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2015-04-13    来源:fmprc.gov.cn    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on April 9, 2015

At the invitation of Secretary Nikolai Patrushev of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, State Councilor Guo Shengkun will attend the 10th meeting of security council secretaries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Russia and visit Russia from April 12 to 15.

At the invitation of Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Foreign Minister Wang Yi will pay an official visit to South Africa from April 14 to 15.

Q: US President Barack Obama said yesterday that he was concerned that China was using its "sheer size and muscle" to push around smaller nations in the South China Sea. How do you respond to these comments?

A: Speaking of "size and muscle", I believe everyone knows well who has the largest "size and muscle" in the world.

We have stated on many occasions the position of the Chinese side on the South China Sea issue. China firmly upholds and promotes peace and stability of the South China Sea. We strongly advocate and stand for the proper resolution of the South China Sea issue with the dual-track approach. China and ASEAN countries are in positive and effective communication to fully implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) and advance the negotiation on the code of conduct in the South China Sea (COC). It is hoped that the American side would respect the efforts made by China and ASEAN countries and play a positive, constructive and responsible role for regional peace and stability.

Q: US President Obama said that US relationship with other countries in America is the best it has been in decades, as he headed to a summit of the Organization of American States (OAS). The first Ministerial Meeting of the China-CELAC Forum was held successfully in China at the beginning of this year. Some media say that China seems to be wrestling with the US in Latin America and the Caribbean. What is China's comment on that?

A: The constant and in-depth growth of Sino-Latin American and Caribbean relations over recent years has brought tangible benefits to people from both sides and promoted peace, stability and development of the region and the world. President Xi Jinping visited Latin America and the Caribbean and attended the first China-Latin American and Caribbean Countries Leaders' Meeting in July 2014. The two sides announced to build a comprehensive and cooperative partnership featuring equality, mutual benefit and common development and decided to establish the China-CELAC Forum. The first Ministerial Meeting of the China-CELAC Forum was held successfully in Beijing in January this year, representing that the relationship between China and Latin American and Caribbean countries has entered a new stage where overall cooperation and bilateral cooperation go hand in hand and reinforce each other.

China, Latin American and Caribbean states are all developing countries whose common interests and mutual needs lead to the expansion of cooperation. As part and parcel of South-South cooperation, collaboration between the two sides follows the principle of equality, mutual benefit, openness, inclusiveness and win-win outcomes. It does not target, exclude or impact their respective relations with other countries. The Chinese side welcomes further development of relationship between the US and Latin American and Caribbean states based on mutual respect and non-interference in each other's domestic affairs. It is hoped that the OAS summit would make positive contributions to stability and development of the Western Hemisphere.

Q: Please give us more details about State Councilor Guo Shengkun's visit to Russia and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to South Africa.

A: During the 10th meeting of security council secretaries of the SCO, State Councilor Guo Shengkun will attend activities including small group and expanded meetings, and exchange views with relevant parties on a wide range of issues such as enhancing law enforcement and security cooperation under the SCO framework and jointly safeguarding regional security and stability. During his visit to Russia, State Councilor Guo Shengkun will hold talks with Secretary of the Russian Security Council Patrushev, meet with heads of Russian law enforcement and security organs and have in-depth exchange of views with them on deepening China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and stepping up bilateral cooperation on law enforcement and security.

During Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to South Africa, he will meet with South African leaders and hold talks with Foreign Minister Mashabane. There are two topics on top of Foreign Minister Wang Yi's agenda. The first one is to implement the outcomes of mutual visits by the heads of state of the two countries as well as the China-South Africa 5-10 Year Framework on Cooperation, so as to promote friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries in various fields. The second one is to communicate and consult with the South African side about preparations for the sixth ministerial meeting of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum and lay the groundwork for the success of the meeting.

Q: The Ukraine parliament yesterday voted in favor of the legislation that bans the propaganda of communism. Will that affect the relationship between China and Ukraine?

A: I have not seen the report you mentioned, and I am not aware of that.

China and Ukraine are countries enjoying traditional friendship. The continuous development of mutually beneficial and friendly cooperation between the two countries serves their common interests.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China)

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