Adele新专辑《25》破纪录 英国唱片历史不断被刷新



2015-12-24 10:27

Adele新专辑《25》破纪录 英国唱片历史不断被刷新

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据英国排行榜官方公布的统计数字显示,《25》在英国唱片市场发行第一周的确切销量为八十万零三百零七张,将绿洲乐队的经典大碟《Be Here Now》在1997年创下的六十九万六千张的历史纪录提高了超过十万张。在本周的榜单中,阿黛尔这张专辑的销量比接下来排名第二至第八十七位的唱片销量总和还要高。同样,英国流行音乐排行榜中此前的十九张冠军大碟销量的总和也不及《25》。仅仅依靠一个星期的销量,《25》已经被英国唱片业协会评定为双白金唱片。

除此之外,《25》本周的下载销量也达到了创纪录的二十五万两千张,成为了英国历史上单周下载销量最高的专辑。(via 尚之潮网)


Adele, whose album "25" has rocked the year in more ways than one. From sales to digital strategy, the British pop artist is taking center stage in the music industry.

2015 had been a largely uneventful year for music sales. Enter British songstress Adele. Her album "25" strolled in at the end of the year - breaking records for the biggest sales week in U.S. history.

Despite digital music becoming a game-changer for the music industry, Adele chose not to stream her full album. It's a strategy that means consumers have to buy the record outright - boosting the number of albums sold.

The British singer joins a growing number of artists taking a more prominent role in how their content is accessed.

Taylor Swift withheld her album '1989' from Apple Music over its three-month free trial offered to subscribers. Swift objected because it meant writers, producers, and musicians wouldn't get paid. Fear of missing out led the tech giant to reverse its policy, saying it would pay royalties.

Apple joins other digital music services like Spotify, Pandora, and QQ Music to battle for exclusive content.

Global digital music revenue continues to climb. The IFPI says it neared seven billion dollars in 2014. It's on track to overtake market share from physical forms like CDs and vinyl.

But not all musicians are eager to go digital.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Adele says she doesn't use streaming because it's disposable, and she feels music should be an event. It just goes to show that for some musicians and consumers, there's no substitute for holding music in your hands.