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新词新译系列-L 5

2014-03-11    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

蓝颜知己 (lan2 yan2 zhi1 ji3) confidant

As 红颜 usually refers to a woman, 蓝颜, which literally means blue face, refers to males.

裸体香烟 (luo3 ti3 xiang1 yan1) naked cigarette

Unlike cigarettes packaged with a brand label, the so-called naked cigarettes have no brand at all and are served on a plate or in a container to help some senior officials avoid being criticized for smoking luxury cigarettes at the public expense.

楼花 (lou3 hua1) office complex beauty

It refers to those few most beautiful women within a certain office complex that never fail to turn the heads of both men and women and keep the gossipmongers busy.

罗马鞋 (luo2 ma3 xie2) gladiator sandals/stilettos

Fashion seems always to be rooted in history, as is shown in this summer’s latest trendy women’s gladiator sandals that feature flat heels and a rich array of straps - and very often the more the better. Some leather gladiator stilettos are also considered an icon of trendy style.

离活 (li2 huo2) divorce hunter

The term, in contrast to marriage hunter or the live-to-marry clan who go all out to find a soul partner, refers to those married people who mull over divorce to return to a single life for freedom or divide property.

裸机 (luo3 ji1) naked machine

The term refers to computers or intelligent mobile phones without operating systems or software. Many young people who can install operating systems themselves tend to buy “naked” computers or mobile phones as they are cheaper than those with operating systems.

冷知识 (leng3 zhi1 shi) trivial knowledge

It refers to rarely known, but sometimes amusing, trivial facts, like there are more chickens than humans on earth, the YKK on the zipper stands for the initials of the world’s largest zipper maker Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, 80 percent of Americans like the color blue, you can’t sneeze with your eyes open, humans shed an average of 40 pounds of skin over a lifetime, and so on. Some of the knowledge falls into the believe-it-or-not type, such as Marilyn Monroe was born with 11 toes.

临时性 (lin2 shi2 xing4) temporary rape

The ironic phrase started from a court verdict that gave two former police assistants a lenient sentence of three years imprisonment for rape. The court in Zhejiang Province said it was because the defendants had committed a “temporary crime on a whim.” The verdict created the most heated topic on the Internet and within days some Netizens added “temporary” to other crimes to show the twisted logic behind it. The case has been scheduled for a retrial due to huge public pressure.

裸官 (luo3 guan1) nude official

It refers to a government official whose spouse and children all live abroad permanently. To fight official corruption, Shenzhen City of Guangdong Province has decided such a “nude official” cannot be appointed the head of any government or Party organization.

老板键 (lao2 ban3 jian4) boss key

The term refers to certain short-cut settings of some software which allow users to minimize or hide the software that they don’t want their bosses to see they’re using during office hours. By pressing the “Boss Key,” the software, most likely online chatting software or games, will disappear from computer screens immediately.

罗莉 (luo2 li4) Loli

Loli is short for Lolita, the heroine of the 1955 bestseller novel “Lolita” by Russian-American author Vladimir Nabokov. Now, it usually refers to a sexually precocious young girl. It’s also an Internet slang for a little girl (4-12), especially in a sexual context.

理工男 (li3 gong1 nan2) science geek

The expression refers to a group of highly intelligent people who majored in science and technology. They boast extensive scientific knowledge, love high-tech inventions and challenging computer games, and are curious about life. However, they may lack some common sense in regular relationship with other people. The heroes in the American TV drama “The Big Bang Theory” might be the most typical representatives of this group.

裸婚 (luo3 hun1) certificate-only marriage

A recent trend has developed among young couples to forsake the wedding ring, wedding party, wedding gift, new apartment and whatever else is traditionally considered a must-have for newlyweds to get nothing but a marriage certificate to tie the knot.

裸扫 (luo3 sao3) naked body scan

The phrase refers to high-tech body scanners at airport security check points that see through clothes to detect hidden weapons or explosives. The scanners are triggering fears over passengers’ privacy rights being infringed. Yet amid protests against the indignity a “naked” body scan brings to people, the intrusive machine has been deployed at airports in the United States.

