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Thank goodness for best friends! They are the only people whom you can truly be yourself around, and they don’t care if you have the occasional screw-up. In fact, there are things you can do with your best friends that you can never do with anyone else. Your best friends won’t care if you look or act silly, because chances are, they are doing it too. Here are 15 of the most unforgettable moments that can only be shared by best friends.

1. The Moment when You Say “I Love You” Just Before Hanging Up
1. 挂断电话的瞬间说“我爱你”

There are some people who you automatically say this to when you are getting off the phone. In fact, you may say this out of habit when you are hanging up from a conversation with your bestie.

2. The Moment when You Pee in Front of Each Other
2. 当你们毫无忌讳地一起解手时

There are only two people you can pee in front of once you are an adult: your spouse or partner, and your best friend. Of course, when you are with your friend, you are probably peeing together because you are both drunk, and there is only one available stall in the washroom.

3. The Moment when You use Endearing Names
3. 当你们称呼对方的绰号时

You may call each other names that others would consider rude, such as “bitch”, “weirdo”, etc., but this is perfectly normal in your friendship. You can insult each other without hurting one another’s feelings.

4. The Moment when You need a Therapist
4. 当你需要一个(心灵)理疗师时

The most important role your best friend can have is being there for you when times get rough, even when others shun you. Like a therapist, your best friend will not judge you. She will help you with whatever you are dealing with, and work with you to overcome your struggles. “In my opinion, from a mental health perspective, the most unforgettable moment that only best friends share is the unwavering, nonjudgmental, and always available ‘shoulder to cry on.’ The patients with mental health problems that I see who get better are the ones who have natural supports in the community, of which your best friend is your ‘go to’ person for support. So if you have someone who would give the ‘shirt off their back for you,’ you have a BFF,” says Carlo Carandang, MD, FAPA Psychiatrist from AnxietyBoss.
闺蜜最重要的一个角色是当你遇到难过的经历时,哪怕是被人排挤了;她会像理疗师一样,并不去批评你做的不好,而是和你共同面对你的问题直到解决它们,不论是什么问题。“在我看来,从心里健康的角度,闺蜜间共处的最难忘时刻就是毫不动摇的、不带批判色彩的,永远地为你准备好一个肩膀让你哭泣时能够依靠。“我所见过的心理健康有问题的人之所以能够从自然环境(而不是药物)得到治愈是因为他们拥有可以'投奔'的闺蜜。因此如果你有这样一位愿意为你倾囊而出的朋友,她就算是你的闺蜜了。”来自AnxietyBoss的心理学家Carlo Carandang说。

5. The Moment when You Start Snuggling
5. 当你们紧紧拥抱的时候

It’s totally normal if you like to snuggle with your bestie. You can snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie, or even cuddle in bed if one of you has had a bad day.

6. The Moment when You Don’t Knock
6. 当你不敲门就直接进去时

You know you are best friends when you can walk into each other’s homes without knocking. Your doors are always open for one another, and you treat her home like it’s yours, and vice versa.

7. The Moment when You Borrow without Asking
7. 当你不打招呼地借走某物时

Best friends are like sisters, and you probably borrow stuff from each other all the time without asking. You know that you are going to say “yes” if she asks, so there is really no need for her to ask, and she feels the same about you.

8. The Moment when You Send Ugly SnapChats
8. 当你们互发搞怪自拍时

You can brighten up an otherwise boring day by sending each other SnapChats of yourselves making ugly faces at the camera. The uglier, the better, because the photos are going to be hilarious. Of course, no one else is ever going to see them, so it doesn’t matter how bad either of you look.

9. The Moment when You Share Personal Information
9. 当你们分享彼此的小秘密时

When you start talking about bodily functions, gynecological appointments, etc., you can be pretty sure that you are besties with no boundaries.

10. The Moment when You Tell it Like it Is
10. 当你将想法直言不讳时

When she wants your opinion on something, and you are totally honest, is a true best friend moment. Don’t let her think you like something she is wearing if you really don’t. Even if she decides to wear it, she will appreciate the honesty.

11. The Moment when You have the Same Chats Repeatedly
11. 当你们连续地聊同一件事时

You talk about the same things over and over, analyzing each time for multiple perspectives.

12. The Moment when You Laugh at Each Other’s Embarrassing Moments
12. 当你们拿对方的尴尬打趣时

Your best friend is going to be the first person to laugh at you when you goof up. She isn’t being mean. She is just laughing because she knows you won’t take her seriously.

13. 当你们吃东西肆无忌惮时
13. The Moment when You Eat Whatever You Want

You and your bestie can eat loads of food together, and not feel like you are being judged for eating like pigs.

14. 当你们在镜头前亲昵时
14. The Moment when You Kiss or Almost Kiss for Photos

Besties can kiss each other and no one will think anything of it. Enjoy taking those Instagram pics, and show how much you love your best friend.

15. 当你发觉无声胜有声时
15. The Moment when You Discover No Words are Needed

If you can sit with your best friend in silence without feeling uncomfortable, you know you have a true friend. On a long trip, you can enjoy each other’s company without having to talk the whole time.

Do you have a best friend like this? Lucky you if you do!

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