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2015-04-24    来源:21英语    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores


Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Dutch architecture firms SatijnPlus Architecten and Merkx Girod transformed a decrepit 13th-century church into a spectacular bookstore in the center of Maastricht. A three-story bookcase houses volumes and offers incredible views of the restored sanctuary, while the choir area is now home to a café.

Saraiva, Rio de Janeiro

Studio Arthur Casas crafted a colorful, four-story outpost for Brazilian bookseller Saraiva.

The double-height first level is bordered by a rainbow of books arranged on warm walnut shelves, and seating options by Brazilian designers such as Sérgio Rodrigues offer pleasant spots to read.

Cook & Book, Brussels
比利时布鲁塞尔:Cook & Book书店

Shoppers can feast on words as well as food at this inventive bookshop in Brussels. Designed by interior architecture firm Delacroix & Friant, the store is spread over two buildings and divided into nine uniquely decorated sections, each with its own dining area. Books appear to hover above the black-and-red fiction department, while an Airstream is the centerpiece of the travel area.
这家位于布鲁塞尔的书店兼具餐厅功能,顾客既能享受文字,也能享用美食。书店横跨两大建筑,分成各有特色的九大区域,每个区域带有独立餐厅,由室内建筑设计公司Delacroix & Friant设计而成。在红黑色的小说区,书籍看起来都像“漂浮”在屋顶;而旅游书区正中央则摆着一辆Airstream房车。

Fang Suo Commune, Chengdu, China

Architect Chu Chih-Kang took inspiration from the life of a Tang Dynasty Buddhist monk and scholar when creating the concept for the new Fang Suo Commune location in Chengdu. Designed as a knowledge depository, the subterranean space features a variety of natural materials, such as concrete, copper, iron, and sycamore, which are combined to create dramatic, almost Brutalist interiors.

Livraria Cultura, São Paulo
巴西圣保罗:Livraria Culture书店

A cross between a bookshop and a town square, Livraria Cultura’s outpost in the Jardim Paulistano neighborhood offers plenty of spots to linger with friends or the latest hardcover. Architecture firm Studio MK27 designed the sprawling location, which includes a cavernous top floor with 69-foot-long bleacher seating and two levels of books.
Livraria Culture连锁书店也像是一座城市广场。位于圣保罗的分店不仅拥有最新的精装图书,也是三五好友的流连之地。占地巨大的书店由Studio MK27工作室设计。在洞穴似的顶楼上,21米长的台阶式座椅层层展开,上下还设有两层书架。

Shakespeare and Co., Paris

The quintessential expat bookshop was founded by American George Whitman in 1951 and remains a Left Bank landmark under the ownership of his daughter, Sylvia. Filled with books from floor to ceiling (and a few overflowing outside), the cozy store is set in a 17th-century building that once housed a monastery.

Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal

If the sumptuous surroundings of Livraria Lello feel straight out of a Harry Potter book, there’s a good reason for that—J.K. Rowling lived in Porto while writing the series, and the bookstore is rumored to be part of the inspiration for Hogwarts. The neo-Gothic building, built by Xavier Esteves in 1906, houses more than 100,000 books amid stained glass and ornate carved wood.

Atlantis Books, Santorini, Greece

Located in the tiny village of Oia on the island of Santorini, Atlantis Books is a small literary haven tucked into the basement of a traditional whitewashed building overlooking the caldera. Since opening in 2004, the charming shop has become a landmark and must-visit destination for travelers and locals alike.

Librairie La Fontaine, Lausanne, Switzerland

Located within the Rolex Learning Center on the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne campus, this branch of Librairie La Fontaine reflects the curvilinear architecture of the SANAA-devised building. Kawamura-Ganjavian, in conjunction with NOR architectes, created elliptical bookcases that curve to form pods with seating areas for browsing.

Daikanyama T-Site, Tokyo

Designed by Klein Dytham Architecture to feel like a “library in the woods,” Daikanyama T-Site is composed of three buildings connected by a central corridor known as Magazine Street. Each pavilion is clad in latticelike screens of interlocking Ts and low-emissivity glass, which reflects the surrounding trees. Inside, the Anjin Lounge is decorated with a screen by contemporary artist Masatake Kosaki and a bar and tables made of secondhand books.
茑屋书店由日本Klein Dytham建筑事务所设计,旨在创造出“林间图书馆”的感受。书店由三栋建筑组成,名为“杂志街”的中央走廊贯穿其中。每栋建筑都装有晶格状低辐射镀膜玻璃,可以映出周围的树木。其中一个叫做Anjin Lounge的区域里有一个吧,一些由二手书堆成的桌子以及当代艺术家Masatake Kosaki的一幅作品。

The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles

Set in a 20,000-square-foot space in downtown Los Angeles’s Spring Arts Tower, the Last Bookstore is a madcap cross between an independent bookstore and an art installation. The airy space is filled with creatively repurposed volumes, including a mural and tunnel made out of books.

Cafebrería El Péndulo, Mexico City
墨西哥城:Cafebrería El Péndulo书店

El Péndulo, a chain of Mexico City bookstore–coffee shops, may have several locations, but the most beautiful is the Polanco branch. The bright, soaring space includes two stories of books, the second accessible by balcony. Plants and vines wind their way through the shop, adding a jungle feel.
Cafebrería El Péndulo是墨西哥城里的一家连锁书店咖啡馆,有多家分店,不过最漂亮的还当属位于波朗科的一家。这家书店明朗宽敞,内顶很高,可以容下两层楼的图书;二楼还有阳台。店内植物、藤蔓蜿蜒而上,又增添了一抹丛林的气息。

Assouline, London

The esteemed publishing company celebrated its 20th anniversary last year by opening its first international flagship, in London’s Piccadilly area. The 5,400-square-foot store is set in a 1922 building designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, and shoppers can commission custom-made volumes from the on-site bookbinder, dine in the café, and outfit their home library with both books and furnishings.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Architect Fernando Manzone transformed a former theater into a spectacular branch of El Ateneo, the Argentine bookseller. Located in the Recoleta area, the 1919 building displays rows of books beneath the domed ceiling painted by Italian artist Nazareno Orlandi and along the ornate balconies.

(文章文本 来源21英语)

重点解析 Key Phrases/Words

1. decrepit adj. 衰老的,老朽的,破旧的

2. spectacular adj. 场面富丽的,壮观的,引人注意的

3. sanctuary n. 避难所,庇护所,圣所

4. outpost n. 前哨,警戒部队,前哨基地

5. walnut n . 胡桃(树),胡桃木

6. feast on 尽情欣赏,尽情享受,大吃大喝

7. depository n. 存放处

8. subterranean adj. 地表下面的,地下的,隐藏的,暗中的

9.  linger with 徘徊,留恋

10. quintessential adj. 精髓的;典型的

11. sumptuous adj. 豪华的,奢侈的

12. in conjunction with adv. 与…协力

13. madcap adj. 轻率的,狂妄的

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