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2014-03-14    来源:FT    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

Hunt for missing aircraft shifts to Indian Ocean

The White House said on Thursday that the hunt for the missing Boeing airliner could shift into the Indian Ocean as the Malaysian authorities admitted they had made little progress.

Jay Carney, the White House spokesman, said that “an additional search area may be opened in the Indian Ocean” as a result of “new information”, although he gave no details about the nature of the lead and added that it might not be conclusive.
白宫发言人杰伊•卡尼(Jay Carney)表示,根据某些“新信息”,“可能在印度洋划设进一步的搜索区域”,尽管他没有说明新线索的性质,还补充说,它可能不是决定性的。

The US Navy said that one of the two ships that had been searching for the plane in the Gulf of Thailand, the USS Kidd, was now moving west to the Malacca Strait while India said that it was sending ships and aircraft based in the Andaman Sea to take part in the search.
美国海军称,此前在泰国湾搜寻失踪飞机的两艘军舰中的一艘,基德号驱逐舰(USS Kidd),正向西航行,赶赴马六甲海峡(Malacca Strait)。同时印度表示,已派遣常驻安达曼海(Andaman Sea)的舰船和飞机参加搜索行动。

At the same time, Malaysian officials said they had found no evidence of debris captured in satellite imagery from China and denied reports that the flight could have travelled for hours after contact was lost.

The admission, almost six days after the plane was lost, appears to knock down two of the most promising reported leads in a massive investigation that, in spite of involving 43 ships and 40 aircraft, has not yielded anything conclusive.

Hishamuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defense minister and acting transport minister, said that an aircraft from the country’s coastguard was sent to investigate potential debris shown on Chinese satellite images on Thursday morning. “We deployed our assets but found nothing,” he said.
马来西亚国防部长和代理交通部长希沙姆丁•侯赛因(Hishamuddin Hussein)表示,该国在周四上午出动海岸警卫队的一架飞机,搜寻中国卫星图像所显示的疑似碎片。“我们部署了我方的资产,但什么都没找到,”他表示。

Adding to days of apparently false leads and U-turns on information, Mr Hishamuddin then read out a statement from the Chinese ambassador to Malaysia saying the satellite images had been released “by accident”.

Nor did the photos show any debris from flight MH370, which was en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur early last Saturday morning when it disappeared.

Mr Hishamuddin, flanked at the latest daily press conference by the chief executive of Malaysia Airlines and the country’s civil aviation chief, also said that reports that the airliner had managed to continue flying after its last contact with air traffic control were “inaccurate”.

“As Malaysia Airlines will confirm, those reports are inaccurate. As far as Rolls-Royce and Boeing are concerned, those reports are inaccurate,” he said.

It had been reported, first by the Wall Street Journal, that the flight had stayed aloft and flown thousands of miles over about four hours after Malaysian air traffic control lost contact at 1.30am on Saturday.
此前《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)最先报道称,该航班在上周六凌晨1时30分与马来西亚航空交通管制中心失联后,在大约4小时内保持飞行状态,飞行距离达数千英里。

The WSJ cited US aviation investigators and national security officials as basing their belief on data sent by the airliner’s Rolls-Royce engines.

However Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, the airline’s chief executive, said that Rolls-Royce and Boeing – whose officials have been working on the crisis with the airline in Kuala Lumpur – “did not receive any further transmission beyond the last transmission that was done at 1.07am [on Saturday]”.
然而,马航首席执行官阿末佐哈里(Ahmad Jauhari Yahya)表示,罗尔斯•罗伊斯和波音两家公司“在(上周六)凌晨1时07分完成的最后一次数据传输后,没有收到任何进一步的数据传输”。这两家公司的人员近日在吉隆坡与马航合作展开调查。

It has also emerged that the US Federal Aviation Authority, the lead safety regulator for all US-built aircraft, had made operators aware late last year of a potential structural weakness in Boeing 777 aircraft that could lead to the aircraft breaking up in mid-air.

Mr Hishamuddin said MH370 had been “fully serviced” and was fit to fly according to engineering and maintenance records. All maintenance checks were “in order” and the last routine maintenance service was done on February 23.

Boeing said it could not comment under international rules governing air accident investigations.

Mr Hishamuddin added that local media reports that the Malaysian police searched the homes of the MH370 crew were not true.

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