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双语:智能试衣镜 试衣间里的魔镜

2014-12-01    来源:财富网    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

双语:智能试衣镜 试衣间里的魔镜



Imagine you are in a changing room at a Nordstrom JWN -0.49% store trying on some clothes . You are looking for shoes to complete the look, or want to read product reviews, or maybe just summon an associate to bring you an item in a different color or size, rather than have to get decent again and go back out to the store floor (if you even decide not to leave).

At two Nordstrom locations, one in Seattle, the other in San José, the upscale retailer is about to provide customers with technology by eBay EBAY 0.02% to do just that: next week, in select departments at those stores, Nordstrom will begin to test full-length mirrors that, with the tap of a customer’s finger, turn into interactive screens, effectively creating smart fitting rooms.

The idea is to bring tech to an untapped part of a store where many customers ultimately make their purchasing decisions: the fitting room.

“The way customers shop for clothes has evolved,” Jamie Nordstrom, the retailer’s head of stores and former leader of its Nordstrom Direct digital business, told Fortune. “How do we take all the information that’s available to customers while they’re sitting on the couch at home browsing and add that to the dressing rooms, so it’s the best of both worlds?”
诺德斯特龙公司零售业务负责人,数字业务Nordstrom Direct前主管杰米•诺德斯特龙对《财富》(Fortune)表示:“顾客购买衣服的方式已经发生了变化。我们如何获取顾客坐在家中沙发上浏览衣服时看到的所有信息,并为试衣间增添这样的体验,从而结合两个环境下的优点?”

Getting the best of both worlds is the holy grail for retailers eager to take full advantage of their physical stores in this e-commerce era. Nordstrom, widely considered a technology leader among brick and mortar retailers, plans between this year and 2018 to have spent $1.2 billion on tech, including e-commerce, fulfillment centers, and in-store service enhancements, such as these connected fitting rooms. Last quarter, comparable sales at its department stores were unchanged, showing how important it is to keep pushing to get more out of each shopper’s visit to the stores.

And Nordstrom is not alone in looking for what’s next in retail tech. Bloomingdale’s, the upscale chain owned by Macy’s IncM -0.71% , recently began trying out smart fitting rooms, equipped with wall-mounted iPads rather than Nordstrom’s interactive mirrors, at five of its stores.
诺德斯特龙并不是唯一一家正在探寻零售技术未来的公司。梅西百货(Macy’s Inc)旗下的高端连锁店布鲁明戴尔(Bloomingdale’s)最近也开始在五家门店内测试智能试衣间。这种试衣间内配备了固定在墙上的iPad,而不像诺德斯特龙那样设有带互动功能的试衣镜。

“You have shoppers used to having all that content and help in the palm of their hand,” said Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL Strategic Retail. “Here, you have a literally captive audience, so there’s the opportunity.”
消费研究公司WSL Strategic Retail的首席执行官温迪•利布曼表示:“你的顾客已经习惯了使用掌上设备浏览这一切内容,并获得帮助。而在试衣间,顾客实际上无法随意离开,这是一个机会。”

While Nordstrom’s smart fitting rooms build on what eBay also recently developed for fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff‘s two boutiques, it is a more complicated project given how much bigger Nordstrom department stores are and how much more inventory they hold. And so in that regard, this test will be more telling of how the smart fitting rooms can be adopted by retailers broadly. Nordstrom won’t say how much of a roll-out it is planning—the success of these tests will determine that.
eBay不久前为时尚品牌瑞贝卡•明可弗(Rebecca Minkoff)的两家门店研发了智能试衣间,诺德斯特龙的智能试衣间正是来自于那次研发成果。考虑到诺德斯特龙的百货商店之大、产品种类之多,其项目也更加复杂。所以从这个方面来说,这次测试更能说明零售商可以在多大程度上采用智能试衣间。诺德斯特龙没有透露该公司计划将这种试衣间推广到多少家门店——这取决于测试成功与否。

Mirror, mirror on the wall-should I buy this?

In the Nordstrom smart fitting rooms, shoppers will be able to enter with items selected on the sales floor, along with suggestions from the associate. They will also be equipped with barcode scanning to identify what is in the store so if a customer needs an item in another size or color, she can see for herself if it is in stock and instruct the associate to bring it.

For eBay, the technology is yet another step forward in the capabilities it built for Minkoff, and before that for Kate Spade KATE -0.35% , for which the tech giant created an interactive storefront at four Manhattan stores that allowed customers standing on the street to pick merchandise, and place an order. The Minkoff stores have the ability to remember what a customer tried on during a previous visit, a capability Nordstrom won’t have right out of the gate.
对eBay而言,这项技术代表着为明可弗和凯特•丝蓓(Kate Spade)打造的产品在性能上又前进了一步。这家科技巨头之前为凯特•丝蓓在四家曼哈顿的店面中创建了交互式商铺,顾客可以在大街上直接购买商品并下单。而明可弗的商店则会记录顾客上一次来店内试穿的商品,这项功能诺德斯特龙目前尚不提供。

While one might think such a state-of-the-art technology and how it facilitates high-touch customer service would more suitable to upscale stores, eBay thinks the technology could work even in more value-oriented retail chains. It could takethe shape of a big screen on a wall on the sales floor, rather than a sleek mirror in a changing room. Indeed, Jamie Nordstrom said the tech could potentially work at the off-price Nordstrom Rack stores, though there are no firm plans for a pilot there.
尽管有人可能认为,这种顶尖技术以及带来的交互式顾客服务更加适用于高端商店,但eBay认为,在以价值为导向的零售连锁店中,这项技术也能奏效。它的形式不必是试衣间内的光滑镜面,而可以是销售区墙壁上的一块大屏幕。杰米•诺德斯特龙也表示,该技术可能会在Nordstrom Rack折扣店起到作用,尽管目前还没有在那里试点的确切计划。

The partnership with Nordstrom is also a way for eBay, best known by consumers for its marketplaces and PayPal payments service, to burnish its reputation as a retail tech innovator, including in physical stores, where more than 90% of sales still take place. Another new eBay initiative is the connected mall it has developed with Simon Property Group, SPG 0.24% consisting of an interactive mall directory that among other things, highlights events and deals happening that day. Growth in tech services will also help as the company gets ready for life after the upcoming spin-off of PayPal in 2015.
而对eBay而言,与诺德斯特龙合作也是一条出路。eBay以在线市场和贝宝(PayPal)支付服务为顾客所熟知,而作为包括实体店(目前仍有90%以上的交易发生在实体店)在内的零售业的技术创新者,公司的声誉又有了进一步提高。eBay的另一项创新,是与西蒙地产集团(Simon Property Group)合作建立的联网购物商场。商场中包含交互式的购物目录以及一些其他特色,能够突出显示当日的优惠活动和交易情况。在贝宝于2015年分离出去之后,技术服务方面的增长也能帮助公司重获新生。

“This is about us saying, ‘Hey, are we really just an e-commerce company, or are we really a partner to anyone who does commerce,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president of innovation and new ventures at eBay.


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