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2015-02-06    来源:ChinaDaily    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


The 10 Most Awkward Dates Revealed


Spilling food all over yourself, your date leaving halfway through dinner or being stood up are the UK's most feared dating mishaps.

It also emerged that just under half of women believe it is the man's responsibility to pay for the meal, whereas over half of men think they should go Dutch.

And a fifth of men check where the nearest hotel is before they book a restaurant on the assumption that they'll get lucky.

A study into the nation's dating etiquette revealed that men and women both have their own dating bugbears and fears.

It found that three fifths of Valentine's dinner dates were booked by men - and half of wooing couples would ditch their dinner date on Valentine's day if they turned out to be ugly or boring.

It was also discovered that the majority of females - seven out of ten - believe that the fastest way for a man to win someone's heart is to act like a gentleman, whereas only a tenth of guys believe this is important.

Experts think this is one of the many reasons that over a sixth - 17 percent - of women claim men have lost the art of chivalry.

Women also admitted to going hungry if they fancy someone, with a third saying they would eat less on a date if they found a person attractive.

And a quarter admitted the most awkward moment on a date is when the waiter brings the bill.

Over a third of men (37 percent) say they would be more willing to splash out on a big meal if they were guaranteed sex afterwards - more than double the number of women who would do the same, as only a sixth agreed.
Dating expert Caroline Brealey, who worked with Bookatable on the research, said: 'Splitting the bill after dinner makes the date feel more like a catch up with friends than it does a romantic dinner for two.
与Bookatable一起开展这项研究的约会专家卡罗琳・布莱立(Caroline Brealey)说:“餐后各自付账会让人感觉是在和朋友聚餐,而不是属于两人的浪漫晚餐。”

'Don't end up in the friend zone before you've even got started. Why not take turns?

'The man can pick up the tab for dinner before you move onto another restaurant for dessert, and cocktails on her.

'Far more romantic than getting your calculator out to split the bill and you get to discover more restaurants; a win-win situation.'

Of the other dating woes, just over a quarter said burping is the most embarrassing date mishap, while one in five women say it's when their date goes in for an unwanted kiss.

Eighteen percent of women said they cringe when they're invited back to their date's home or hotel prematurely.
And nearly half are put off by a messy eater.

Joe Steele, CEO of Bookatable, who organised the research, said: 'Our research reveals that people have varying opinions when it comes to dating etiquette, but what is clear is that good manners are still a valued commodity when it comes to dining at a restaurant.
组织这项研究的Bookatable首席执行官乔・斯蒂尔(Joe Steele)说:“我们的研究表明,人们对于约会礼仪的看法各不相同。但是有一点很清楚,用餐时得体的举止依然受到人们的重视。”

'Everyone clearly has different standards and beliefs on the topic of paying the bill and finding their opposite attractive - finding a common ground on these types of issues is often the key to a compatible relationship.'

mishap:n.灾祸; 不幸事故

bugbear: n.<尤英>使人烦恼担忧的事,牵挂

woo: vt.求爱,求婚; 争取…的支持

ditch: vt.摆脱,抛弃; 在…上掘沟; 把…开入沟里

tab: n.帐单; (易拉罐的)拉环; 标签,制表

win-win: adj.对各方都有益的; 双赢的

burp: vi.打嗝

cringe: n.畏缩; 阿谀奉承


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