2016-4-28 10:24


In an impassioned appeal — that unsurprisingly has not been received well by the U.K.’s Brexit campaign-isiting U.S. President Barack Obama has urged British citizens to vote to stay in the European Union in the referendum on June 23. He said a united Europe, which turned “centuries of war in Europe into decades of peace“, must preserve its “remarkable legacy.“

In what is likely to be his last visit to the U.K. as President, Mr. Obama set the tone for his three-day visit in an exclusive article in the Daily Telegraph. In the piece, he referred to the “special relationship“ forged between the two countries “as we spilt blood together on the battlefield“ and subsequently “fortified as we built and sustained the architecture for advancing stability and prosperity in Europe“.
美 国总统奥巴马于近日访问英国,这也可能是他总统生涯中最后一次访问英国。奥巴马在《每日电讯报》中发表了一篇独家文章,为其为期三天的国事访问奠定了基 调。对此,奥巴马强调英美两国之间特殊的友谊,表示两国之间是战场上共同浴血奋战的盟友。同时,奥巴马还表示,为推进欧洲稳定和繁荣,两国关系会随着架构 的组件和持续发展而得到进一步加固。
He placed the EU in the class of post-war international institutions and initiatives like the United Nations, Bretton Woods, the Marshall Plan and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Mr. Obama told British citizens that they should be “proud that the EU has helped spread British values and practices — democracy, the rule of law, open markets — across the continent and to its periphery“.
奥 巴马将欧盟归到战后国际组织这一类,并认为该组织与联合国、布雷顿森林体系,马歇尔计划以及北大西洋公约组织等性质类似。同时,奥巴马还呼吁英国公民应该 要认识到:欧盟促进了英国价值观的广泛流传,并使民主、法治以及开放市场等体制和措施在欧洲大陆极其周边国家都得到了充分的实施。英国公民应该为这个组织 的存在而感到无比骄傲与自豪。
Mr. Obama and wife Michelle had lunch with the Queen in Windsor castle — an occasion, he said, to wish the Queen Elizabeth II whose 90th birthday was celebrated on Thursday. Mr. Obama later met Prime Minister David Cameron for talks on the referendum and other issues.
The appeal by Mr. Obama will come as an enormous boost for the ‘Stay’ campaign, especially in the light of the very small margin with which it leads over the Brexit group in opinion polls. With almost one-third of the electorate still undecided, Mr. Obama’s intervention may help sway votes to the ‘Remain’ side.
The U.S. President is a popular figure in the U.K. A recent four-part documentary on BBC on his presidency is a flattering one, showing the President as a progressive and reflective thinker whose initiatives on healthcare, immigration, terrorism, war and peace were thwarted by the right-wing opposition in his country.
事 实上,美国总统在英国一直是备受欢迎的对象。最近BBC(英国广播公司)一部关于奥巴马总统历程的四部曲纪录片大肆渲染奥巴马的光辉形象,虽然奥巴马总统 在医疗卫生、移民、反恐、战争以及和平等方面的许多设想都遭到其国内右翼势力的反对,该视频仍将其塑造成一个擅长改革的积极分子和善于反省的思考者。
London Mayor and the lead campaigner for the Brexit campaign Boris Johnson retaliated in an equally strong reply in the British tabloid The Sun. Reaching back to the World War II and Mr. Obama’s references to it, he said then British prime minister Winston Churchill — whose bust, he claims, was removed from the Oval Office when Mr. Obama became President — was “fighting for British survival“.
然 而,针对奥巴马的呼吁行为,主张英国脱离欧盟的代表人物、伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊在接受英国小型报刊《太阳报》时给予了强有力的回击。谈到二战问题以及奥 巴马总统对其看法时,鲍里斯表示在奥巴马当政时期,奥巴马将英国前首相温斯顿·丘吉尔(二战时期主张为英国胜利二战)的半身雕像从美国白宫办公室移走。 二战时丘吉尔为英国的生存而战。
The U.K. was not merely contributing over 20 billion pounds each month to the EU kitty, it has also lost control over its borders and its right to determine its public policy, a surrender that the U.S. would never make, he said. “The Americans would never contemplate anything like the EU, for themselves or their neighbours in their own hemisphere. Why do they think it is right for us?“ he asked.
Mr. Johnson, who mentioned Mr. Obama’s part-Kenyan ancestry in the article, has attracted online criticism for the racist overtones of his comment.