two nations have fostered a profound traditional friendship.

Beijing stands ready to work with Dublin on the basis of mutual respect and equality to deepen strategic mutual trust, strengthen bilateral communication and coordination on such major global affairs as peace, development and international governance, and achieve better and faster development of their strategic partnership for mutual benefit.

The two countries have agreed during the visit on a visa waiver deal for holders of diplomatic and service passports, we should further facilitate the two-way travel of businesspeople, students and tourists.




China and Brazil, as influential major developing countries, have deep traditional friendship, mutually supplementary economic structures and shared development strategy, and are both committed to developing the economy and improve people's lives.

China has always viewed its relationship with Brazil from a strategic and long-term perspective and appreciated the achievements the Latin American country has made in economic and social development.

I am confident of the development prospects of the Sino-Brazilian relations and look forward to exchanging ideas with Brazilian leaders on enhancing political mutual trust, deepen pragmatic cooperation and increasing cultural exchanges.

China is also willing to enhance coordination with Brazil on international and regional issues of mutual concern such as BRICS members cooperation, climate change, international financing cooperation and Sino-Latin American relationship in order to safeguard and promote the interests of emerging economies and developing countries.

I am looking forward to furthering this traditional bilateral relationship, promoting production capacity cooperation, and facilitating two-way trade and investment, in order to upgrade the overall cooperation between China and Latin America.


China supports its enterprises to expand investment in Brazil and share experiences and technology with their Brazilian partners. To facilitate bilateral cooperation, the two sides should further strengthen cooperation in the settlement in local currencies.

China is ready to work with Brazil to push forward China-Latin America Comprehensive and Cooperative Partnership and beef up strategic coordination within the multilateral framework of the United Nations, the Group of Twenty, the BRICS and the BASIC countries, to jointly safeguard the solidarity and interests of developing countries.


China is ready to work with Brazil to boost the diversification of economic and trade structures, deepen cooperation on production capacity, and boost exchanges and collaboration on science and technology, and education.

China is willing to discuss and explore the new “3 x 3” model with the Latin America side:

First, domestic demand in Latin America will be met through three passages of logistics, power and information.

Second, the rules of the market economy will be followed, and a cooperation paradigm will be devised for positive interaction among enterprises, society and government.

Third, three financing channels -- funds, loans and insurance -- should be expanded when focusing on bilateral projects.

China will establish a fund specifically for China-Latin America production capacity collaboration, which will offer financing of $30 billion in total to support bilateral projects on production capacity and equipment manufacturing.

China is willing to expand cooperation with Latin American countries in regard to aspects such as currency swap and currency settlement to jointly champion the stability of regional and world financial markets.


China will share its experience of holding the Olympics with the next host country through training personnel and exchanging technology. Wish the 2016 Rio Olympic Games to be successful.




Although the two countries are far apart, their economic cooperation has great potential, especially when Colombia is in a rebuilding process at the moment and is in need of infrastructure construction.

China is willing to see more Colombia soccer players and coaches come to China and help us improve in that field.


China's cooperation with Colombia and the broader Latin America is not only at the physical level but also at the spiritual level, and the latter merits even more attention.

China and Latin America both boast a splendid ancient civilization and serve as excellent models for the harmonious coexistence of different cultures, the two sides should continue to respect the diversity of civilizations.

The two sides should put innovative and valiant efforts to build a society where the people generate and share creative ideas so as to both produce material wealth and fulfill people's spiritual pursuits.

Bring to full play the role of literature as a potent medium of heart-to-heart communication, culture and literature exchange is an important component of international relations and an effect way to promote mutual understanding between different peoples.




China respects the culture of Latin America as well as the tropical forestry that has nurtured such a culture.

Despite their geographic distance, China and Peru have great potential in cooperation, and such cooperation will not only benefit the two countries, but also the Asia-Pacific region and the continent.


The enterprises should contribute to China's export of production capacity and equipment manufacturing to Peru, which will not only promote Peru's economic development, but will also promote China's export and industrial upgrading.

Chinese-funded enterprises should take social responsibilities in running their businesses overseas, consider local interests, stick to the green development path, create more jobs and maintain a harmonious relationship with local employees and communities.

The enterprises should support each other in expanding overseas operations, companies in mining and equipment manufacturing should coordinate with financial institutions to achieve common development.


Chinese civilization has many similarities with Peru’s Chavin and Inca cultures, including creativity, even though the two nations are in different parts of the globe. There is scope for China, Peru and Latin America to learn from each other to bring about more innovation and creativity.




Chile was the first South American country to establish diplomatic relations with China when the new China was founded in 1949. Chile also leads the region in signing free-trade agreements and developing relations with China.

My visit aims to strengthen the traditional friendship between the two countries, deepen mutual political trust and expand bilateral cooperation in various areas, including a free-trade zone, financing, production capacity, equipment manufacturing and infrastructure.


We are going to set up the first yuan settlement bank in Chile, the first of its kind in Latin America. In addition, we have decided to award 50 billion yuan ($8.2 billion) of QFII quotas to Chile, in a move to promote financial cooperation.

The two countries should advance the FTA upgrading, deepen financial cooperation to support production capacity cooperation between China and Chile and between China and the Latin America as a whole, as well as strengthen cooperation in industries where the two countries enjoy competitive edges and in infrastructure construction. He also called on the two nations to strengthen communication and coordination in regional and international affairs and boost people-to-people exchanges.


The expansion of infrastructure construction, as well as the equipment manufacturing that goes with it, is the answer to global economic recession.

I'm confident that given the huge potential of this region, Latin American countries will surely fend off all the downward pressures.

No great mountain can stop the river from surging forward. Cooperation between our two sides is not just supported by our traditional friendship, but also facilitated by favorable conditions. We need to work together so that our cooperation will be unstoppable, and such cooperation will bring great benefits to our people and provide a solid foundation for a better life of our two peoples.

China is prepared to join forces with Latin American and Caribbean countries to contribute in a small but meaningful way to the construction of our happy home and to work together for a more beautiful world.




China will continue to deepen mutual political trust, promote balanced growth of bilateral trade, expand two-way investment deepen exchanges on education, culture, tourism and other exchanges with Spain in the new decade of their comprehensive strategic partnership.

China attaches great importance to its relations with Spain and I hope the Spanish government would provide more convenience for Chinese companies and citizens in the Iberian country.


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