2016-8-24 10:37

Yonhap: North Korea Summons Diplomats' Children to Return Home
South Korea's Yonhap news agency says it has learned from intelligence sources that North Korea has recently ordered the adult children of its overseas diplomats to return home.
The sources say officials with South Korea's spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, told a parliamentary oversight committee in a closed door session that Pyongyang issued the return order for all diplomats' children 25 years old and older , as part of an apparent effort to stop potential defections.
But a parliamentary source told Yonhap it is believed the order did not directly cause the recent defection of Thae Yong Ho, North Korea's second ranking official in Britain. The source says it is likely that Thae "had been seeking a chance to leave for some time."
Trump Demands Special Prosecutor Investigate Clinton Foundation
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is demanding that an independent special prosecutor immediately investigate Hillary and Bill Clinton's Clinton Foundation, saying the FBI cannot be trusted to do the job.
Trump spent much of a Monday campaign speech in Akron, Ohio on what he describes as the "vast scope" of Hillary Clinton's "criminality," saying he is shocked by it.
Clinton's Republican opponents allege that big donors to the charitable foundation used it to get special access to Clinton or her top aides when she was secretary of state.
Clinton has always denied the charge. Newly released e-mails show that while some Clinton aides were asked for favors, there is no evidence that they were granted or that Clinton herself was involved.
Bill Clinton announced last week the foundation will change the way it does business if his wife is elected. It will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations and Bill Clinton himself will resign from its board, he said.
None of this has satisfied Trump. He demanded Monday that the foundation be shut down, calling it 'the most corrupt enterprise in political history," and accusing the Clintons themselves of caring more about donors and their own bank accounts than the American people.