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2015-05-05    来源:英语点津    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best post-grad advice they’ve ever received. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Your major doesn’t have to define who you are in life.

“As a liberal arts degree holder, the best advice I received from my dean was that my major didn’t define who I had to be in life.” — Es Tee Smith, Facebook
“作为一名文科毕业生,我从系主任那儿得到的最佳建议是:我的专业并不能决定我未来人生的方向。” ——埃斯·T·史密斯,脸书

2. The only thing you have to be is yourself.

“The best advice I ever received came from ’90s pop god, Ethan Hawke, in Reality Bites: ‘Honey, the only thing you have to be by the age of 23 is yourself.’”— courtneys61

3. Put on your big girl pants.

“My sassy grammy said, ‘Alex, you just gotta put on your big girl pants, put on some lipstick, and accomplish your dreams. You got this baby girl. No one can hold you down. And if they try to, give them a swift kick in the ass.’” — alexandralmarth

4. You have to jump.

“You’re going to jump alone, with no one else beside you. But you’re GONNA jump. Just remember you don’t jump the same as everyone else. Your timeline isn’t theirs. They might land a big dream job in a month, and maybe you’ll get yours a year from now, or even 10 years. But you will get there. First though, you have to jump.” — MelisCapozio
“没有人在你身边的时候,你需要一个人跳下去。你一定得跳。记住,你要跳得与别人不一样。你的时间线与他们不同。他们可能一个月内就找到了理想的工作,而你可能需要一年,甚至十年之久。但你一定会找到的。不过首先,你一定要跳。 ——MelisCapozio

5. “You’re now your own personal brand. Be sure to market wisely.” — Margaret Aprison, Facebook

6. No one really knows what they’re doing!

“The last week of classes before graduation I had a meltdown, and my professor looked at me and said ‘no one actually knows what they’re doing. All of these adults you look up to, and admire, they’re all making this shit up as they go. You’re not all alone in this big scary world. I promise.’” — lailar

7. You are your biggest obstacle.

“‘You are your biggest obstacle,’ spoken by the best teacher/friend I’ve ever had. She didn’t BS us but told us we are the only ones to blame if we don’t like our situation.” — lizv4367ed200

8. Despite your degree, don’t be above anything.

“Even though you have a degree, you’re not above doing anything. Never turn down a job because you think you’re too good for it.” — Sarah Marie, Facebook

9. Embrace the now.

“Everything is a stepping stone taking you on to bigger and better things, so embrace the ‘now’ and don’t get too worried that you’ll be stuck in one place. Those who are stuck in the same job are only stuck because they let themselves be.” — Lauren Keller, Facebook

10."Always try to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar."—lydiag43095082e

11. No matter what, save 20% of your income.

“An older lady on a plane told me right before graduating: ‘Whatever your job, whatever your salary, save 20% of your income. It’s the first step to success.’ Old ladies on planes always have the best advice.” — jpa46b8aa91e

12. Keep busy in between employment.

“If you’re having trouble landing a job straight out of school (like 99.9% of graduates these days), keep busy with things that’ll add to your resume: volunteering, internships, etc. It all helps, and it shows potential employers that you’ve got drive!” — Jessica Thi, Facebook
“如果你在离校后不能够很顺利地找到工作(像如今99.9%的毕业生一样),就不断做一些其他事情以充实你的简历,比如做志愿者、找实习机会等。这些都会对你未来有帮助,会使你潜在的雇主看到你很有干劲儿!” ——杰西卡·提,脸书

13. Newtwork.

“My graphic design professor said ‘it’s all about who you know, so network as much as you can!’” — carleyc48360faa9

14. Just apply.

“Apply for that job, even if you think you aren’t qualified or if it requires a big move you aren’t sure you want to make, etc. Just apply because you never know what might happen, but if you don’t apply, you definitely won’t get the job.” — rachelnydeng
“只管投简历,即使你觉得无法胜任也没关系,即使它要求你做很大改变而你并不确定想这么做,也没关系。不断投简历吧,因为你永远不知道会发生什么;但如果你不投,你就肯定不会得到那份工作。” ——rachelnydeng

15. There is no such thing as failure.

“There is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences. So learn from the mistakes you make and make time for the things you love.” — MelanieLocke

16. "No matter how you spend 'em...there's 24 hours in a day." —danyelllar

17. Prove. Them. Wrong.

“Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t. Prove them wrong.” — Justgaby3

18. Just breathe!

“The best advice I have received is to just breathe! Because when your mind is a puzzle of a million pieces going in all directions, we forget even the most simple actions.” — Wally Ann Wiscovitch, Facebook

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