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2015-07-31    来源:英语点津    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


They're some of the world's most beautiful sites, but that doesn't mean they're immune to criticism on the internet.

TripAdvisor, home to everything you need to know about travelling, lets users leave their comments about hotel stays, flights, tourist spots and famous landmarks.

Some are more cutting than others.

Great Wall of China, China- "too big"
中国长城 -“太大了”

Malky R: “if bricks are your thing you may or may not enjoy this (I didn't), if bricks and walls are not your thing best to avoid, if you can, too big.”
Malky R:“要是你对砖块感兴趣的话,你可能会喜欢这里,当然也可能不喜欢(反正我是不感兴趣),要是你对砖块和墙壁没兴趣的话,最好不要来这里,真的是太大了。”

OrlandoJunior: “I only could see the far portions of the wall in close mountains. People sitting on the ground, millions of kids running like they were in a playground, garbage everywhere, people smoking, eating and even sleeping on the floor!”

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris - "there's no elevator"
巴黎圣母院 -“没有电梯”

Shelman02: “It is ridiculous to 'sell' so expensive a famous interior view, and we had to climb 425 steps (no elevator in case children could not make it).”

Mimzam2014: “We got in free of charge but while we're in we were discouraged from talking and people were more interested in taking pictures.”

EiffelTower, Paris - "I don't get it"
巴黎埃菲尔铁塔 -“欣赏无能”

Drsuess2000: “I was hit by a beggar when I wouldn't sign her bogus sponsor sheet, she penned me across the face!!”

Biggeer: “Honestly it's a bunch of metal in a rather phallic shape. I don't get it and was not impressed.”

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco -  "It's the wrong colour"
旧金山金门大桥 -“有色差”

Erika B: “Many visitors and locals don't know this, but the GG Bridge is the #1 suicide destination in the United States. It is in urgent need of being made safe for folks who are looking for a lethal weapon.”
Erika B:“金门大桥是全美自杀率最高的地方,很多游客和当地人并不知道这一点。对于那些想找到致命武器的人而言,这地方亟需提升安全指数。”

Elmeryethel: “When we got there, my wife, Ebel, and I we unhappy to find the color of the bridge was not exactly as it was in all the photos in all the advertisings.”

Cristo Redentor, Brazil- "Just a big statue"
巴西耶稣基督像 -“就是个大雕像”

Feliceh: “I was excited to see this site. However after taking the tram up we could only see the feet as a cloud had descended.”

Cerrodragon: “Make sure its going to be sunny or you will waste your money. Other than that it’s just a big statue.”

AlcatrazIsland, San Francisco - "Where are the restaurants?"
旧金山恶魔岛 -“饭店在哪儿?”

alliwu0128: “It was sort of disgusting with fences and it was small! It should have restaurants and a sand beach like place to sit on! NOT Concrete!”

Lakemonster2014: “Should be turned into the Govenor's mansion. Just look at California's capitol Sacramento. Not a decent restaurant in the place.”

The Duomo Cathedral, Milan - "A pigeon ate my corn here"
米兰大教堂 -“一只鸽子在这里吃了我的爆米花”

JPDP: “I have seen over 50 cathedrals around the world so far, and Duomo Milano was by far the worst of them all.”

Shunyi L: “I was in front of the Duomo with my friend and a man suddenly grabbed my hand and started to put in it corn, a flock of pigeons started to fly towards me and eat the corn in my hand.”
Shunyi L:“当时我和一个朋友正站在米兰大教堂前,一个男人突然抓过我的手,开始往我手里倒爆米花,于是一群鸽子向我飞来,争相吃着我手中的爆米花。”

St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City - "Not for feminists"
梵蒂冈圣彼得大教堂 -“不适合女权主义者”

Mach42: “Incredible building but totally OTT decor wise - more gold and sparkles than a Mardi Gras parade.”

