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新词新译系列-H 3

2014-01-10    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

回炉 (hui2lu2) retraining, further education

It originally means to melt down scrap metal or recook bakery to get it reprocessed or achieve a better flavor. These days, the term refers to people who re-enroll into an educational institute to improve oneself to get better prepared for competition in the fierce job market.

混搭 (hun4da1) mix-match

This term is popular with fashion-conscious youths when they talk about the practice of achieving an original effect by intentionally wearing clothes of drastically different styles, that would cause traditionalists to raise their eyebrows.

护考 (hu4kao3) exam escort

The college entrance exam has become such a critical moment in high school graduates’ life that they are often escorted to and from the examination venues by their parents or relatives.

环球语 (huan2qiu2yu3) globish

This term means “Global English.” It’s a simplified version of the English language, using a vocabulary of about 1,500 most common words. It is used by people whose mother tongue is not English.

黄鱼车 (huang2yu2che1) flatbed tricycle

“Croaker vehicle,” as this term translates literally, is the name of a flatbed tricycle for transporting goods and sometimes, passengers. Some say it got its name because it was previously used to vend croakers, but others say it’s because such vehicles can ply the narrow alleys in the city like the fish.

话题女王 (hua4ti2 nu3wang2) hot topic queen

This term refers to women who always live in the spotlight of mass media and many people just love to watch and listen to their love stories or scandals. The typical representative of such women is Paris Hilton.

哈密瓜(ha1mi4gua1) Potterhead

Hami melon, as the Chinese term means, is a special sweet, juicy fruit produced in Hami area of northwestern China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. But today in the global craze about the books about a young wizard, it is borrowed to mean bona fide Harry Potter fans. Because of the similarity of their pronunciation, the three Chinese characters in this term are used to represent “Harry Potter,” “fan” and “muggle.”

火腿 (huo2tui3) HAM, radio amateur

This Chinese term, meaning literally “ham” (the thigh of the hind leg of an animal), is borrowed from English “HAM,” referring to radio amateurs. It derives from the amateur radio station operated in the early 1900s in Harvard University by Elbert S. Hyman, Bob Almay and Paggy Murray. H-A-M are the initials of the their surnames.

婚庆公司 (hun1qing4 gong1si1) wedding services company

In recent years, businesses offering wedding services have cashed in on young couples pursuing an expensive marriage ceremony, but many of them are accused of lacking original ideas.

喝油车 (he1you2che1) Chelsea tractor

Those gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles are referred to in the United Kingdom as a Chelsea tractor. These urban behemoths have become a status symbol for the middle class in the Western world. The term is a rendering from the English buzzword.

荷兰式拍卖 (he2lan2shi4 pai1mai4) Dutch auction

A Dutch auction, also known as a descending price auction, uses a bidding process to find an optimal market price for stock, the lowest price at which an issuing company can sell all the available shares. An alternative to the traditional negotiated pricing process used by underwriters to set IPO prices, it was most recently employed by Google and is used for US Treasury auctions. Named after the famous auctions of Dutch tulip bulbs in the 17th century, it is based on a pricing system devised by Nobel Prize-winning economist William Vickrey.

灰色技能 (hui1se4ji4neng2) social skills

The “grey skills,” as this Chinese term translates literally, actually refers to social skills like drinking, dancing and playing cards or mahjong. Nowadays, some companies require that their employees have these “grey skills” as well as the basic skills they need for their jobs.

话痨 (hua4lao2) gasbag, super-chatterbox

Chinese people often use the term in a disapproving sense to refer to those who are so outrageously talkative as to offend the listeners.

海啃族 (hai3ken3zu2) returned NEET

Some students who studied overseas have returned home without a diploma or useful skills and could not find a job. So they have become NEET, which stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training, and they often live off their parents.

会议大使 (hui4yi4 da4shi3) convention ambassador

As a lucrative industry, M.I.C.E. (Meeting, Incentive, Congress and Events) brings its host cities revenue, fame and tourism and hotel business. So many Chinese cities have named prominent business people and professionals as their “convention ambassadors” to help attract more international meetings and events.

海绵路 (hai3mian2lu4) sponge road

Having a similar look as a cement road, this new surface is designed to absorb water like a sponge, which can help avoid traffic accidents on rainy days.

话语权 (hua4yu3quan2) to have a say

Translated literally, this term means “the right to speak.” But actually, it is often used to describe the right or power to influence or make a decision.

后群体 (hou4qun2ti3) post-x generation

Now many people like to label “post-80” to those born in the 1980s and accuse them of being too indulgent in material pleasures. “Post-70” and “post-60” and post-whatever are also popular in  daily conversation and media reports. But it’s hard to say that all people in one generation have the same characteristics.

红段子 (hong2duan4zi) salutary message

The “red message,” as this Chinese term translates literally, is the opposite of “yellow messages” (dirty jokes or juicy episodes). It can be a quotation, a piece of music or a video clip that contains encouraging and thoughtful content.

灰水 (hui1shui3) gray water

Waste water discharged from the washing machine, kitchen and other sources. It can be re-used as it is not so heavily polluted.

话题人物 (hua4ti2re2nwu4) most talked about person, target of gossip

A person who is talked about by the general public, usually due to media coverage.

活人墓 (huo2ren2mu4) tomb for the living

Many rich people have built tombs for themselves or family members in a county in the Three Gorges Dam area. Building tombs for oneself or living family members has become a status symbol in some places in China.

黑嘴 (hei1zui3) crooked stock analysts

Literarily meaning “black mouth,” it is used to describe some stock analysts who use smooth-tongued rhetoric to coax small investors into buying shares not worth buying.

黑卡 (hei1ka3) Centurion card, Black Card

It refers to the Centurion card issued by the American Express. Some people take it as a symbol of status because only those who get an offer from the card issuer can apply for one.

黑暗料理街 (hēi àn liào lǐ jiē) night food street

The term, which literally means “preparing food in the dark” in Chinese, refers to small food stalls set up along streets, particularly at night. Despite the fact that these vendors sometimes are unlicensed, some people regard eating at them as a way to enjoy local delicacies.

好人卡 (hao3 ren2 ka3) nice guy card

This is today’s answer to the “dear John letter” of the 1940s. A girl may turn down an admirer by saying “You are a nice guy, but I’m sorry we are not suitable.” So if a guy says he has “received a nice guy card” that means he has been rejected. The “card” has also developed into “nice guy pop culture.” Some designers are creating “nice guy” cards and sell them online.

黑屏 (hei1 ping2) black screen

It’s the latest Microsoft scheme to fight piracy. It replaces the screen wallpaper of a computer using pirated Microsoft Windows and Office software with a black screen every hour when the computer is turned on.

寒促 (han2 cu4) winter promotion

It refers to sales promotions initiated by IT firms during the winter vacation or Chinese Lunar New Year holiday seasons.

湖绿 (hu2 lv4) fraud

“Green Lake,” as the term means in Chinese, refers to cooked-up story. It originated in a popular BBS where someone identified as “green Lake” claimed he had watched a dramatic film which didn’t exist. Now his online name is synonymous with falsehood or fiction in online conversation.

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