2016-2-3 10:36


Kung Fu Panda 3



Some animated movies drive themselves into the ground with sequels, the second movie in this series was as good as the first, so why should we assume the third won’t be as good as the first two? And hell yes, Jack Black is back. He is this series, after all.


Dead pool



You don’t understand how important an R-rated comic book movie really is. Think about this: it’s the first comic book movie not pandering to a teenage audience. The potential for an amazing film here is very real. Let’s just pray they can deliver.


Zoo lander 2



Yes, this is going to be stupid – we know. But if you look at the list, there isn’t much stupid elsewhere: there are superheroes, action, and superheroes. Oh, and more superheroes. So we have to pop a comedy in here too and just hope it works out.


The Witch



Growing up in New England, I can tell you some stories about just how haunted this whole area is. We did have a knack for burning innocent young women alive back in the day. This film focuses on that time period and the madness that surrounded the witch phenomenon back in those days.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



Even if this movie fails (a March release) it still will bring in billions because EVERYONE wants to see how this battle will play out.


Captain America: Civil War



The truth is, some of us are really on the fence about this flick. Marvel loves to play it safe (PG-13 for life) and the real Marvel Civil War storyline from the comics was very dark, with heroes actually killing each other. But the main worry among fans is that they will water it down and take out some of the most crucial moments. But if done right, this could be Marvel’s best movie to date.


The Nice Guys



Though maybe not the typical big movie in the sense that there are superheroes and tons of explosions, just look at the cast. Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, and directed by the brilliant Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), this is a film about some men looking into the death of an adult star and the circumstances behind that.


X-Men: Apocalypse



Though they may be tapping this series out a little too quickly, they have remained tight enough films that we are super curious to see if Apocalypse saves or kills the franchise. Being a fan of the comic, we can state that the main villain, Apocalypse, looks pretty stupid in the stills we’ve seen so far, so that is not looking too good; let’s hope the final product will look much better.


War craft



Here’s the thing: video game movies suck 98% of the time. The man who directed this is 1) the son of David Bowie 2) has made two other phenomenal films (Moon and Source Code) and we have to have faith that the man, especially when it has such a huge core audience of fans already because of the game. Honestly, the trailer looks kind of “meh“. But again, we’re holding out hope that this will be 2016’s awesome fantasy film.


Finding Dory



Pixar does not make movies. What the company does transcends film. They strike at the core of every emotion we feel, and they do it better than most. Well, the Cars movie weren’t so great, but everyone is allowed a few mulligans.


Independence Day: Resurgence



You know, the original Independence Day was a fun, popcorn flick. It just keeps your entertained, which is just what movies need to do. Again, they may have put a little TOO much time between the first and second, but here is hoping they can do the original justice.


Ghost busters



To hell with all the people who talked bad about this movie because it has a female cast. You do realize all the females in this cast are brilliant and hilarious, right? The casting is perfect and gender should not interrupt this movie’s success. It has ghosts, yes? It has Ghost busters, yes? Then it will be awesome.


Suicide Squad



The whole movie looks friggin’ fantastic, but let’s be honest here. The thing that got us ALL in that trailer was that ten second look at The Joker portrayed by Jared Leto. We all know the last Joker by Heath Ledger is one of the best bad guys EVER put on film, so all the world is looking to see what Leto will do with the part.


Dr. Strange



We love comic book movies, even if they are pushing it a little. The dude is a magician who travels between dimensions and such. We’re not really sure how well this story will work on film (which was the same fear for Ant-Man and proved to be a valid one). Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in the lead role.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

《星球大战: 侠盗一号》


I will tell you right now, this Star Wars will be darkest Star Wars movie that we will have gotten up to this point. There is so much potential here but it didn’t quite make the top two because we still know so little.