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2015-03-30    来源:en8848    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Do you want to get more sleep? Do you wish you had extra time in your day? Interested in generally enjoying the world around you? Then turn off your smartphone for a day. That's what I did this week, and let me tell you, giving up your security blanket - I mean iPhone - is liberating.

At 7:15 a.m. my alarm went off. Usually this would be my cue to grab my phone and start my morning Internet routine: Check work email. Reply to urgent work emails. Check personal email. Reply to urgent personal emails. Read morning news digests sent to my inbox. Check Facebook. Check Instagram. Check email one more time. Force. Myself. To. Get. Out. Of. Bed. Sound familiar?

Instead, it went something like this: Get out of bed. Take a shower. Get dressed. Make coffee. Open laptop. Read email, social media, and news while leisurely enjoying my coffee. Head to the office. Get there 20 minutes earlier, since I got out of bed 20 minutes earlier. Thanks to ditching my phone, my morning felt way longer and more relaxed.

But let's get back to that journey to work. My phone usually plays a big part in it. I call my mom on my 15-minute walk to the subway or listen to podcasts or music. This day I was faced with a solitary walk, free of distractions. And I liked it! I let my mind wander. I noticed the architectural details on the homes I passed. I discovered that on a clear day, you can see the very tip of the Golden Gate Bridge peaking out above the homes on my hilly street. My gut reaction: quick, where's my phone so I can snap a pic for Instagram? But instead, I had to enjoy it all by myself. The walk through my San Francisco neighborhood felt like my little secret.

Once on the subway train, the five-stop journey seemed surprisingly faster, since I wasn't frustrated with a podcast that wouldn't load or a playlist that stopped streaming when I lost service. I also wasn't reloading my email like an addict every time we pulled into a station.

The workday was pretty uneventful without a phone. I'm glued to my computer anyway and popped over to the deli across the street for a late lunch. It didn't give me much time to wait for my food without anything to distract me. I did have a semi-important call with someone in NY, but no phone. So, I used the Google Voice plugin on Gmail to make the call for free. And the Messages Mac app kept me in text-message contact with all my fellow Apple users. Gramfeed made it easy to browse my Instagram, and of course I had to access Facebook on my browser.

Getting through the day wasn't as hard as I expected, but come 6 p.m., I felt nervous about the commute home. I wore heels that day - but couldn't even think about calling an impulse Uber! Instead of popping in my earbuds in the elevator and firing up the latest Fresh Air on the NPR app, I was faced with a 40-minute commute, free of any personal entertainment. Instead, I grabbed the New Yorker that had been chilling on my desk for a month. Keep in mind: the text-heavy New Yorker and eye-candy Instagram sit on exact opposite sides of the attention-span spectrum.
度过这一天并没有像我想象的那么难,但下午六点,对于交换家庭我感到紧张。那天我穿了靴子 -但没想到那导致了错误!在电梯里没有了耳机也没有了广播航空电台里最新的航空新闻,我面对了40分钟的通勤,没有任何个人的娱乐。取而代之,我看见在我桌上被冷了一个月的纽约人。记住:忙碌的纽约人和你喜欢的图片在记忆力光谱里处于对立面。

I've taken the same subway route for five years now, but it seemed different. I felt like an alien visiting from another planet, observing a human society glued to their screens. Now unplugged, I noticed how bizarre it is to see grown adults walking around oblivious of the world around them, and dangerously close to the platform's edge no less. Bump into them, and they seemed jostled out of a social media- or music-streaming-induced dream. I thought, "Who needs Terry Gross when you have a fascinating anthropological experiment happening before your eyes?"
到目前为止,我已经乘同样的路线五年了,但似乎有些不同。我就像是来自另一个宇宙的外星人,贴着荧屏观察着人类社会。现在没有了障碍物,我奇怪的注意到成年人走着没有注意到周围的世界,危险的靠近台子的边缘。撞击他们,他们似乎在社会媒体外撞击着-或者是引起音乐激流的梦。我想,“当迷人的人类学实验在你眼前发生的时候谁还需要泰利  格罗斯?"

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