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新词新译系列-W 4

2014-02-12    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

蜗居 (wo1 ju1) poky room

The buzzword, which literally means a tiny living space, gained its overnight popularity after a TV drama based on the namesake novel hit Shanghai screens this July. The plot reflects the struggle of Shanghainese who try to buy their homes in the city’s increasingly expensive property market.

务虚会议 (wu4 xu1 hui4 yi4) theory-discussing meeting

A typical Chinese style of conference in which participants discuss principles and guidelines for the coming year or events.

温和腐败 (wen1 he2 fu3 bai4) mild corruption

It refers to a government official who says his corruption is mild because he takes bribes only after he does something for the briber. In his view, there’s worse corruption when an official takes bribes and yet refuses to return the favor.

物联网 (wu4 lian2 wang2) Internet of things

The term has come to describe a number of technologies that enable the Internet to reach out to the real world of physical objects which incorporate installed chip technology. Made possible by wireless communications, real-time localization systems and radio frequency beacons, it is believed to usher in a future that closely links the physical world and cyberspace. Many believe that this will become a new economic boom sector after the Internet and related listed companies in the Chinese stock market have surged because of the heated discussion of this concept.

娃娃装 (wa2 wa2 zhuang1) baby-doll dress

It refers to the kind of women’s wear that features clothing with puffed sleeves, or a sometimes sleeveless, pull-on design and attractive, square neck.

网络劳务 (wang3 luo4 lao2 wu4) online labor services

The virtual labor relationships mainly exist on the Internet and the services offered center around the online world. Charges vary from 5 yuan (73 US cents) to 50 yuan per hour. The part-time jobs include picture uploading, data entry and online chatting. Among the most popular jobs is taking care of virtual vegetable gardens for clients when they are on holidays and have no access to the Internet.

袜裤 (wa4 ku4) treggings

A trendy fashion for women is wearing leggings and trousers together. While a close fit and flexible is the main idea, it does draw closer scrutiny to the legs of the wearer.

窝案 (wo1 an4) group crime

The Chinese term literally means a crime committed by a “nest” of people. It often refers to a felony such as bribe taking by a group of accomplices.

温酒吧 (wen1 jiu3 ba1) Win98

It is a fun transliteration from Win98. The Chinese literally means a cozy bar.

网游寡妇 (wang3 you2 gua3 fu4) online gamer widow

The term refers to women whose husbands are addicted to online games, paying much more attention to them than their spouses. A court in Beijing has revealed that 20 out of 100 divorce cases it handled in 1980s-generation couples were triggered by Internet addicts.

无盐女 (wu2 yan2 nv3) ugly-but-virtuous woman

The expression stems from an ancient queen named Zhong Wuyan who used her wisdom to help her husband King Qixuan conquer other states during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC). However the queen’s ugly looks didn’t match her smart and brave mind. Now her name is widely used by Netizens referring to a woman with an ugly face but virtuous mind.

围脖 (wei2 bo2) Twitter

Netizens have always been inventive in applying everyday names to technology by drawing on the similarity of their pronunciations, such as 阿姨 for Internet Explorer, and 烘焙鸡 for home page. The Chinese for Twitter, 微博, a form of cell phone-supported blog, is similar to 围脖, or muffler, in pronunciation.  

万人迷 (wan4 ren2 mi2) princess/prince charming

Chinese people use the expression for a woman or man they dream of having as a future spouse.

网模 (wang3 mo2) online model

The booming auction Websites have given birth to a new career - posing for online shops. The pictures of Website models, usually ordinary people working part-time, make fashion designs easier to peruse for online customers. 

伪娘 (wei3 niang2) crosser

Different from gays and not simply sissies, crossers are males who dress and make up as female characters, usually in gothic and lolita styles, to entertain other fans at parties.

网络观光团 (wang3 luo3 guan1 guang1 tuan2) Internet sightseeing group

The term refers to spontaneous online groups made up of quite a few Web users. They flock to funny, sensational or controversial topics and comment on posts by certain users on Websites or BBS in a bid to show their support, criticism or indifference. They are compared to sightseeing groups thronging to popular tourist attractions who love to leave a mark or take a picture.

无敌兔 (wu2 di2 tu4) Canon EOS 5D Mark II

It’s increasingly popular among Chinese shutterbugs to give nicknames to cameras and lenses. The Canon EOS 5D Mark II, for example, is now widely called “wu di tu” (literally meaning unbeatable rabbit) by photo fans because its pronunciation sounds like “super rabbit.” Other nicknames include “xiao bai” (little white) for the Canon EF 70-200 millimeter F2.8L USM, a small, mostly white lens, and “xiao gang pao” (little mortar) for Nikon’s AF 80-200 millimeter f/2.8D ED as the lens appears like a mini mortar.

蜗婚族 (wo1 hun1 zu2) cohabiting divorcees

The term, coined after another buzzword 蜗居 (wo ju) which means tiny living spaces in Chinese, refers to divorced couples who stay living together due to the city’s increasingly expensive property prices or in expectation of a rise in their property’s value.

伪3D片 (wei3 3D pian1) fake 3-D movie

The Hollywood epic adventure “Clash of the Titans” has been labeled by some studios and fans as a fake 3-D movie which is made in 2-D but was converted to 3-D in post-production with poor CG effects. Some critics have even jokingly claimed that only its subtitles have a 3-D effect.

伪娘 (wei3 niang2) drag queen

Men who have feminine features and like to cross-dress are nicknamed 伪娘 in Chinese. 伪 means fake, and 娘 is a colloquial term for women. The expression is borrowed from Japanese.

午休美容 (wu3 xiu1 mei3 rong2) lunchtime makeover

Nowadays, white-collar workers are routinely having micro plastic surgery, laser surgery or a botox injection during their lunch breaks. There is no puffiness or obvious cuts to recover from, thus you can head back to work afterwards.

呜呜组啦 (wu1 wu1 zu3 la1) vuvuzela

The term, originating from the Zulu for “making noise,” refers to a typical meter-long blow horn made of brightly colored plastic and used as a cheering tool during the World Cup in South Africa. The regular vuvuzelas already circulating in South Africa en masse emit up to 127 decibels of pure din, even described by some people as a mind-numbing torture device. It was supposedly invented to scare baboons away from remote African villages or to convene an assembly of tribal members.

微单相机 (wei1 dan1 xiang4 ji1) mini-DSLR camera

The term, especially coined for the Chinese market, refers to a hybrid type of compact camera with a DSLR-sized sensor and removable lenses, boasting the functions and high image quality of a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. But it’s lighter, trendier and easier to carry. Sony’s NEX-5C, Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-GF1 and Olympus’s E-P2 are the latest such model.

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