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2015-01-06    来源:chinadaily    【      美国外教 在线口语培训
The Weird and Wonderful World of Japanese Junk Food
Japan is like a parallel universe. Here in the land of the free, it’s customary to wash down a mouthful of Cool Ranch Doritos with a refreshing swig of Pepsi. In the land of the rising sun, you’ll find those same tasty snacks, but the corn chips could be anchovy-flavored, and that bottle of Pepsi might taste of spicy, bitter ginger.
日本好像处在另一个平行世界里。在美国这片自由之地,人们常往嘴里塞一把多力多滋玉米片(Cool Ranch Doritos),再喝一大口清凉的百事可乐(Pepsi)。你在日本也可以找到这些美味可口的零食,但玉米片成了凤尾鱼风味,而瓶装的百事可乐可能是辛辣苦涩的姜味。
We’ve cobbled together this list of Japanese-exclusive flavors of popular munchies. From squid ink–flavored ice cream to “man-scented” gum, some of these flavors really leave us scratching our heads.
KitKats are kind of a big deal in Japan. That’s right—those run-of-the-mill, chocolate-covered wafers you binge on during Halloween are a revered super-candy over there.
But the Japanese aren't satisfied with coating their biscuits in milk chocolate and calling it a day. No, KitKats in Japan come in a dizzying array of flavors.
Green tea, edamame soybean, wasabi, and red bean all sound like unsurprisingly Asian flavors, but then we get into some really weird stuff. Ginger Ale. Buttered Corn. Hot Chili Pepper.
绿茶、毛豆、芥末和红豆味都是我们意料之中的亚洲风味,但我们还了解到一些匪夷所思的口味,比如姜汁汽水味(Ginger Ale)、奶油玉米味(Buttered Corn)和红辣椒味(Hot Chili Pepper)。
And then there’s the KitKat Pizza. You probably never thought you’d ever see those two words together.
此外还有奇巧披萨(KitKat Pizza),你可能从未想过这两个词会组合到一起。
Aside from the rare occasions when PepsiCo tests the waters with new flavors like Holiday Spice, the familiar soda brand usually doesn’t venture far beyond regular and diet in America. Japan, however, has been blessed with multiple limited-edition variations.
在美国,那些为人熟悉的苏打水产品并不会太过出格,除非是百事可乐公司研制“百事假日香料”(Holiday Spice)这类新口味汽水。然而,日本的汽水已经有多种限量版口味。
There are Pepsi Pink and Pepsi White, which are strawberry milk– and yogurt-flavored, respectively. And we can see the appeal in Pepsi Strong Shot (extra caffeine and carbonation). Pepsi Ice Cucumber also sounds pretty decent.
日本有粉色和白色的百事可乐,粉色的是草莓牛奶味,而白色的是乳酪味。我们还能看到市面上有百事超碳酸饮品(Pepsi Strong Shot),一种加强了咖啡因含量和碳化饱和度的可乐。冰黄瓜味百事可乐(Pepsi Ice Cucumber)听起来也不错。
But then there’s Pepsi Gold (ginger-root flavor), Pepsi Azuki Bean (red bean paste–flavored), Pepsi Baobab (monkey bread fruit?), and Pepsi Shiso (an herb). Pepsi brings one of these oddball flavors out every summer, so we can look forward to plenty more to come.
但日本还有生姜味的金黄百事(Pepsi Gold)、红豆沙味的红豆百事(Pepsi Azuki Bean)、猴面包树果味的面包果百事(Pepsi Baobab)和香草味的紫苏百事(Pepsi Shiso)。日本百事可乐公司每年夏天都会推出这些奇特口味的汽水,所以我们可以继续拭目以待。
Doritos (and potato chips)
The craziest thing America has done with Doritos is make taco shells with them. Japan hasn’t crossed that line, but the iconic corn chips do come in some very interesting flavors over there.
Some of these actually seem like they’re worth trying; Who wouldn’t want fried chicken or steak Doritos? But then there’s crispy salmon and roe (fish eggs) with mayo, which we’re more hesitant about.
Seafood flavors do appear frequently in Asian snacks, so maybe we’re just culturally biased. But can we at least all agree that orange-flavored potato chips are gross?
Ice Cream
Speaking of seafood, a surprising amount of it ends up in ice cream. Frozen treats can come in jellyfish, crab, shrimp, shark’s fin, whitebait, and fried oysters flavors in Japan, and that’s not even the most bizarre kind.
Ever wanted to try Indian curry ice cream? How about coal-flavored ice cream? Horse meat? Beer?
Then there’s this beautiful monument to gluttony: pizza in a cone. Yes, it’s not technically ice cream, but it is glorious.
Chewing gum comes in pretty much every flavor you can think of, no matter which continent you’re on. But the weirdest kind to come out of Japan isn’t even this fruit-flavored gum riddled with spicy black peppercorns.
On the tamer side of things, there’s Black Black Gum, which contains caffeine and ginseng to perk you up, and No Time Gum, which has tiny granules that scrub your teeth as you chew.
稍微普通一点的有Black Black Gum,它含有咖啡因和人参帮你提神醒脑;还有方便口香糖(No Time Gum),可以在你咀嚼时帮你洗净牙齿。
And on the bizarre side, there’s “Man Smell” gum, a “Viagra” gum, and a gum that supposedly enhances breast size, shape, and tone.
而比较奇特的有“男人香”味口香糖(“Man Smell” gum)、“伟哥”口香糖(“Viagra” gum),还有据说可以丰胸塑胸的口香糖。

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