Sarah L: “Free to go in but a long line yet again. Such sore feet. Not a place for feminists, I won't say anymore.”
Sarah L:“虽然是免费但要排很长的队。脚疼得不行。这个地方不适合女权主义者,别的我什么也不说了。”

The Taj Mahal, India - "Like a fun house - that isn't fun"
印度泰姬陵 -“像是游乐园,但并不有趣”

bilbo42: “But as a TripAdvisor reviewer, I am warning you not to go inside. The outside is lovely. Inside is like a fun house that isn't fun.”

Superskinjen: “Don't do it. Don't even think of going at night unless there's a moon high in the sky at visiting hours.”

SydneyOpera House, Sydney - "A GOOD IDEA IN THE 60S..."
悉尼歌剧院 -“60年代去还不错...”

Sam M: “Only in Australia could you be ripped off as bad as this!!! Ridiculous prices for a boring building In a boring city!!!!”
Sam M:“只有在澳大利亚你才会被宰得这么狠!!!这个无聊城市里的一个无聊建筑居然票价这么高。”

Mastertusk: “It may have seemed like a good idea in the 60's but this Sydney 'icon' is past its use by date...”

Downing Street, London- "There was a protest in the way"
伦敦唐宁街 -“路上有人抗议”

Markharoldart: “It is a sad joke. Standing at one end with a crowd of other people nothing of interest to see - even if the PM appears - so what it is a person -big deal.”

Susanne09: “We could not get very close at all. My English husband very disappointed. There was a protest march on as well.”

Houses of Parliament, London - "Ruined by politicians"

LYNNE R: “Totally spoilt by the "people" inside. The only good thing about the building is that you get an excellent photo of Big Ben outside of the place.”
LYNNE R:“完全被里面的政客毁了。这个建筑唯一的亮点便是你能在外面给大本钟拍张完美的照片。”

Ken87_12: “It was alright, I suppose I should care, I'm british... But it was boring, it was amazing that Mr. Fawks almost blew it up and we now have bonfire night... I suppose.”

Niagara Falls, US- "Garbage"

angel_62106: “Pure Garbage Pure Garbage Pure Garbage. This is a huge rip off. It makes you think that you’r going inside but really it’s the back of a hotel painted.”

sub z: “Idiots only turn the lights on at night from 8:30PM to 10PM. ”
sub z:“这帮白痴只在晚上八点半到十点开灯。”

Statue of Liberty, New York - "Just another statue"

Pnlop: “Lady Liberty sure is beautiful, but she's not worth spending your whole day waiting in a queue with rude people coming regularly to tell you to "follow this line" or to "move along there" or "not to do that" or to "hurry up". “

hjammer j: “it was bad cause I don’t like the sight its just a statue.”
hjammer j:“太糟了,我不喜欢那儿的景色,而自由女神只是座雕像。”

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt - "Ruined by the locals"

Oct2005: “I didn't have any time to just look and take it all in as I spent my time running away from the constant hassel of the sellers. My boyfriend even got punched in the back by a small child because he wouldn't buy a postcard.”

Astleyduo: “I would like to say that my visit here was completely ruined by the awful local people that are allowed to hijack this place.”

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC - "Just a statue"

Jenna P, California: “While the Memorial is breathtaking, the trash surrounding it was awful. Trash was everywhere. I asked workers about it and they said trash is only picked up twice a day. I was appalled and disappointed that that is how I will remember the Lincoln Memorial.”
Jenna P, California:“纪念堂的确令人叹为观止,但周围的垃圾真的很讨厌。到处都是垃圾,我询问工人,他们说垃圾一天只收两次。这便将是我对林肯纪念堂的唯一记忆了,我很震惊和失望。”

Jamie A, New York: Titled ‘Just a statue’ Jamie said: “It was cool to see once and to walk around the area, but it didn't get me too excited. It's not really my thing.”
Jamie A, New York:Jamie在标题为“只是一座雕像”的评论中说:“看一次这里,在附近走一走是挺不错的,但是并没有让我多兴奋。真的不是我的菜。”

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