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2014-01-09    来源:forbeschina    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

Forget Fingerprints, Your Face Is A Security Key

No system is unhackable. But to hear Hector Hoyos describe his company’s latest security offering, it’s hard to imagine cyber-intruders easily breaking through the barriers he’s created. He’s unveiling it to the world in Las Vegas at this year’s CES convention.

没有哪个系统是牢不可破的。但听了赫克托·霍约斯(Hector Hoyos)对其公司最新安全产品的介绍,你很难想象网络入侵者能轻易突破他所创造的这个屏障。他在今年的拉斯维加斯CES展(消费电子展)上向世界揭晓了此项技术。

Called HoyosID, the new product from New York-based Hoyos Labs is built around a free mobile app that uses biometrics to determine a user’s identity. In other words, by letting your smartphone’s camera measure the topography of your face, the micro-movements of facial muscles, pupil dilation, heat and light; your device can confirm your identity and act as a key to any number of security points in your life: phone, desktop, office, personal accounts, credit card transactions, etc.

这一名为HoyosID的新产品出自纽约的霍约斯实验室(Hoyos Labs),它围绕一款免费的移动应用构建而成,该应用使用生物识别技术来确定用户身份。换言之,通过让你的智能手机摄像头测量你的脸部测绘学特征、面部肌肉的细微运动、瞳孔扩张以及面部光热,设备就能确认你的身份。你还可以将其作为生活中任何安全关卡的解锁密钥,如手机、电脑、办公室、个人账户、信用卡交易等等。

“We are here to kill passwords,” Hoyos says.


For an organization like a bank, a retailer or a public or private company to use the system, it must lease servers from Hoyos that issue a different SSL security key every time a user wants to verify his or her identity. That key exists for the few seconds it takes to validate an identity and then is scrubbed. User data is never kept on servers. “Now (hackers) are forced to hack one user at a time,” Hoyos explained.


Could a hacker access a user’s biometric data and use it to fool the system? It would be tough because that data is stored only on the mobile device, heavily encrypted and accessible only by providing the biometric data the hacker is trying to steal in the first place.


When Hoyos demonstrated the product to me, I began calculating how one might fool the system. Could you pass off a photo of yourself and gain access? We tried and it didn’t work because a 2D picture has no topography (Google GOOG +0.15%’s Face Unlock app could be accessed through a pic from another smartphone, as Hoyos demonstrated). Could you create an accurate model of a user’s face? Pupil dilation and micro-movements would be missing. “But what about identical twins?” I asked. Twins have different irises, he said.


When Apple AAPL +0.6% released the latest iteration of iPhone the device came with a fingerprint reader. That security gate was hacked by German hacker group, Chaos Community Club, in about two days. Security testers — both professionals and, err, hobbyists — will likely try to crack the Hoyos ID platform when it emerges. We’ll have to wait and see how they do.

苹果发布最新款iPhone手机时,为其配备了一个指纹识别器。发布约两天后这一安全关卡就被德国黑客团体混沌电脑俱乐部(Chaos Community Club)攻陷。HoyosID出现之后,安全测试人员——包括专业人士和业余爱好者在内——很可能纷纷试图破解这一平台。我们将拭目以待。

Hoyos Labs intends to monetize the system when it becomes available this quarter by offering business-to-business and business-to-consumer models. The servers will be leased to organizations that want to use the system for 25 cents per user—a cost that increases with volume and with additional services like tracking, user flagging and more active monitoring of access activity.


Leveraging the ubiquity of smartphones is Hoyos Labs’ way of simplifying the security process. About 60% of people lose their passwords and pass code tokens can be broken. “One hindrance to the widespread adoption of biometrics to date is that people are hesitant to carry around another token to confirm their identities – it’s just one more thing to lose,” said Hoyos.


Hoyos isn’t new to the game: the multiple patent holder invented HBOX and EyeSwipe biometrics identity authentication technologies and founded Global Rainmakers, Inc. (later renamed EyeLock Corp.). He wouldn’t name the dozen or so companies and organizations currently implementing his ID system, but did say that they were Fortune 100 listers in the financial services, banking, media, insurance and health sectors.  So far Hoyos Labs is running on about $10 million in funding from friends and family. Let’s see if he can drum up some more interest from investors and customers at CES.

霍约斯已经不是这个领域的新手了:这位手持多项专利的发明家还创造了HBOX和EyeSwipe依靠生物识别技术的身份验证技术,并创办了Global Rainmakers公司(后更名为EyeLock Corp.)。他不愿透露目前正使用该身份验证系统的十几家公司,但表示它们都是财富100强上榜者,遍及金融服务、银行、媒体、保健与医疗行业。目前为止霍约斯的运营依靠的是来自亲朋好友的约1,000万美元融资。至于他能否在CES上吸引更多投资者与客户的兴趣,我们将拭目以待。

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