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2015-10-10    来源:外交部网    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


携手加强合作 实现共同发展
Join Hands to Strengthen Cooperation for the Realization of Common Development

– Address by Special Representative of the Chinese Government, Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong, at the 39th Annual Session of Foreign Ministers of G77



Ms. Chairwoman,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to attend the 39th annual session of foreign ministers of G77 and China. First of all, on behalf of the Chinese government, I would like to express deep condolences to the victims of the stampede in Mecca, and sincere sympathies to the bereaved families.

The year 2015 is an extraordinary year as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, reaffirm our strong conviction in peace and development, review the historic process of implementing the MDGs, demonstrate our determination to eradicate poverty, formulate the Post-2015 Development Agenda and make plans for the development of mankind for a beautiful future.

By deepening coordination, adhering to common positions, speaking with one voice and taking a constructive part in the activities of the United Nations in the economic and social fields, G77 and China have over the past year vigorously defended the common interests of developing countries in the context of financing for development, sustainable development, and climate change, among others, and pushed the United Nations to move in a direction favorable to developing countries. We thank South Africa for the contribution it has made as Chairman of G77 and congratulate Thailand on its election as Chairman of the Group for 2016.

Ms. Chairwoman,

At present, the recovery of the world economy is slow and the basis for growth fragile. Some of the long-term structural problems that affect economic performance are still there. In the field of development, both developing and developed countries are confronted with various problems of their own. In the new situation, we need to find new spots of growth for the world economy and inject new impetus in international cooperation for development so as to help all countries to achieve transformation and upgrading on the road to a more just, inclusive and sustainable development.

Developing countries are important participants and facilitators in the global cause of development. We should take the 70th anniversary of the United Nations as a new starting point, turn the implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda into a new opportunity, deepen and further renew the partnership for development, attain a higher level of development and increase the overall strength of developing countries with a view to contributing to the global cause of development as we should.

We should implement the Post-2015 Development Agenda in a comprehensive manner. As the Summit for Development is about to open, the follow-up and the implementation of the development agenda will ensue. It is important that all countries translate political will into practical actions, mobilize all resources and step up international cooperation in order to ensure an effective implementation of the sustainable development goals. We should take upon ourselves the responsibility for the development of our own countries by incorporating the Post-2015 Development Agenda into domestic development strategies and striving for a balanced development in the economic, social and environmental fields. We should continue to deepen coordination and collaboration, adhere to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, keep the ownership for follow-up and implementation in our own hands and find a path of development that suits our own national conditions.

We should continue to deepen South-South cooperation. As North-South cooperation remains to be the main channel of global cooperation for development, we should keep urging developed countries to honor their commitment to providing support to developing countries in the fields of finance, technology and capacity building. South-South cooperation, as a useful complement to North-South cooperation, has been growing rapidly in recent years through numerous emerging mechanisms. We must seize this opportunity and tap its potentials so as to bring it to a new height with frog-leap development. It is imperative to strengthen coordination of development policies and deepen the exchanges and sharing of experience for the purpose of achieving common progress by way of learning from each other. It is also necessary to bring into full play our comparative advantages and enhance cooperation in a pragmatic manner for the sake of reaping win-win results by way of helping each other.

We must pursue new development for G77. As glorious a history as G77 had, it has an even more splendid future. Last year, this Group celebrated its 50th birthday. We must fully implement the declaration entitled “For a New World Order for Living Well” adopted then at the Group’s Summit by working in synergy towards shared goals and making G77 bigger and stronger. We should closely follow on world economic, financial and trade issues and improve communication and coordination mechanism so as to speak with one voice in a timely manner and exert positive influence on global affairs. In addition, we need to respect each other, seek common grounds while shelving our differences, always bear in mind the collective aspiration of developing countries and the Group’s solidarity and interests as a whole.

We must support a greater role of the United Nations in global governance. The United Nations, being the most authoritative and representative inter-governmental organization, is the major platform for G77 to take part in global governance and promote multilateralism. We must take a clear-cut stand in safeguarding the UN authority and stature and advocating for its greater role in global governance. We must support the UN role in leading the implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, integrating development resources, coordinating the UN specialized agencies and providing policy and intellectual support to member states. Furthermore, we must speed up reforms in the economic and social field and improve the efficiency and execution of the United Nations so that it can better adapt to the needs of international development cooperation.

Ms. Chairwoman,

Right now, the Chinese people are united as one in their efforts to achieve “Two Centenary Goals” and make true the Chinese dream of the great renewal of the Chinese nation. As China’s economic development moves into a new normal, its economy has maintained a mid-to-high growth rate. On the whole, China’s economic situation and performance are good. We are full of confidence in China’s economic prospects. Using development as a tool for solving problems encountered in the course of moving forward, the Chinese government will continue to deepen reform by further opening up and constantly optimizing and upgrading the economy so as to keep the economy growing in a sustained and sound manner.

As the largest developing county in the world, China has always been a sincere friend and reliable partner of other developing countries. In the pursuit of its own development, China remains committed all the time to helping other developing countries in their efforts to improve their economy and living standard. In order to join hands with other developing countries for an effective implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, Chinese President Xi Jinping and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will co-chair a high-level roundtable on South-South cooperation during the Summit for Development to review the success story of South-South cooperation and plan for its future development. I am confident that the roundtable will open a new chapter for South-South cooperation and give new impetus to developing countries’ efforts to implement the Post-2015 Development Agenda and achieve common prosperity.

In 2016, China will host the G20 summit. As the largest developing country, China gives greater importance to development and the common interests of developing countries including members of G77 than any previous chairman of G20. At present, China is working on possible thematic items for next year’s summit. China will list development as one of the priority items and push for G20 to take the lead in implementing the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and strengthen cooperation to provide more support to developing countries in the fields of infrastructure, connectivity, food security, industrial development, employment, trade, energy and public health, among others. China has a profound understanding of the interests and aspirations of developing countries and will make preparations for the summit in an open, transparent, democratic and inclusive manner that will allow close communication with developing countries so that G20 will make a greater contribution to the international cause of development.

Ms. Chairwoman,

China attaches great importance to G77 and treasures the G77 and China mechanism. For more than twenty years, we have stood together through thick and thin, speaking out for justice in international affairs, and cooperating with and supporting each other in the multilateral field of economic development. Working together to uphold justice, we have effectively safeguarded the common interests of developing countries and played an irreplaceable role in promoting a fair and rational international economic order, and in the course of it, we have developed a profound friendship among us.

We are ready to join the members of G77 in an untiring effort to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries and promote win-win cooperation on the basis of equality and coordination.

Thank you.

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