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2016-01-29    来源:鬼谷一喵    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Efforts by China’s online video platforms to make and show their own content are in disarray after the government banned a number of productions for excessive violence, sex, subversion and superstition.
Several industry players on Wednesday privately confirmed the crackdown, described by one executive as an “ambush” last week at a series of meetings between representatives from the video sites and the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television, the broadcast regulator.
Sarft made no public comment on what was discussed, nor did any of the attendees.
But at least six hit shows across several internet sites appear to have now been pulled. These include the runaway hit Go Princess, Go! produced by Chinese video portal LeEco, which changed its name two weeks from Letv.
不过,在几家网站上,目前似乎至少有6部热门剧已经下线,其中包括由中国视频门户网站乐视(LeEco)制作的《太子妃升职记》(Go Princess, Go!)。
All 37 episodes of the series — about a man who travels back in time 1000 years and wakes up as an imperial concubine, “with the body of a woman, and the desires of a man”, according to one review — have now been removed from LeEco’s site.
LeEco said last week that the show had been taken down for “content optimization” and would be back up soon.
No other video portals commented on the reasons why their shows had also been shut down in what appears to have been a sweeping decision.
In addition to Go Princess, Go! Sarft targeted Lost Tomb, a show produced by iQiyi, a video portal owned by search engine Baidu, about Raiders of the Lost Ark-style treasure hunters. It was banned for sowing “feudal superstitions”, according to two people familiar with the matter.
除了《太子妃升职记》,广电总局还瞄准了搜索引擎百度(Baidu)旗下视频门户爱奇艺(iQiyi)制作的剧集《盗墓笔记》(Lost Tomb)。这是一部类似《夺宝奇兵》(Raiders of the Lost Ark)风格的寻宝剧。据两名知情人士称,该剧遭禁是因为传播“封建迷信”。

Crime drama Evil Minds, another privately produced show broadcast by iQiyi, reportedly got into trouble for showing policemen swearing and violently interrogating a suspect, according to one of the show’s producers, quoted in a Chinese online news article that has since been deleted.
罪案剧《心理罪》(Evil Minds)是另一部由爱奇艺独立制作的影视剧。一篇国内在线新闻文章引用该剧制作人之一的话称,该剧据悉因包含警察说脏话和暴力审问嫌疑人的镜头而惹上了麻烦。这篇文章后来被删除。
Feng Jun, an analyst at consultancy ENT Group, said regulators singled out the most popular series to send a signal to the industry. “Sarft does not have the resources to censor the literally hundreds of online series created each year. Instead, the ones that get censored are ones that gain immense popularity and get the attention of the authorities.”
咨询机构艺恩网(Ent Group)分析师冯珺表示,监管机构把矛头对准最热门的影视剧,是为了向整个行业传递一个信号。“广电总局没有资源审查每年制作出来的数百部网剧。相反,受到审查的是那些积累了大量人气、被有关部门注意到的网剧。”
User-generated content has become a central theme for China’s online video sites including Youku Tudou — recently acquired for $4.3bn by Alibaba — and iQiyi, as censorship has put strict limits on the purchase of broadcast rights to foreign shows and a bidding war for domestic content has prompted a search for cheaper alternatives.
用户生成的内容已成为包括优酷土豆(Youku Tudou)和爱奇艺在内的中国在线视频网站的主题之一,原因是审查制度对它们购买外国影视剧的播出权作出了严格限制,而对国内内容的争夺战已促使它们寻找更为廉价的替代作品。优酷土豆近期被阿里巴巴(Alibaba)以43亿美元的价格收购。
Brand-building has also played a part in the trend towards original content from viewers and smaller production houses, in an effort to mirror the success of the Netflix hit series House of Cards and even YouTube’s popular Grumpy Cat videos.
品牌建设因素也对视频网站转向观众及中小型制作公司原创内容的趋势起到了推动作用,这些网站试图复制Netflix热播剧《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)乃至YouTube热门视频《不爽猫》(Grumpy Cat)的成功。

But the government has grown increasingly uncomfortable with the profusion and soaring popularity of online video content, as the prospect of fame and easy money has unleashed an army of amateur Chinese radiographers trying to outdo each other in audacity and the breaking of taboos.
One show, “On the Road”, shown on Youku, was shut down in November after its host flew a drone over an Isis base in northern Iraq and claimed that the footage was given to the French air force.
优酷上的一个名为《侣行》(On the Road)的节目去年11月遭停播。在那之前,该节目主创放飞了一架无人机、飞过了伊拉克北部的伊斯兰国(ISIS)基地,此人还声称飞机拍下的视频被交给了法国空军。

Sarft’s latest crackdown will hinder the video portals’ main creative advantage over TV — namely, that standards for online video were felt to be more relaxed than they are for the latter. However, it is unclear exactly what is still permitted.
“This is the usual story. No one ever knows where the line is. They just know where it was,” said a company representative.

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