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2016-06-08    来源:外交部网站    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on June 7, 2016

Q: Civil groups of China, the ROK, Japan, the Philippines and so on have jointly applied to get the documents related to the "comfort women" listed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register. Reports say that the Japanese government will go all out to resist. What is China's comment on that?

A: Multiple civil groups from countries like China and the ROK and regions have jointly applied to enlist relevant "comfort women" archives on the Memory of the World Register so that people of all countries can fully recognize the cruelty of aggressive war, remember the history, cherish peace and safeguard human dignity. The Chinese side urges the Japanese side to rightly view the application instead of slinging mud and interfering, deliver on its commitment on the issue of history and take concrete actions to win the trust of the international community and its Asian neighbors.

Q: Statistics released by the Japanese Foreign Ministry on June 6 showed that Japan issued a record number of visas to Chinese citizens in 2015 when there was a sharp increase of Chinese group and individual travelers to Japan. What is your comment on that? Is China concerned that the recent confession by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) about its concealment of the Fukushima nuclear leakage will impact the Chinese people's trips to Japan? Will the Foreign Ministry advise Chinese travelers to pay special attention to Japan's seafood safety?

A: The Chinese side maintains that we should develop long-term, sound and stable relations with Japan based on the four political documents between the two countries. The two sides should create more favorable conditions for normal communication between the two peoples so as to enhance mutual understanding.

The Chinese side has repeatedly expounded on its position concerning the Fukushima nuclear leakage incident. All countries have the responsibility to ensure the safety and lawful rights and interests of foreign citizens in their countries. It is hoped that the Japanese government will articulate how it plans to deal with the aftermath of the leakage in a responsible manner.

The Foreign Ministry has already issued relevant safety alert. We believe that Chinese citizens will make proper travel plans and ensure their personal safety.

Q: What is your comment on US Commerce Department's probe on Huawei?

A: We have noted the report and the statement by Huawei about its commitment to abide by laws and regulations of the relevant country.

Q: The EU Chamber of Commerce in China said that pessimism of foreign businesses operating in China is at an all-time high, and that foreign companies are facing an increasingly hostile environment in China with market access issues continuing. Do you have any comment on that?

A: It is our long-standing policy to make use of foreign investment. Our policies on utilizing foreign investment, protecting foreign businesses' lawful rights and interests, and offering a sound environment for the operation of foreign companies in China will remain unchanged. We will continue to work for a good law, policy, administration and business environment for foreign companies in China. We will further ease market access for foreign investment, optimize the regulatory system on foreign investment, improve laws and regulations on foreign investment and protect foreign companies' lawful rights and interests in accordance with the law. In 2014, China topped the world by attracting US$ 120 billion of foreign investment, leading the developing countries for 23 consecutive years. The statistics give full expression to how attractive the foreign investment environment in China is.

The process of reform and opening up in China is the process of constantly improving the environment for foreign investment in China. This process will keep moving forward. The Chinese side is fully engaged in an all-round reform which will also serve as a strong guarantee for an improved foreign investment environment in China.

Q: The terrorist attack in the western Kazakh city of Aktobe on June 5 killed and injured several, and triggered a major counter-terrorist operation in the city. What is China's comment on that?

A: The Chinese side mourns for the victims in the terrorist attack in Aktobe, Kazakhstan and expresses sympathy for the bereaved families and the injured.

The Chinese side condemns all forms of terrorist acts and supports the government of Kazakhstan in taking measures to combat terrorism and safeguard national stability. We will further deepen counter-terrorism cooperation with Kazakhstan in a bid to maintain security and stability of the region.

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