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2015-02-03    来源:fmprc.gov.cn    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on December 18, 2014

At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi of the Arab Republic of Egypt will pay a state visit to China from December 22 to 25.

Q: First, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the return of Macau, how does China assess the development of Macau? What kind of role has Macau played in promoting cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries? Second, with the increasingly close cooperation between China and Portugal in economy and trade, China has become a main investor in Portugal. Does the Chinese side owe this to the successful settlement of the Macau Question between China and Portugal?

A: Since the return of Macau 15 years ago, the principles of "one country, two systems", "Macau people administrating Macau" with a high degree of autonomy have been fully implemented in the Special Administrative Region (SAR). The Chinese central government acts in strict accordance with the Basic Law of Macau and firmly supports the SAR government headed by the Chief Executive in governing according to law. With the concerted efforts of the SAR government and all sectors of the society, Macau has achieved impressive development, maintained political stability, economic growth and social harmony, deepened exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries and increased its popularity and influence around the world.

The relationship between Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries has been developing smoothly over the past 15 years, playing a unique and positive role for the development of economic cooperation and trade between mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries. Since the establishment of the Forum for Economic Cooperation and Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries in Macau in 2003, four ministerial meetings have been held. The forum has played an important role in enhancing economic exchanges between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and driving the common development of mainland China, Portuguese-speaking countries, and Macau. Macau is gaining more and more influence, serving as the platform for commercial cooperation and trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The Foreign Ministry of China will do its best, as it always does, to support the SAR in carrying out foreign exchanges and cooperation, and building a service platform for commercial cooperation and trade between China and Portugal. It will create a sound external environment for the long-term prosperity and stability of the SAR.

The Chinese government and the Portuguese government properly resolved the Macau Question which was left over from history based on friendly consultation 15 years ago, representing a new milestone in the history of China-Portugal relations. The smooth transfer of sovereignty over Macau and the stability, development and harmony of Macau over the past 15 years should be attributed to the sound cooperation between China and Portugal. Macau's development also works in a positive way to drive the growth of China-Portugal relations. That is one important reason why China and Portugal are enjoying smooth cooperation in economy, trade and other fields, as you have just said. Portugal is a country of amicable relations with China. We regard Portugal as China's good friend and partner in Europe. China stands firmly behind Portugal when the financial crisis and the sovereign debt crisis were wreaking havoc a few years ago. The two sides also discovered new growth points of cooperation in the course of that. We are ready to work together with the Portuguese side to constantly advance the friendly relationship of cooperation between the two countries.

Q: Given the sharp plunge of ruble over recent days, western media have come to a conclusion that the Russian economy has collapsed and painted a bleak picture of the Moscow Administration. It is said that the Chinese side will offer support to Russia due to geopolitical reasons. What is China's comment on that? Will the Chinese side provide support to Russia through mechanisms such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)?

A: The Chinese side has noted the recent fluctuation of the ruble exchange rate as well as all kinds of measures taken by the Russian government to stabilize the foreign exchange market. Russia has a rather abundant reserve of foreign exchanges, and a low ratio of public debt to the GDP among G20 members, not to mention its rich resources and good industrial foundation. We believe that Russia is capable of surmounting the current temporary difficulty.

The slow and sluggish recovery of global economy has posed a big downward pressure on the economy of SCO members. The SCO is not only an organization to safeguard regional security and stability, but also an important platform for all members to pursue common development. Economic cooperation is also one of the three pillars of the SCO. Facing the new economic landscape of the region and the world, SCO members share a will which is to enhance practical cooperation between each other and work hand in hand to achieve economic stability and growth in each and every country in the region. Just a few days ago, leaders of SCO member states reaffirmed this consensus and arrived at new and important agreement at the prime ministers' meeting of the SCO member states in Astana. The Chinese side always stands for practical cooperation among SCO members. We have put forward a China-Eurasia economic cooperation fund for SCO members, observers and dialogue partners. The first round of program selection will be held soon. The "Silk Road Fund" set up by China will consider actively about cooperation programs under the SCO framework.

In short, we are ready to work with all SCO members to step up economic cooperation, promote economic restructuring and upgrade, and explore new growth points of cooperation so as to achieve common development and stability.

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