临时店 (lin2 shi2 dian4) pop-up store

For most retail stores, staying in business for only a few days would be considered a major flop. But a growing number of merchants are opening shops and shutting them soon after -- on purpose. Operating these quickie retail outlets -- known as pop-up stores -- is the latest trend in retailing. It lets merchants move quickly, opening shops to test a new product or market and closing them without much fuss. 

零号身材 (ling2 hao4 shen1 cai2) size-zero/size-0

Regarded as the minimum size in US clothing, “size-zero” now refers to those unbelievably skinny people. The super skinny style sprung up on fashion industry runways and later was adopted by a world of young girls targeting a bony “size zero” figure.

泪点 (lei4 dian3) crying point

When it comes to the crying point, you tend to break into tears at something that turns you emotional enough.

老鬼 (lao3 ju1) Expert, well versed, skillful

In Shanghai dialect, the Chinese character 鬼 (ghost) is pronounced “ju” instead of “gui” as in Mandarin. So, this term means literally “old ghost.”

In modern usage, the term is used to describe someone who is an expert in a certain field, particularly good at something or skillful in handling difficult situations. It usually has a commendatory connotation.

There is another widely used colloquialism, 老鬼三 (lao ju sei), which is closely related to the term 老鬼 (lao ju) but has a different meaning. 老鬼三 (lao ju sei) can be used to mean a wily guy or any object, especially if it’s heavy or bulky.

But when women talk about 老鬼三 (lao ju sei) in private, it means something totally different. For example, when a lady says “My 老鬼三 (lao ju sei) is here,” she means “Aunt Flo is visiting.”

零帕族 (ling2 pa4 zu2) pressure-proof clan

It refers to those urbanites between 20 and 35 years old who take on an optimistic attitude toward life and turn pressure into personal drive. In Chinese, 帕 is a unit of pressure and 零 means zero.

翎子 (ling1 zi) Hint, lead, suggestion

This term means literally the long bird feathers used to decorate the helmets of warriors in Chinese operas. The movement of the feathers can indicate the mood of the actor or can be used to provide a lead for interaction among performers on the stage.

So today when Shanghainese speakers say “接翎子” (je ling zi) they mean “take a hint” or “follow a lead.” When they say “豁翎子” (huo ling zi), they mean to “give out a hint.” However some people believe this term comes from the English word “leads” as they share similar pronunciation and are related in their meanings.

连档模子 (li2 dang1 mu3 zi1) conspirator, colluder

This phrase means literally two people wearing pants with a joint crotch. So if one wants to walk, they’ve got to walk together. Today, it usually refers to people who work closely together for a fraudulent or deceitful purpose.

垃圾博客 (la1 ji1 bo2 ke2) splog

It is a word coined from spam and blog, referring to those blogs that promote affiliated websites, increase clicks or sell ads.

连体裤 (lian2 ti3′ ku4) jumpsuit

A one-piece garment with sleeves and legs that is said to be the fashion must-have for women this summer. The style has its roots in the utilitarian one-piece garments worn by parachutists and skydivers.

两餐半人 (liang3 can1 ban4 ren2) two-and-a-half meal clan

These people break the routine of three meals a day and always delay at least one meal (and then they don’t eat right) because they’re either too busy at work, or indifferent about eating. Three square meals eaten on time is an important Chinese health tradition. But these people consider dining more of a burden than a pleasure.

灵猫六国 (ling2 mao1 liu4 guo2) CIVETS

It is the acronym of Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa. These countries have a rising young generation and dynamic, diversifying economies.

恋爱经费 (lian4 ai4 jing1 fei4) dating fund

Some Chinese parents are allocating funds to finance their children dating sweethearts while at college. Only a few years ago, Chinese parents opposed dating and insisted their children focus on academics.

0到N (0 dao4 N) zero to N

The word describes a person who goes from rags to riches overnight, not a Cinderella, but a social climber. An OtoNer may also disguise himself as a “somebody” to rub shoulders with “upper class” society.

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