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2015-07-30    来源:未知    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Whether you are heading to exotic climes or spending your summer on a beach in the UK, there are certain things you can do to avoid getting hacked off as the temperature soars. When it comes to protecting your phone while on the beach, or making sure your valuables don't get stolen while you're having a dip, these 'beach hacks' could make the difference between holiday hell and holiday heaven.

1 Bring along some baby powder

Fed up of sandy skin after a day at the beach? Pack a small container of talcum powder to instantly dry out the sand that’s usually impossible to get rid of. At the end of the day just rub it onto your skin and it removes all the sand, perfect if you're just about to jump into your car.

2 Protect your phone in a resealable plastic bag

Keep sand and water out without having to leave your phone at the hotel by placing it inside a resealable plastic bag. Turns out you can even use the phone through the bag to keep it extra protected. You might want to pack an additional bag for your camera as well.

3 Disguise your valuables

In the run-up to your trip, start saving empty sun cream bottles and lip balm containers to hold your keys and money while you’re at the beach. Or hide them in a baby's nappy - it's unlikely anyone will stop to examine the contents...

4 Leave your flip-flops face down

When you ditch your shoes at the beach, take the time to turn them face down to avoid uncomfortably hot feet when it’s time to leave. It's just a little 'hack' but one that can make all the difference at the end of a long hot afternoon.

5 Use yoghurt to treat sunburn

If you’ve forgotten your after-sun and neglected to bring along some aloe vera, natural yoghurt is your new best friend. It soothes burns and is easy to come by for holiday emergencies. Perhaps wait until you've left the beach though....

6 Fight mosquitoes with baby oil

If you are after a budget alternative to horrible smelling/chemically intense insect repellents, you would do worse than applying creamy baby oil to your skin. It won't repel mosquitoes, but it will keep them from biting. The oil makes skin unattractive to mosquitoes and can also make it difficult for the little blighters to find a good area of skin to bite.

7 Make pockets in your beach towel

Stuck for storage? If your favourite beach tote bag is lacking in pockets, try adding some to your beach towel by sewing squares of material onto it. Might make for lumpy sunbathing however....

8 Be a lemon head

Use lemon juice to lighten your hair. No, it's not an old wives' tale, you really can give the sun a helping hand when it comes to hair lightening by adding some lemon juice to your hair before heading out; a definite money saver compared to salon highlights.

9 Keep laundry 'dryer sheets' in your suitcase

Keeping dryer sheets with your clothes not only keeps everything fresh, they also help to repel insects when you’re out and about. Leave some with your towel and reduce the risk of insects approaching on the beach.

10 Stock up on cold tea and coconut oil

Iced tea isn’t just for keeping hydrated - although that is a major bonus - it’s also great for helping out on sunburnt skin. Place it on your sunburn for a soothing effect. And if you don't like frizzy beach hair, make a mix of coconut oil and water and spray onto your head to keep it healthy. You could add a dash of lemon too.... 冰茶不仅仅是为了保持水分——尽管这是主要目的——不过冰茶这对修复晒伤也有很大帮助。将其涂抹在晒伤处,能够起到镇定的作用。如果你不喜欢在海滩上因缺水而被晒成卷发,那么用椰子油和水混合,喷洒在头发上,以保持头发健康。此外你还可以加入少许的柠檬。

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