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If you’re always on a diet but never seem to lose weight (or if you do, it goes straight back on), it could be time to change your outlook.

Here are 12 clever ways to lose weight without even trying…

1 fruit and vegetables before each meal
1 饭前水果和蔬菜

Eliminate the word ‘diet’ from your vocabulary. Instead, focus on eating healthily and ADDING foods. Fill up on fruit and vegetables and you’ll have more energy and won’t crave (or have room for) fattening foods. Eat a green salad or clear soup before each meal to fill you up.

2 take activity

Ban the word exercise too! Find an activity you enjoy – and do more of it. If you love walking join a rambling club, for example. Give new things a try – maybe you’ll love ice-skating, Latin dancing or playing netball? There are endless ways to be active without doing ‘exercise.’

3 change lifestyle
3 改变生活方式

To lose weight and keep it off you need to change your lifestyle – just do it gradually. Give yourself time to get used to one change (like cooking healthy meals from scratch) and make it a habit before making the next. Do too much too soon and you set yourself up to fail.

4 calories in drinks
4 饮料中的卡路里

You know how many calories are in the foods you eat – but don't forget about drinks. Fruit juices, though natural, are packed with sugar and what about those glasses of wine you had with dinner? Swapping to low-calorie wine or soft drinks, sugar-free cordial and herbal teas can make a huge difference to your calorie intake.

5 do something else
5 做其它的事

Do you eat when you feel stressed, emotional or bored? Next time you want to reach for the biscuits do something else - make a phone call, have a bath, or shop online for a new dress.

6 listen to an audio book
6 听电子书

If you find exercise boring listen to an audio book as you walk or pedal a bike. You can download thousands of audio books online or buy them on CD. Listen to an exciting page-turning thriller and you’ll be power-walking around the block in no time.

7 low-calorie food
7 低卡路里食物

There are plenty of low-calorie and low-fat versions of foods. If white bread is your weakness try swapping a loaf for low GI wholemeal bagels, oat crackers or crispbreads. You’ll find it easier to eat a healthier alternative than cut it out all together.

8 the amount of calaries

You didn’t gain weight overnight and you can’t lose it overnight. Aim to lose around 2lb (0.9kg) a week and make sure you eat more than 1,000 calories a day. Severely cutting calories lower than this will lead to weight loss in the short term, but will send your body into ‘starvation mode,’ which means as soon as you eat normally you’ll regain the weight – with interest.
在夜里,你不吃东西不会 增加体重,你不会失去它。目标是每周减大约21b(0.9公斤)并确保每天吃超过1000的卡路里。短期内急剧降低卡路里会导致体重的减少,但会使你的身体进入‘饥饿模式,’有趣的是-意味着当你正常进食的时候你的体重会反弹。

9 fibre,roughage,lentils

Are you getting enough fibre in your diet? Adding roughage will help fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer without piling on weight. Don’t like bran flakes? Try eating lentils in soup or mixed in with a salad. They are high in protein as well as fibre and contain zero fat.

10 measure your portions for a week
10 测量一周的份额

It’s easy to lose touch with what a portion should look like. Go back to basics and measure your portions for a week. Once you’ve weighed foods you will know how many calories a cup of rice/pasta/cereal contains – so won’t need to weigh it out every time.

11 have a glass of water

Start every meal with a big glass of water and you will feel instantly fuller. When you feel peckish have a glass of water and wait for 10 minutes. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger by the body.

12 the shape of plate
12 盘子的形状

Studies show that people who eat from smaller plates eat less than those who eat from larger plates. Eat from small bowls or plates, and only go back for more if you’re genuinely still hungry.

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