NBA总决赛落幕:时隔40年 勇士重夺NBA总冠军



2015-6-18 09:37

Warriors end title drought


Snapping a 40-year title drought, the Golden State Warriors downed the ­Cleveland Cavaliers 105-97 ­Tuesday to capture the NBA Finals and become one of the league's most ­unconventional championship teams.

Andre Iguodala, the first player to earn NBA Finals Most Valuable Player honors without starting every game of the series, and Stephon Curry, the three-point sharpshooter who won NBA regular-season MVP honors, each scored 25 points as the Warriors took the best-of-seven title series 4-2.

"This is something special. This is a special group," Curry said. "From the start of the season this is what we ­envisioned."

Golden State became the first team since the 1991 ­Chicago Bulls to win a title with no players having prior NBA Finals experience.

Steve Kerr, who won five titles as a player with ­Chicago and San Antonio Spurs, became the first rookie coach to capture the crown since Pat Riley with the Los Angeles­­ Lakers in 1982.

"I ­almost forgot how ­grueling this stretch is, two straight months of emotional and physical stress, just the roller coaster ride you are on," Kerr said of the playoff run. "There's a lot of pent-up energy and ­relief more than anything in that locker room."

Iguodala spent 758 career games as a starter before being ­consigned to a reserve role this season, only to have Kerr start him in the last three finals games to ­produce a quicker lineup­ that wore down the ­stubborn Cavaliers.

Iguodala averaged 7.8 points and 3.3 ­rebounds in the regular season but 16.3 points and 5.8 rebounds, becoming the first NBA Finals MVP who didn't start a single game for his team in the ­regular season.

The best team proved more than the greatest player could handle and Iguodala joined ­Magic Johnson as a rookie with the 1980 Lakers as the only finals MVPs who played alongside a season MVP.

"What a team win for the Warriors and an epic ­season for Steph," ­tweeted US President Barack Obama.

"Kudos to LeBron and the Cavs for an unbelievable ­effort under adversity."