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新词新译系列-S 4

2014-03-19    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

数字家庭 (shu4zi4 jia1ting2) digital home

The term means a fully automated residence. China is trying to help more and more families have access to Internet services and other home appliances powered by digital technology.

三夹板 (san1jia2ban3) sandwich husband

Due to the Chinese cultural background, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are usually deemed as sworn enemies. If a man is caught in the war between his mother and his wife, he is often likened to a “three-ply board,” as this Chinese term means literally, because the middle layer of a three-ply is tightly squeezed between the two outside layers.

双面胶 (shuang1mian4jiao1) peacemaking husband

Contrary to the “three-ply board” as described in the previous entry, “twin adhesive,” as this Chinese term translates verbatim, refers to a man who smoothens the relationship between his mother and wife and keeps a harmonious family just like the “twin adhesive” being used to glue two different objects into one.

扫街 (sao3jie1) scour the streets

The Chinese term means “sweeping the streets.” But it is now often used to describe photographers wandering around the streets in a city hunting for “cool” shots. It may also mean someone going door to door in search for something, such as business opportunities or information.

私房钱 (si1fang2qian2) pin money, egg money

This term refers to a small amount of money one earns and has stashed away for future spending for oneself behind the back of his/her spouse.

扫盲帖 (sao3 mang2 tie1) layman post

It refers to online chat room or forum articles that cater to the laymen by using rudimentary words and expressions so they can understand without difficulty.

食游 (shí yóu) food-and-fun tour

While traveling in one’s own car is now affordable for more and more Chinese, especially the young, such tours are usually not complete without trying out local delicacies.

晒密族 (shai4mi4zu2) secret displayer

This term refers to people who reveal their secrets on Websites. The secrets can be salaries, their hatred of some person, and unhappiness at work.

食膏族 (shi2gao1zu2) tonic lovers

As the colder autumn months proceed, many Shanghai people like to take various herbal tonics, especially those made according to traditional Chinese medicine.

试离婚 (shi4li2hun1) trial divorce

Some young couples live separately to calm down when their marriage hits a rough patch. It is called “trial divorce” which offers couples time to reconsider their marriage and avoid divorcing under impulse.

社交网络服务 (she4jiao1 wang3luo4 fu2wu4) social networking service (SNS)

This is a kind of social software designed to set up online social networks connecting people of all different types of interests. For instance, Facebook is a popular social networking service.

试药族 (shi4yao4zu2) drug-test subject

It is reported that a growing number of college students in the country have participated in the clinical trial of new medications to earn more money, some of whom do it to support their living.

三手病 (san1shou3bing4) electronics hand ailment

“Three-hand ailment,” as this Chinese term translates literally, refers to the injuries caused to fingers and wrist after long time, monotonous movement in playing online games, using a mouse or typing short messages on cell phone. The phrase “three hands” is now used to describe anyone who spends too much time on online games, with a mouse or cell phones.

手机幻听症 (shou3ji1huan4ting1zheng4) ringing phone hallucination

This refers to the illusion of a mobile phone ringing or vibrating when it isn’t. Many office workers suffer this syndrome which is caused by the fear of missing phone calls or messages.

睡眠卡 (shui4mian2ka3) inactive bank card

Holding more than one bank card, many people, especially those having bad memories, are not able to handle all of them, which causes their cards to “hibernate” for years and increases banks expenses on managing the idle cards.

“三隐”女人(san1yin3nu3ren2) woman with three secrets

The term usually refers to married women who keep their marriage status, age and child a secret in order to pose as a single woman. Maybe they all believe in the traditional saying that “a secret makes a woman into a woman.” So women like this always dodge questions about their husband, age and child.

损友 (sun3you3) evil friend, harmful friend

While a good friend helps you and encourages you to do for the better, a bad one secretly tries to ensnare you and always persuades you to do worse.

试客 (shi4ke4) try-out clan

Some Netizens are so cautious about the quality or safety of a new product that they never buy it before trying out free samples they have asked for and discussing the product with their peers.

闪跳族 (shan3tiao4zu2) habitual job hopper

This term translates literally the “flash jumping clan.” It refers to people who switch their jobs frequently in a short period of time. Many young people who were born in the 1980s fall into this category. Employers are now reluctant to take such job seekers because of their job-hopping habit.

三拍工程 (san1pai1gong1cheng2) “three-pat” project

The term refers to a project launched with little feasibility study and often ending in disaster. The three-pat means people patting their head to make a decision, patting their chest to make an empty promise, and then patting the dust off their bottoms as they leave the disastrous project behind them.

师奶杀手 (shi1nai3 sha1shou3) auntie killer

It refers to a mature and handsome man who attracts a lot of married women. Such a man is usually a celebrity – an actor or a politician – who has a successful career and good-looking face.

沙发土豆族 (sha1fa1 tu3dou4zu2) couch potato

It refers to those people who spend most of their free time sitting or lying on the sofa watching TV.

视觉系 (shi4jue2xi4) looks-oriented

The term literally means a visual-art major in college. Now it can also describe those who always judge others by their looks.

深蓝儿童 (shen1lan2 er2tong1) Indigo children

Indigo children refers to children who, according to followers of the New Age movement, represent a higher state of human evolution. They display a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. They are known as Indigo children for the deep blue color of the “auras” psychics say they see around them. The term is translated into “deep blue children” in Chinese.

山友 (shan1you3) mountaineering pal

It refers to those who partner up in mountain climbing and other outdoor sports such as camping, scaling, bungee jumping or surfing, to name a few.

深度游 (shen1du4you2) in-depth tour

Domestic tourists are now more willing to stay at one scenic site for several days or even weeks, a sharp contrast to the once-popular whirlwind-style travel which often covers many cities or even several countries within several days.

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