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2014-04-21    来源:21世纪    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

Gardeners’ best indoor friends

From watering to fertilizing and other details, successfully keeping an indoor plant seems to be a troublesome affair. But succulent plants turn it into a fun and easy experience. These fleshy plants don’t require much care and can easily survive and grow.

The following are some hardy types that anyone can keep alive and thriving. Why not let these green plants decorate your room, clean the air and accompany you through your college days?

Snake plant

The Snake plant, also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue, needs little light to grow. Juliette Vass, owner of New York-based online plant store My City Plants, says it “can literally survive in a closet”. You can even just leave this plant in a pot for years, allowing the roots to multiply into a thick clump. It has long and variegated leaves with deep green centers and light yellow edges. Its flowers are small and white, but it rarely blooms.
虎尾兰还有一个好笑的英文名字“Mother-in-law’s Tongue(丈母娘的舌头)”,它只需一点阳光便可茁壮成长。纽约植物网店“我的城市植物”的店主朱丽叶•瓦什说,虎尾兰完全可以在壁橱里存活下来。
Care tips

Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Don’t overwater, because it will cause leaf and crown rot. It tolerates low light but performs best with medium to bright light. It doesn’t need fertilizer. Any normal room temperature should suit it just fine. Remember to prune out any damaged leaves so the overall plant looks better.


Sempervivum Tectorum and Echeveria Elegans share the common name of Hens-and-Chicks. They both produce “chicks” — small and identical plants that are slightly offset from the mother (hen). But they look different. Echeveria Elegans forms flat and flowerlike rosettes, while Sempervivum Tectorum’s leaves tend to be flatter and more-pointed. The availability of different-colored hybrids makes them the perfect paint-box plants.
Care tips

Fertilize three times in summer with balanced fertilizer. Propagate by removing offsets and potting them. Although they look tough, they are easily scarred if water touches the foliage or if bumped. The soil should be allowed to dry slightly between waterings, as overwatering causes rotting. Water very little during winter dormancy.






With long, pointed leaves, this succulent plant has medicinal properties and often appears on product labels. It has been used for centuries to treat wounds and sunburn. Some varieties can grow high and grand. But smaller varieties like the popular Aloe Vera, work great in small and sunny indoor spaces. There are sharp “teeth” along the leaf margins, so place it where it can’t be brushed accidentally.
Care tips

Allow the soil to dry out during soakings. Don’t let it stand in water and water only once or twice a week. Water it sparingly in the winter since it won’t dry up quickly. Keep it in direct sunlight or the greatest amount of light possible.

Jade plant

For those who love the good looks of a plant, the Jade plant is a great choice with its thick, lush leaves and visually interesting branches. It grows slowly and has the potential to accompany you far beyond your college life. This South African native is an old-fashioned favorite due to its easy-care characteristics.
Care tips

It does not require much water, so keep the soil somewhat dry. Keep it potted in terra-cotta for good air movement through the soil and to help balance the top-heavy plant. It prefers bright light and an ordinary room temperature.

Sedum Morganianum

Sedum Morganianum’s overlapping gray-green or gray-blue leaves can grow up to 3 feet (91.4 cm) long. It is shown to its best advantage when planted in a hanging basket where perfect drainage is assured. It also grows well dangling from a pot on a wall or balcony. As a native of Mexico, it prefers medium to bright light. Although it rarely blooms, pink or red flowers may appear at the end of the stems in summer.
翡翠景天呈灰绿色或灰蓝色,叶片层层叠叠,可以长至3英尺高(91.4厘米)。悬于吊篮上,其优势便展露无遗,因吊篮可保证最佳的排水效果。将它悬于盆上, 挂在墙上或置于阳台,其都能健康生长。这种源自墨西哥的植物喜好中强光。尽管很少开花,但夏天的时候,茎干尾部会开出粉色或红色花朵。
Care tips

Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. The leaves fall off with even a light touch, so keep it where it won’t be disturbed. Although it likes bright light, avoid sudden exposure to direct sunlight, otherwise it may cause sunburn. Give it a shaded location with filtered light.

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