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2015-07-13    来源:fmprc.gov.cn    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on July 10, 2015

Q: What is China's comment on the ongoing negotiation on the Iranian nuclear issue? Is China confident about reaching a comprehensive agreement?

A:With joint efforts from all parties concerned, the negotiation continues to make progress. Despite some ups and downs, the on-going talks are intensive and serious and all parties are actively working for a package solution to the Iranian nuclear issue.

We hope that all parties can bolster their confidence, maintain the momentum of the ongoing talks, and strive to reach consensus and seal an equitable, balanced and comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue at the earliest possible date. China stands ready to make positive efforts to that end.

Q: Thailand confirmed that over 100 Uyghurs who are Chinese nationals illegally staying in Thailand have been deported to China. The US, Turkey and other countries asked China and Thailand to abide by international norms, and urged Thailand to stop deporting refugees and allow the remaining to be deported voluntarily to countries of their own choice. What's China's response to that?

A: For a period of time, China and Thailand have found that some Chinese citizens of ethnic minority groups went to Thailand through various channels and illegally stayed there. Collaborative investigation shows that those people are illegal smugglers and immigrants. Illegal smuggling and immigration by holding falsified passports or by other means is an universally-acknowledged crime, which severely undermines the normal international order of exit and entry. The deportation of these illegal smugglers agreed by China and Thailand according to relevant international conventions and bilateral cooperation treaties is normal cooperation between countries on combating illegal smuggling and immigration. It is also due international responsibility and obligation of all countries.

Some foreign governments and forces, in disregard of the aforementioned facts, refer to these illegal immigrants as "refugees", wantonly criticize the normal law enforcement cooperation on combating illegal immigration between China and Thailand, and even politicize this issue. It is not only a connivance of illegal immigration and smuggling, but also a violation of relevant international conventions and law,which is detrimental to the global efforts in combating illegal immigration and smuggling. We will by no means accept this.

We strongly condemn the recent violent assaults against Chinese and Thai citizens and institutions in Turkey. China pays great attention to the Turkish government's statement that no one is allowed to engage in activities that harm China's interests on the Turkish soil. We urge Turkey to follow rigorously relevant international conventions and take concrete and effective measures to protect the safety and lawful rights and interests of diplomatic missions and personnel of China and other countries in Turkey.

I want to reaffirm that there are certain forces that attempt to interfere in China's internal affairs and undermine China's security and stability under the pretext of the so-called religious and ethnic issues. China is firmly opposed to these attempts, and they will never prevail.

Q: Recently there are allegations from Washington that Chinese hackers are responsible for security hackings into the US Office of Personnel Management. What is China's comment?

A: We have stated the Chinese government's principle and position on the issue of cyber security many times. All parties should adopt a constructive attitude on this issue. It is imperative to stop groundless accusations,step up consultations to formulate an international code of conduct in cyberspace and jointly safeguard peace, security, openness and cooperation of the cyber space through enhanced dialogue and cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect.

Q: In recent years, the Chinese navy has been conducting exercises and visiting ports in the Indian Ocean more frequently, a move that has raised concerns from India. The Indian government is deploying more aircrafts and ships to the Andaman Islands as a response. What is China's comment? Should India worry about China's strategic intentions in the Indian Ocean? What role does the Indian Ocean play in China's own national security?

A:Your question is logically flawed. With ever-deepening ties and expanded cooperation in various fields between China and South Asian countries, there are also increased friendly exchanges in the military field. It is an international practice for some Chinese naval missions to visit ports of other countries and have stops and supplies there, which is also conducive to regional peace and stability.

In fact, China maintains a sound and rapid momentum of development with South Asian countries in recent years, including India. President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Modi just had a friendly and constructive meeting in Ufa. Our bilateral political trust is deepening and cooperation in various fields is advancing. We also maintain good communication and coordination on regional and international issues. In the context of globalization, the security and stability of the Indian Ocean region bears on the common interests of all countries. China is ready to conduct maritime cooperation and dialogue with relevant countries including India to jointly play a constructive role in upholding peace, stability and development of the Indian Ocean. We will continue to live in harmony and pursue common development and prosperity with all South Asian countries on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence.

The regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be adjourned from Monday, July 13 to Monday, August 31 for the summer break, and will be resumed on Tuesday, September 1. During the adjournment, journalists can raise questions to the Spokesperson's Office by telephone.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China)

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